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Xrd -REVELATOR- Location Test 3 Notes and New E...

Jul 30 2015 07:54 AM | shtkn in Home

GREATFERNMAN has been kindly translating Japanese impressions from the latest location test for Revelator!

His translations from the previous location test are here:

Also thanks to some ninjas in Japan, we've also got images of Elphelt's new costume!

Follow the link for 2 pictures!

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Blazblue Player Database

Jul 30 2015 03:40 AM | MashThat5A in Home

Similar to the one created by ChosenNinja for Guilty Gear, a Blazblue Player Database is now available to help find players for matchup training.

If you would like to add your player info, please fill out the form here.

The full list of players can be found here.

Read more below.

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ArcSys to Hold Favorite Character Color Votes

Jul 29 2015 09:34 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

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Arc System Works is holding a vote to include the fans' favorite character colors from previous versions in BBCF. The top 3 color picks across all games for each character will make it into BBCF.

Read more to find out how to vote! Credit to GallantAndZeros and iantothemax for the article.

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NEC XVI Date, Pot Bonuses Announced

Jul 29 2015 09:25 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

Posted Image

BigE just put out the latest information about NEC XVI.

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Xrd Google Doc to Find Players/Matchups

Jul 29 2015 09:15 PM | Chosenninja in Home

Posted Image


Now you're wondering why I've brought you all here. The reason why I decided to create this google doc is basically for the sake of being able to find players for the matchups that you lack or wish to get more experience in. Another reason is to find and identify many of the people who play these characters to varying degrees that many people may not even know of. Since starting Guilty Gear (with Xrd) I had to play a lot of catch up and had a pretty difficult time finding certain matchups. Even OG's lack experience against some of the newer characters who can give trouble, but I noticed specifically harder for a lot to find Bedman, so hopefully an open google doc where people can input their own information will create a much quicker way to find what you're looking for. There was about 1,000 people at EVO this year for Xrd and I'm hoping at least 40 or 50% can find this doc and input info. So just keep sharing.

Also as I'm starting to notice. This is a great way to help identify people that are near your scene that you didn't even know existed. Very great way to start having people come to your casuals so hit em up.

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Nage on Blue Bursting and Nervousness

Jul 29 2015 05:59 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

TENMA0105 translated Nage's thoughts on combating nervousness and utilizing blue burst effectively. He may be talking about GG, but it's good advice for FG players across the board.

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Final Loketest for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-...

Jul 29 2015 04:11 PM | dive-slam in Home

Arc System Works has announced the last loketest for Xrd's latest update will be held starting today, July 30th, and will last for the following week.

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Interview with EVO Xrd Champ Ogawa

Jul 29 2015 03:39 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

theScore, an esports site, conducted an interview with EVO 2015 Xrd champ Ogawa.

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Bullet Serpentine Assault Setups

Jul 29 2015 03:30 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

MechaMacGyver has a new BBCPEX video out displaying Bullet's Serpentine Assault Setups.

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EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

Jul 29 2015 02:28 PM | brett_ in Home

Posted Image

Congrats to all participants! Please let me know I missed you or made an error!
Top 8 was broadcast on Madcatz stage, and should be archived on their stream.
Portions of pools will be up on my YouTube / Twitch Highlights soon.

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