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  • 19 December 2015 01:00 AM      05:00 AM

    P4AU 1.1 WC FT3 Round Robin on 12/18/15 @ 8PM EST/5 PM PST
    Stream: http://twitch.tv/bloo561
    Commentary: @neo_orgia and @LegendaryRath
    Organized by: @VioletSniper and @neo_orgia
    @diospyros3 (Yosuke)
    @Ninjaelephant31 (Junpei)
    @Atarax570 (Elizabeth)
    @BeautifulDudeGG (Ken and Koromaru)
    @KWO_SHO/ywaffley1 (Sho)
    This is definitely going to be a very fun event. Please tune in for some exciting matches between some strong Persona players from California! Also, with these highly knowledgable commentators, it's sure to be a useful learning experience for all. If this goes well, you can expect me to set up more of these in the future, so please don't miss it!

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