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Nage on Blue Bursting and Nervousness

Jul 29 2015 05:59 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

Nage shares his thoughts on combating nervousness and utilizing blue burst effectively. He may be talking about GG, but it's good advice for FG players across the board.

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Final Loketest for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-...

Jul 29 2015 04:11 PM | dive-slam in Home

Arc System Works has announced the last loketest for Xrd's latest update will be held starting today, July 30th, and will last for the following week.

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Interview with EVO Xrd Champ Ogawa

Jul 29 2015 03:39 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

theScore, an esports site, conducted an interview with EVO 2015 Xrd champ Ogawa.

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Bullet Serpentine Assault Setups

Jul 29 2015 03:30 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

MechaMacGyver has a new BBCPEX video out displaying Bullet's Serpentine Assault Setups.

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EVO 2015 GGXXAC+R Singles Results

Jul 29 2015 02:28 PM | brett_ in Home

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Congrats to all participants! Please let me know I missed you or made an error!
Top 8 was broadcast on Madcatz stage, and should be archived on their stream.
Portions of pools will be up on my YouTube / Twitch Highlights soon.

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ARC REVO Prizes, Game Corner Canceled

Jul 29 2015 12:36 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

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A game corner anticipated to have a playable version of BBCF and Xrd Revelator at ARC REVO CUP 2015 has been canceled. It may or may not have had an updated version of BBCF after the first loketest, but either way it would have given the opportunity to learn more about the game.

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Arc Revo Quals 2015 Results

Jul 29 2015 05:22 AM | mAc Chaos in Home

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Arc System Works and Aksys Games teamed up to hold the official qualifiers for ARC REVOLUTION CUP 2015, an annual Japanese tournament, at EVO 2015.

A 3 v 3 qualifier tournament, sporting a $5000 prize pool split between the top 3 teams, as well as the grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Japan to compete at ARC REVOLUTION CUP 2015 with the world's best, for both BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma: Extend and Guilty Gear Xrd.

Just who were those winners? What teams will go to Japan?

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"Time to Make History" Dustloop Revamp...

Jul 28 2015 05:08 AM | huey253 in Home

Hi Dustloop,

As promised, I've created a thread for the resurrection of Dustloop. After receiving feedback, we've realized that one of the biggest issues is...

The Front Page

This includes the lack of articles, informational content, and promotion of community efforts.

How would you change this? Please leave any suggestions for improving this issue as a response to this post. Currently, one of the greatest issues for generating content is a lack of motivation. If anybody would like to help contribute to the front page, please speak up.

Once again, please continue to leave any other feedback regarding issues or potential changes to Dustloop.


And if you want to reply to this topic, use the thread in the Site Feedback section http://www.dustloop....view=getnewpost

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BlazBlue Central Fiction Loketests Begin

Jul 18 2015 09:58 PM | mAc Chaos in Home

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The details are starting to leak out.

There's three new characters: Nine, Naoto, and Hibiki.

Nine, the strongest mage.

Hibiki, Kagura's assistant and a Jin-class soldier in his own right that specializes in assassination.

Naoto, a rushdown character that uses his own blood to guard crush.

Plus a lot of changes for every other character.

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UNIEL [st] Chain Shifts to Japanese Arcades 7/2...

Jul 09 2015 03:37 PM | mynus in Home

Under Night In-birth: EXE Late [st] ( UNIEL [st] ) has been given an arcade release date of July 23rd 2015 by Arc System Works, complete with new introductory trailer and opening theme to accompany the arrival news.

Check out the teaser video after the break.

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