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Forbes has put up a lengthy article/interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear creator) and Toshimichi Mori (Blazblue creator) where they cover a wide variety of topics, from their entry point to the video game development industry to their favourite fighting game among other things. You can access the article clicking on the link below.


Arc System Works And Its Fighting Game Legacy, It's All About The Cool


Mikado is having a double dose of sets to commemorate the console release of Revelator! This weekend's sets will be Civil War: En (Slayer) vs Mocchi (Sol) [Former Tougeki/SBO teammates] face off in a FT7!

After that match, it's Evo 2015 finalist Rion (Ky) face off against Endou (Chipp)! As usual, 2djazz will be commentating the matches (in English!) on Jonio's channel at twitch.tv/joniosan around 5:30 JST on Saturday May 21! Follow jonio on twitter @jonio_mikado, and 2djazz at @2djazz.

Also if you missed last week's exhibition of Machaboo (Sin) vs Nage (Faust) then you can check out the recording on youtube here

Community member Baf0 has provided links to all the current character specific Discord servers. For those uninitiated, Discord is the spiritual successor to the archaic but fond-remembered IRC web platform, albeit with a more streamlined and 21st century feel. The app is available on Android and iOS and has been a recent boon within the community of SFV, and also with a General Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- & Misc. server by way of Mr. Biscuits. 

Check below for links to each characters' respective server. Note that there are also links to a Europe FG community server, as well as Xrd predecessor Guilty Gear XX AC +R.



The Exhibitions from Mikado Arcade in Tokyo march on!

This time it's Machaboo (Sin) vs Nage (Faust) in a FT7. Jonio will be streaming on his Twitch channel http://twitch.tv/joniosan starting at 6PM JST (2AM Saturday PST/ 5AM Saturday EST).

@2djazz (aka MajinObama) will be doing English commentary.

PS: In case you missed last week's exhibition of Karinchu vs Nakamura, it's now on youtube:
kosmos badgirl
Rice Digital announced today the release of a special edition of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- for Europe. The price of this edition called Let's Rock! Edition will be 94.99€ or £69.99 for Playstation 4 and 89.99€ or £64.99 for Playstation 3 and exclusively sold at the Rice Digital Online Store. Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- will be released on June 10 in the European continent, 3 days after the North American release. 
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Let's Rock! Edition with come with the following items:
The Game. Limited Edition GUILTY GEAR Double Red Vinyl with Art Sleeves –  Guilty Gear Sound live 2014  Archives. Full official CD Soundtrack GUILTY GEAR Xrd Visual Book Bonus Character: Raven DLC code
They are offering free worldwide shipping.
Playstation 4 Preorder.
Playstation 3 Preorder.
A campaign supporting Mikado Game Center, well known for its guilty gear play, has recently appeared on Teespring. The campaign, posted by joniosan, has 7 different colors available until May 12th. The price of each shirt is $24.99 with $3.99 shipping.
The proceeds from the campaign are said to go to bringing more JP footage/players stateside. You can view the different colors and the t-shirt design below.

Mikado is set to have a double elimination tournament for Xrd this Saturday and is scheduled to start around 2:00 PM JST. This event will include many of the top players set to come to Evo2k16.

You can see the pre-reg list here http://ftg-reversal.net/events/2.

The stream will be on Jonio's channel twitch.tv/joniosan

In addition to that, Braver's Revel is this Saturday at around 1:00 PM JST! Braver's Revel is a nationwide 2v2 tournament for BBCF and contains most of the best players across all of Japan.

Shun over on neogaf wrote up a summary of the players at the event: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1210112

The stream will be on nico video http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv260337269

also, if you missed last weekend's BB Exhibition, Majinobama has put them up on youtube

Following last week's exhibition matches, Majinobama is helping bring another set of exhibitions this weekend with English commentary.

First is a FT7 in GGXrd Revelator featuring top Venom player, Satou 310 (@310_progressive) Vs. a mystery competitor. This exhibition will take place on 4/16/2016 at roughly 5:00 PM JST on twitch.tv/joniosan with commentary by Majinobama

Second is a BBCF FT5 double header! These two matches will pit two elite Kantou region players vs top ranked users of the new characters, Izanami and Nine the Phantom! The first will be Dora (Bang) vs Fumi (Nine), with the second match being Ryo (Litchi) vs Shima (Izanami). These matches will be streamed on Sunday afternoon 4/17/2016 at approx 12:10~ PM JST (USA Sat Night!). Stream will be on twitch.tv/majinobama with commentary by Guymam.

be sure to subscribe to these channels if you haven't already!


BlazBlue Central Fiction's console version has now been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Joining the playable cast from the XBlaze games comes Es. XBlaze Code:Embryo and XBlaze Lost:Memories are visual novels set in the same multiverse as BlazBlue. While largely unconnected, they share a lot of the same lore terminology and the main character from Lost:Memories resembles BlazBlue's Nine to such an extent that many believe they are the same person.

