Arc System Works has announced that the balance patch 2.0 will be heading to consoles on the 31st of this month. along with the release of Jubei as a DLC character. A steam date has yet to be announced though.




Additionally, Arc Sys has also teased more information for Cross Tag Battle, which will also be revealed on the 31st. Stay tuned!

With the announcement of Jubei, BlazBlue is also officially getting a new patch, which is dubbed Central Fiction 2.0. Much like with Guilty Gear Rev 2, Arc System Works has compiled all of the major changes with every character into a .pdf file located in this link. You might already be aware that this file is entirely in Japanese, so members of the BlazBlue community have banded together to translate these changes all throughout Twitter. The changes have been compiled into a single Google document, which can be accessed here:
Special thanks to the following translators:
@HiagoXYZ @RideTheIcening @superscience890 @kasouinshelter @gookie_monster @vlionmagnusv @vibratingsheep @orochifame96 @kikered @iw2ma @onizato_1 @greatfernman


chrome_2017-07-17_19-43-37.pngArcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!! is halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to its passionate fans they've already reached their initial goal of $100,000, and will be porting the game to PC via Steam!

But, like any good Kickstarter, EXAMU has added some exciting stretch goals in hopes of bringing in more funding, and we need your help to reach them!

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!! is halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to its passionate fans they've already reached their initial goal of $100,000, and will be porting the game to PC via Steam!

But, like any good Kickstarter, EXAMU has added some exciting stretch goals in hopes of bringing in more funding, and we need your help to reach them!
When the Kickstarter first launched, EXAMU worried that they wouldn't even be able to fund the game itself. But thanks to the outpouring of support in Japan and from around the world, and so they've announced these stretch goals with the intent of releasing the final, definitive Arcana Heart 3 revision.
The first stretch goal - Paracelsia (the game's boss character) as an Arcana, and updated balancing - has already been reached, and as of writing we need another $85,000 to reach the next: a new playable character, currently nicknamed Shark Girl!
Next, at $400,000, is the mysterious, dual-wielding Dark Heart, and her Arcana: Love Prison Geist! Little is known about her, but I must admit her design has me very interested.

At the $500,000 mark we see the introduction of a new boss character, Omega! Additionally, a new storyline will be added that also brings together the stories from earlier titles. At $570,000, Omega will also be added as a playable character!
We've still got a way to go before these new characters are funded, so please consider chipping in if you can! Just $25 gets you the port on Steam, in English, as well as a key for all the DLC funded by the stretch goals (not to mention a love letter from the producers), which is an incredible deal on its own. There are only 15 days left, so get it while you can!


Following the conclusion of EVO 2017's BBCF Grand Finals, Mori took to the main stage to make some announcements. What came next, not many people could have foreseen. Jubei is set to release sometime during the Summer, but that wasn't the only announcement Mori had in store for fans...


More information is soon to come, so stay tuned!


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.21.33 PM.pngHi everyone, I know I've been pretty quiet for the past few months... but for a good cause! I've been using Dantarion's hitbox viewer  to figure out frame data for BBCF! I wasn't able to figure out all values, but the majority of them are all on the frame data pages on the wiki!

They're also on GunFrame (iOS/Android app).

Unfortunately, I'm going to be very busy for the next few months with personal issues, so I need help getting the frame data onto the character pages (the ones with the images), as they still have data from the old games. If you'd like to help, feel free to start updating the pages; you don't need an account to make edits on he wiki!
If you have questions on how to edit the wiki or notice wrong values in the frame data, feel free to message me.


CDqhcf9.pngDantarion (of SFV hitbox, Kenbot and more) has released a tool that takes all the scripts that makes up character data and converts it into hitboxes. Keep in mind that this is directly from the character scripts themselves, so some data may be hard to read, but the data is all there. He also promises similar data for Xrd-R and P4AU in the future!

Be sure to thank Dantarion if you see him!



