Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.21.33 PM.pngHi everyone, I know I've been pretty quiet for the past few months... but for a good cause! I've been using Dantarion's hitbox viewer  to figure out frame data for BBCF! I wasn't able to figure out all values, but the majority of them are all on the frame data pages on the wiki!

They're also on GunFrame (iOS/Android app).

Unfortunately, I'm going to be very busy for the next few months with personal issues, so I need help getting the frame data onto the character pages (the ones with the images), as they still have data from the old games. If you'd like to help, feel free to start updating the pages; you don't need an account to make edits on he wiki!
If you have questions on how to edit the wiki or notice wrong values in the frame data, feel free to message me.

CDqhcf9.pngDantarion (of SFV hitbox, Kenbot and more) has released a tool that takes all the scripts that makes up character data and converts it into hitboxes. Keep in mind that this is directly from the character scripts themselves, so some data may be hard to read, but the data is all there. He also promises similar data for Xrd-R and P4AU in the future!

Be sure to thank Dantarion if you see him!


Famitsu has revealed that Mai Natsume, protagonist of BlazBlue spinoff mangas Remix Heart and Variable Heart, has joined BlazBlue Central Fiction's cast of characters as a DLC character.

More info on Mai, as well as some news about BlazBlue Central Fiction's Network Modes, will revealed in this week's issue of Famitsu releasing this Thursday.

Source: Famitsu

Dengeki had an event over the weekend where they showed off the console exclusive character Es! From a quick viewing of the video, some of her attacks leave a trail in the air that become attacks after a delay. She also has a way to stock a charge that powers up her specials!

Jourdal was kind enough to record the stream and put it on youtube, so those of us without Nico Premium can see it.


Heading to Evo this year? Aksys is sponsoring 2 players to go to the Toushinasai 2016 in October in Japan. Toushinasai is a spritual successor the SBO arcade tournaments of old and will be run entirely on arcade hardware (sorry pad players). You can find the rules here, but there's two ways to earn a spot:

  1. Be the highest qualifying player in the Evo Main tournament for XRD-R
  2. Win the qualifying tournament Aksys is hosting at Evo. Rules are on Aksys' website here

In addition to that, people (including yours truly) will be hosting side tournaments for BB, +R, UNIEL, VS, Melty Blood, DFCI, and more! You can find more information here:

Hop to it! Some of these games don't have on site registration (BB and P4)

MajinObama (aka @2djazz) is back, this time streaming a BBCF Round Robin FT5 Exhibition featuring Kaqn, Zexo, and Yutta

The fun is scheduled to start Sunday 12:05 PM JST. Which translates to Saturday 8:05 PM for the West Coast and Saturday 11:05 PM for the East Coast.


Commentary will be done by @guymam


The console version of BlazBlue Central Fiction has been confirmed for an October 6th 2016 release in Japan. First print copies include a product code for Es. The limited edition will include a soundtrack, Memorial Book and a new Nendoroid Petit of Noel Vermillion. More details on Es's battle style are expected to revealed in Thursday's issue of Famitsu.

Source: Famitsu.




Hey Everyone,

VMPNW is growing! I received a recent inquiry as to who the squad is, their characters of choice and overall details. The overwhelming odds of our roster use mixed social media sites. So I see an opportunity to debrief. Here we gooooo~, in order of appearance:

Hey Everyone,

VMPNW is growing! I received a recent inquiry as to who the squad is, their characters of choice and overall details. The overwhelming odds of our roster use mixed social media sites. So I see an opportunity to debrief. Here we gooooo~, in order of appearance.