More details on new character Es, game modes and an interview with series creator and producer Toshimichi Mori to come in a 10-page feature in this week's Famitsu.

Source: Famitsu

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    • ArcSys Voice Acting
      I sorta feel like this may be what's happening. We've all seen other games with DLC/Expansions where sometimes characters aren't voiced for any number of reasons. Maybe whenever Revelator's story is "complete" they'll give it another try. Its probably less expensive if they have to book fewer recordings for voice talent
    • ArcSys OST Discussion
      I can confirm that the game needs more GGX track versions. Maybe they'll realize that it doesn't even cost them anything to add them to the game sooner or later, even if it's just DLC.
    • Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)
      At this point saya pretty much became an even worse sibling towards ragna then even Jin himself as while Jin pretty much wants to kill ragna it's more about protecting the world while saya after being possessed and warped by Izanami the master unit's driven wants to make everyone die. Granted ragna does a get a little upset but he isn't hesitate to stop his sister even if it hurting her.  As you said even Naoto was against it but ragna knows what is at stake so yeah.
    • Central Fiction Arcade Plot Discussion (spoilers)
      I have rewatched recenlty his Acts and he said that at least „he can gives people choices” + his other actions so yeah he is interfering too.   Ok but the result would be the same if Noel didn't „cut off" Mu??? Probably „The Origin” would use Noel as the vessel even if she possess „the godslayer power”.  Mainly reason of this „disconnection” was shown in Noel's Act 3 ending (she wants protect „that person”) but we can't be really sure that her way of thinking is right especially after Rachel's words that Noel should rethink again about this rejection (Rachel seems to be „buddy” with Amaterasu so probably she knows who „The Origin” was from the beginning and I assume that she is still keeping some secrets). However in my opinion their „split” was possible due to Noel acknowledged Mu in the CP: specifically at herself but I think this „detail” isn't so important cause the effect was the same: she provided Mu existence to the World thanks to her „Power of the Eye..”. Mu wtihout this previous act won't be able to personified in the CF. I would also point that Amaterasu doesn't have a „monopoly” to make Phenomena Intervention. Another thing is that Mu-12 probably never survived the attack of Take-Mikazuchi on Ibukido: mainly cause Hakumen said that he didn't remember a person named „Noel Vermillion” from his timeline when he was a Jin (Tsubaki take a role as his assistant + died by Nu-13 hand). I have been excluding the timeline where Ragna became a „Bloodedge” (Our Ragna was sent back in the CP to fill the gap and stable „Bloodedge” existence + by the way to gain more knowledge about „everything”) because it was never said if Noel even survived Ibukido's incident or how long Noel was living there. I mean to which point. If Amaterasu didn't take Mu as her vessel (I remember that we were discussing about it several pages before) at the beginning or at the end of CT then she or the Azure itself DID something to protect Mu so Noel could birth (Btw. Before Mu was smelted again in the CS she subconsciously existed → she had a control when Noel met Nu-13 first time in the CT). I highly doubt the timeloop ended by an accident. All vessels which were brought in this universe used to have the same trait → they are nearly pefected in look (and only in the look because personality can be different) to the original body which the owner of soul had so I assume that „The Origin” could possess Saya as well. On the other hand which beings we can acknowledge as gods or godlike: only Amaterasu and Izanami? I would add two other Sankishin too. Their wielders however are thing to debate: it's another speculation but I think that Hakumen's soul won't go straight to the Azure if he dies. He might be take a soul/wraith form and I won't be really surprised if he would be able to take a Jin as his vessel. However Terumi case isn't obvious: he mostly survives thanks to his abilities and several other factors but his potentially „godlike” status might be one of them. Of course we need to see if „Realm of gods” contains more of them or just it's only a sphere where Master Unit resides. Hope they will bring a reliable explanation how Noel became "The Origin" (It was easier to point something when "OPFD" was debating here but if she is the first who contacted with Master Unit things have changed again).   It's strange for me that Ragna doesn't hesitate to harm his sister body (it seems like this). Even Naoto looks much more against it I understand that he doesn't concern about fighting with Jin (who would care about hellish brother like Jin even if he softened a little in the CP?) but with Saya?   His angry might be understable because except of souls, the Azure, Black Beast, maybe Original Units and some Azure-related artifacts (it's a general statement cause probably I forgot about something) the rest of things in this world probably are "mass of seithr". Quite pesimistic world's construction. "Particular program" eh? Nice "Matrix". Looking at story told by Rachel in the CP and the other one by Clavis in Phase Shit 2 novel I won't be surprised about possibility that the "World of lies" exists way before the timeloop.  
    • [Xrd] News & Gameplay Discussion 2 - Console is Out!
      Incorrect. Akira has had that outfit since VF2. In VF1 he wore a black Gi. He didn't switch to default white until VF4.