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BlazBlue Central Fiction Loketests Begin

Jul 18 2015 09:58 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

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The details are starting to leak out.

There's three new characters: Nine, Naoto, and Hibiki.

Nine, the strongest mage.

Hibiki, Kagura's assistant and a Jin-class soldier in his own right that specializes in assassination.

Naoto, a rushdown character that uses his own blood to guard crush.

Plus a lot of changes for every other character.

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UNIEL [st] Chain Shifts to Japanese Arcades 7/2...

Jul 09 2015 03:37 PM | mynus in Home

Under Night In-birth: EXE Late [st] ( UNIEL [st] ) has been given an arcade release date of July 23rd 2015 by Arc System Works, complete with new introductory trailer and opening theme to accompany the arrival news.

Check out the teaser video after the break.

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Latest Japan Lobby Footage from TSB's Mr. B...

Jul 08 2015 01:49 PM | mynus in Home

This past weekend, Mr. Biscuits from TSB/TEC, in conjunction with Mikado's Satou (Satu) held an open Japanese lobby to tease some of the competition coming from Japan to EVO, and how there training has come so far. These are some great sets, so check them out after the break!

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The Reality of the "One Frame Jump", an...

Jun 29 2015 11:06 AM | Circuitous in Home

Let's take a moment to talk about One Frame Jumps.

The fact is, what most of us understand One Frame Jumps to be simply isn't the case. Actually, a lot of what we know about the first few frames of jumping is wrong! Here I'll attempt to demonstrate how jumping really works, and how it impacts the game.

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Xrd REVELATOR New Character Revealed! 1st L...

Jun 03 2015 02:52 AM | TheSlyMoogle in Home

While it's not the Bridget everyone wanted, it's the new character you've received!

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Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [ST] - Patch Not...

May 28 2015 01:36 PM | mynus in Home

Hungry for information for the recent UNIEST loketest which took place May 22nd -24th, 2015 in Japan?
Dustloop community members have been hard at work scouring twitter, other forums and community outlets for the information your looking for! A big shout-out goes to DL community member RurouniLoneWolf for compiling all of this information for us over on the Under Night In-Birth forums here on this site.
Hit the jump for a breakdown of the rebalance and update, and see for your self if your character is getting a much needed boost, or unfortunate nerf!

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guilty gear Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR Announced!

May 27 2015 03:07 PM | TheSlyMoogle in Home

Guilty Gear is getting another update!

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

May 22 2015 05:10 AM | Zoular in Home

Good news for PC gamers out there, ArcSystemWorks have uploaded the trailer for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R coming to Steam this week on May 26th!

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P4AU Evo Prep: Learning the Shab MU.

Apr 12 2015 02:13 AM | mixedmethods in Home

With Evo approaching and a hit squad of Japanese players heading our way, the Persona community has its work cut out for it in the coming months. In order to improve match-up knowledge, I worked with BananaKen to create a quick (or perhaps lengthy?) overview of some of Shadow Labrys's nastiest set-ups and how to escape them.

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All AKSYS! Featuring UNIEL Feb 21st 3-7pm PST

Feb 18 2015 10:14 PM | AksysGames in Home

After a fairly chaotic and mostly successful dry run, Aksys Games is pleased to announce the official start of All AKSYS!, a monthly tournament stream bringing some the best of the SoCal fighting game community to compete for prizes, bragging rights, and pizza! Join us February 21st, from 3-7pm PST on the mighty Jyosua's twitch.tv channel: http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua/

For the first official installment, we're throwing a pre-release party/tournament for Under-Night In-Birth Exe: Late, the latest fighting game tour de force from French Bread, the developers behind Melty Blood and a bunch of visual novels you really should track down and play!

And to celebrate the impending release of UNIEL, we'll be giving away game codes and other stuff both on the stream chat and on the @AllAksys Twitter account!

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