Jais: Jedah - Jaison started playing VSAV just before DS:R was dropped. He would meet with the usualy OG guilty gear crew and get some matches in each week. Currently, Jais's offense is very strong, his ability to make player reads is "top-player" status. His match-ups strats are minimal, but his ability to adapt helps him overcome. His current focus is expanding match up strats and tightening up his consistency with defensive Tech-Hits & GC's, His blocking and reversals dark forces are very effective. 
Keough "9T9": Anakaris -  Him and Jais were the two active players prior and immediately after my arrival. His offense is pretty good. His ability to make player reads is strong too. Although Anakaris is "weak" b/c of a lack of defensive options, this flaw only gets exploited at a very high level of play. Currently, Keough performs great against our scene and doesn't get cheesed too often. His attendance has been low in recent months but he does still show up from time to time. Solid-Bro. 
KyleW: Morri~ w/ a sub of about 1/2 the roster. @VMP_KyleW When I relocated to Seattle, I brought my VSAV cabinet and started having weekly FGC sessions, hosted by Jais. For ~10 months it was just the three of us, but that grind was very helpful for the progress of Jais/Keough. I'll stop my introduction there b/c I'm active on Facebook/Twitter. Everyone knows me, right?  
Tad: Q-Bee - Tennessee native who moved to Seattle in June of 2015. Started playing VSAV as a tangent scene to Cincy back when VMP was building. He's a very close friend of mine, so the timeliness of his involvement with VSAV has mirrored mine. IMO, his Tech-Hits and GC's are the strongest (next to mine) in our scene. His offense is very indirect and generally doesn't generally overwhelm with IAD tacticts. Tad plays a more neutral oriented spacing (Chun-Li) game. Strong Bee. Has a few match-ups to learn and is learning how to transition neutral to overwhelming offense.
Jeff "Zom~B": Q-Bee - @ZOMBMU Atlanta native who moved to Seattle in April(?) of 2015. Very strong FGC anime player. He changed his lifestyle to get a new occupation and buckle down to learn Japanese. He is heavily focused on Dota-2 and now some Overwatch. Doesnt turn up very often. Good guy, just headed in another direction. Lastly, he is an avid HITBOX player. I'm certain that Cabinet Savier is offsetting to him as much as DS:R is offsetting to us. I won't speak to the specifics of his skill level (out of a lack of grinding together), but, he is considered a strong Q-Bee desu!
Hilary "Hil~": Q-Bee - @HilaryyyPNW Texas native who has lived in Seattle for many years. Avid Skullgirls players, very patient. Has the skill set of a FGC veteran. We met Hil~ and a few others at a monthly Seattle event. They all were super into Skully~ but eager to have fun in VSAV too. After some time we had their squad over for a BBQ/gaming social. It was good times. Hil's personality and ours was very much in align. He started putting more & more time into VSAV. Training, analyzing, grinding etc. He's a "Pad" player" but fairly confident on stick! After some time, he became roommates w/ Jais & Tad. Those (3) plus the Cabinet has become the "Seattle VSAV House". ^___^ V. Hil is patient and makes very strong player reads, reactions, adaptions. His QB offense is awesome; IAD frustrating the opponent - ensured. Overall, he is working on solidifying the harder inputs on stick and combo'n into ES-C>R more often. Strong Bee.
That's a lot of bees!!!!!
Marshall "Goose": Bulleta - @Chooseagoose Portland native who moved to Seattle in February(?) of 2016. He is a skully~ player from Hil's squad. He started very new to VSAV mechanics and overall inexperienced to fighting game (Capcom) fundamentals. This player gets the "most improved" award because GODDAMN I get excited playing with him. Bulleta is a deep character with loads of options/execution and its engaging to see Marsh~ bringing new facets to his game each week. At this time, I really feel comfortable saying he is a strong Bulleta player. His Tech-Hits are consistent, his offense is mixed-up nicely and his tech-chasing is the strongest in our scene. Currently he is learning match-ups and finding ways to apply dash combos. I just want to be clear, he is not a combo-training-mode oriented Bulleta. This guy has been playing VSAV mechanics with knockdown combos, tech-hits, high/low offense and delay attacks.
Severine "Sev": Aulbath w/ a sub Bishamon (W.I.P.) @____Severine Sev~ moved to Portland in February(?) of 2016. Marshall, Sev, Ada & Thor are all roommates & Skully players. Sev is a very strong Anime player. Her execution, ability to implement strats and make player reads is proof of her "top player" status in Skully~. So yeah, Strong Fish and recently learning Bishamon. Her Aulbath has about maxed out of execution/tactics and now the Bishamon grind has her in her normal execution heavy, stimulated game play. 
Thor "Domo": ??? - @DangoPNW Recently started to be more invested in VSAV, still learning mechanics and deciding on a character. Has a play style he wants to focus on and still soul searching for the right way to play how he wants in this new game environment. He has a house full of eager players and a scene full of experience, the potential is there for him to become very competitive. We'll see what becomes in the upcoming months.
Raco "Rocco": Sasquatch - @PITBUSTAR She is a Seattle native who comes to our gatherings, especially weekend events. She's a great artist and always wonderful company. Hopefully I can commission her to creating promotional content for our events. She is just beginning to be exposed to competitive FGC play and Capcom fundamentals. She is currently in that early FGC grind & enjoying the ride.
Ada Stark "Ada" / "Adele": Bell - @AdelheidStark Her VSAV involvement is very very similar to Thor's story, except she has a lot more longevity in the FGC as a whole. Up and comer or sleeper? We will wait and see. 
Sean "GBursine" / "G.B.": Aulbath/LeiLei w/ a sub Shadow - @Gbursine GeeBee!!!!! Awesome guy. Great friend of mine. Recently moved to Portland from New Jersey. March(?) 2016. He is the "Uncle Savior" of western VSAV. His efforts for hosting east coast events, information gathering & documentation (@SRK forums prior to the wiki) was instrumental to the growth of western VSAV. He was doing god's-work just because he liked the game! very O.G., well-rounded FGC player who's biggest flaw in competitive VSAV progress is character indecisiveness. I firmly believe if he stuck w/ two heros he could make the "player read" adjustments rather than falling back to the match-up strategy adjustments. although, We have a different philosophy for approaching fighting games.
Hive After Hive: Q-Bee - I can't say much as we met him once for the duration of NWM-2016. He moved from Cali within the last year, he was fairly active on FightCade/GGPO, he seems to know about the mechanics. Personality wise, he's great company and folds well into our mix. As we continue to have weekend events, i suspect we will see him more. Unfortunately, the routine Monday nights does not work well for his attendance.