Famitsu has revealed that Mai Natsume, protagonist of BlazBlue spinoff mangas Remix Heart and Variable Heart, has joined BlazBlue Central Fiction's cast of characters as a DLC character.

More info on Mai, as well as some news about BlazBlue Central Fiction's Network Modes, will revealed in this week's issue of Famitsu releasing this Thursday.

Source: Famitsu


Dengeki had an event over the weekend where they showed off the console exclusive character Es! From a quick viewing of the video, some of her attacks leave a trail in the air that become attacks after a delay. She also has a way to stock a charge that powers up her specials!

Jourdal was kind enough to record the stream and put it on youtube, so those of us without Nico Premium can see it.



Heading to Evo this year? Aksys is sponsoring 2 players to go to the Toushinasai 2016 in October in Japan. Toushinasai is a spritual successor the SBO arcade tournaments of old and will be run entirely on arcade hardware (sorry pad players). You can find the rules here, but there's two ways to earn a spot:

  1. Be the highest qualifying player in the Evo Main tournament for XRD-R
  2. Win the qualifying tournament Aksys is hosting at Evo. Rules are on Aksys' website here

In addition to that, people (including yours truly) will be hosting side tournaments for BB, +R, UNIEL, VS, Melty Blood, DFCI, and more! You can find more information here:

Hop to it! Some of these games don't have on site registration (BB and P4)


MajinObama (aka @2djazz) is back, this time streaming a BBCF Round Robin FT5 Exhibition featuring Kaqn, Zexo, and Yutta

The fun is scheduled to start Sunday 12:05 PM JST. Which translates to Saturday 8:05 PM for the West Coast and Saturday 11:05 PM for the East Coast.


Commentary will be done by @guymam

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    • Since GG1 (I call it GGTML) was announced for PS4/Steam/Nintendo Switch, I figured we should AT LEAST have a thread about it. Whether it's news updates or just overall a review of the old gameplay (however ridiculous that might sound), we can talk about it here. Based on the ARCLive Stream clips so far, it's HD, so that will make things interesting.  No idea if it has Netplay, but if it's on Switch, I don't see why it wouldn't (which would be an interesting twist). If someone wants to make a Discord room for this game, that can happen once we know more about it. Anyway: stuff you might want to know: Holding Respect while Blocking = Faultless Defense Up Button + Respect from Knockdown = Recovery Taunt in the Air = Air Turn (similar to GG Isuka) Special Move Input + Respect = Charge Attack (Axl, Justice, and Testament don't have charge moves though, so they can't charge cancel). If you lose 50% Health (Yellow Lifebar) = Unlimited Chaos Attacks/Overdrive moves, highly spammable. If you get a running start you can "Crash" in to your opponent using a Breaker Dash (like EX Order Sol), though I think it's Meter-dependent.  Crash moves have an OTG relaunch ability (like Chipp's). Certain moves can cause Dust on counterhit, and other moves can buffer Instant Kill state on counterhit as well (Testament had a few normal like this). Instant Kill state (Red screen) is basically like "Danger Time", you have to input 214+any or 236+any to do an IK or evade one, though if you evade it certain stuff happens. Sometimes evading puts you in a different position on the stage, and can put you in the corner. Certain versions of this game are buggy (I've seen Ky perform his IK full screen distance away not touching his opponent), not sure if that will be fixed (though I haven't seen many bugs in the Japanese version of GG1 so you never know). That's it for now.
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    • well someone awesome scanned the whole central fiction material collection (画集・設定資料集)_BLAZBLUE_CENTRALFICTION_公式設定資料集.zip
    • So I’ve gone through a few threads and I’ve seen a lot of people saying just block until your opponents pressure is over, but it seems like a good player’s pressure is never over in this game. I don’t know if I just need practice, but it seems like reversal DPs don’t work. I find myself getting put in blockstun and then blocking for 20 seconds and eventually get opened up and it’s over. Am I missing something or do I really just need to block all day?
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