Finally, regarding the future of our crew; I am happy to say that we are installing additional hardware into the VSAV cabinet this week. (2) agendas:
1.) Undamned USB inputs. This will allow Hil~ to commit to a pad, invite HITBOX-Zom~B to join us more often and overall be accommodating to pad/console players. This will help bridge the hardware gap of VSAV & the PNW-FGC.

2.) JROK Video Encoder - Video Out. We can start recording from the cabinet, archiving matches, analyzing our own previous play and stream events. Once the stream setup is in motion, we can have a weekly tournament and analyze our wins/losses to more widely gauge players skills & match-ups. In contrast, we currently have long casual session with me getting boozy and me bantering at players about what to do.
Cincy 2.0, Baby.
Time of our lives.
kosmos badgirl



Forbes has put up a lengthy article/interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear creator) and Toshimichi Mori (Blazblue creator) where they cover a wide variety of topics, from their entry point to the video game development industry to their favourite fighting game among other things. You can access the article clicking on the link below.


Arc System Works And Its Fighting Game Legacy, It's All About The Cool

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    • Let's talk about character prediction/speculation and list down your own character wishlist preference and here mine: I have chosen character that can easily compromised with the game mechanic like homing dash and teleport like mechanic that is supposed to represent instant speed and an obvious complementary to DBZ anime fight scenes. Technically Cell and Goku in DBZF are the only characters that had the instant transmission technique as canon.
      Yet I still put a character with unconventional gameplay but in minimum with my wishlist. Solo Characters
      1.) Picolo
      2.) Killin
      3.) Kid Buu
      4.) Pikon
      5.) Hit
      6.) Broly - legendary
      7.) Super Janemba
      8.) Gotenks SSJ3
      9.) Garlic Jr or Turles
      10.) Syn Shenron - can transform to Omega
      11.) Caulifa
      12.) Kale
        UNCONVENTIONAL PLAYSTYLE - from pair, team and giant 13.) Hirudegarn - Not as large in the movie but along the way SNK position the likes Youkai Kusaregedo in Samurai Spirit/Shodown Pair/Tag Character - Can be either like the implementation of this characters in the named game: Choi with Chang in CVS2, Cait with Sith in Code Chaos and Hisuii with Kohaku in MB.
      14.) Android 18 with Andriod 17
      15.) Rose with Zamasu
      16.) Dr Jero with Andriod 19
      17.) Yamcha with Puar
      18.) Dabura and Babidi

      Team Character - Can be either like the implementation of this characters in the named game: Captain Commando in MVC2, Doronjo in TVC, Tronbone in MVC2 or Ace Attorney in UMVC3. 19.) Tien - Some specials summons Chiaozu and Launch
      20.) Ginew Forces - with The Ginew Forces Plays like (Captain Commando in MVC2 or Doronjo in TVC)
      21.) Meta Cooler - Plays like Ultron in MVCi
      22.) Roshi - Some specials summons Turtle and Oolong
      23.) Napa - Summon numerous Saibamen (like Jill or Tronbone in MVC2)
      24.) Bojack Other worldly parallel Alt Form Characters 25.) SSJ4 Goku - Can transform into SSJ4 Gogeta if paired with SSJ4 Vegeta
      26.) SSJ4 Vegeta Can transform into SSJ4 Gogeta if paired with SSJ4 Goku
      27.) Baby Vegeta - Can transform into Great Ape Baby.

      Ginyu would be playing like Captain commando would be cool
          Assist in a DBZ Extreme Butoden featuring Ginyu      
    • DBFZ Optimization of power-ups & different form to a meaningful transformation.    Hi, Guys I'm copying and sharing my earlier post from SRK forum about transformation without having the need of multiple character slot and without the absurb broken ideas of buff but still emphasize better a version that will not stack or overide each other. It doesn't need complicated drawbacks and impractical conditions to see it more in play because it depends on proper strategy and management without health condition and life restrictions. Feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you ___________________________________ Gogeta and Vegito ___________________________________ Gogeta and Vegito can be a game mechanic like pandora mode in SFXtekken but with condition of having Vegeta and Goku because it can only be access by keeping both Goku and Vegeta alive in the team. Without any damage and speed buff other than changing character models to either Vegito or Gogeta depending who is  the active character from the two required in play field then being rewarded by restoring a 100% vitality with 1 level gauge refill to super meter as a trade for sacrificing another reserve character and consuming 3 or 5 level. No expiry and permanent till the match is over. So if Goku is the active character in the play field he turns into Gogeta with 100% full life meter but sacrifice of the reserve tag out Vegeta in return as a part of the cost then if Vegeta is the active character in the play field instead he turns into Vegito with 100% full life meter but sacrifice of the reserve tag out Goku in return as a part of the cost.  No damage buffs, speed buffs and with special move retained other than an interesting "comeback mechanic" for having both Goku and Vegeta alive and part of your team but it needs to be carefully strategize because of the consequence and trade off.  Why? It's like 3-5 level and sacrifice a reserve/tag out character for a 1 level and full health tag in character. The design seems not going to broken at any means.   ___________________________________ Zamasu, Black, Rose and Fused Zamasu in a single character ___________________________________ Zamasu with Black in SSJRose that fight as a pair in one character slot is okay since Zamasu isn't better or stronger than Vegeta and Goku. Zamasu without Black Goku is weak because he is just an immortal that's why he has staying power to keep up with Goku and Vegeta. Pair/ 2 in 1 characters are interesting for the two.                 ___________________________________ Then had them had a fusion form in level 3 like Freeza having Golden Freeza. ___________________________________ Why should this form not be selectable? because this form didn't even last long because it was replace by the monstrosity form which is another form that didn't stay long also. But I believe this form should be accessed like Freeza's Golden form and not the monstrosity form. Black destroying future trunks alternate world was weaker than the current DBS Goku. Zamasu being Black without SSJR was unfamiliar with his capabilities and just starting to learn from every encounter he has with Goku that gradually reveals the potential and abilities in the body(Goku's Body) he had stolen. Zamasu and Super Saiyan Rose side by side fighting together as a pair was the climax of that saga were they both also shine individually in fighting prowess in fact better than their earlier separate encounter with the Z fighters and future trunks that is more about mystery and holding back. So I don't think Vanilla Black and Zamasu need to be an individual character and Goku Black should be always in SSJR form in the game along with Zamasu as an assist that goes along to blend and empowers SSJR Black's special and super attacks. ___________________________________ Super Saiyan Blue and Kaoiken application to the current Goku and Vegeta ___________________________________ If I want a different character of another version that would be Vegeta in Baby form and Goku in SSJ4.
      Used to imagine kaioken when Ryu does Xfactor in UMVC3..   Now with SSJB it's like hado kakusei...  I like what UMVC3 does to Ryu with hadu kakusei that alters his supers to be stronger and better version it can be by range. by height, by wide or by damage.
      So SSJB can be something that permanently alters to Goku and Vegeta super moves with better enhanced versions like Hado kakusei does to Ryu in UMVC3 that alters his supers. SSJB if permanently enhance there super it doesn't need to alter the non-super moves from damage and speed. Or it could be someting that gives additional super moves How about Kaoiken? Here during SSJB form Goku's Meteor Smash is altered rather than seeing SSJ3 we see SSJB with Kaioken instead.  
    • I think you're getting confused. Baiken's GGX Bio states her Birthplace was "Pre-Destruction Japan". It's in the Manual. GG World Bio says "Colony" while her Arena Bio says "Japan".  That's because she moved to the Colony AFTER Japan was destroyed.  That should be obvious. Her PWAB Report states she lost her parents DURING the Crusades.  2074 is still considered the "beginning of the Crusades" according to how GG categorizes its history. Most older GG Bios don't say where characters are living, only where they were born.  As of GG2 they started adding info where characters currently live and groups they're affiliated.  Ky Kiske is French, but he's considered Illyrian because he's the High King of Illyria.  Political lines were redrawn is all. As for the Japanese, no, they're "not quite" Gears, but they ARE sick because of the DNA taken from Justice.  So far the biggest indicators are May and Mizuha with their Gear-like powers.