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Saturday Struggle feat. Guilty Gear Xrd

This event repeats every week until 12/07/2014

Event details

Sorry for the delay but yes THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!


General Rules

All games are Double Elimination, ⅔ rounds, ⅔ matches, Grand Finals ⅔ matches.

Entry fee is $10 ($5 venue $5 pot). Wristband system is in effect. You don't have one, you don't play...simple.

Prize structure is 60/30/10.


ATTENTION PAD PLAYERS** Cronus devices are banned from tournament use. You must have a wired controller! If you do not, there are wires available for use, first come first served. You must leave a California State Issued ID, no exceptions. You are responsible for the wire and it will be checked and you'll receive your ID once the wire is determined functioning as normal. We encourage all pad players to bring their own wired controllers, please don't use us as a crutch every tournament...

In the event of a controller malfunction, the player has the option to report it, find a replacement within a reasonable time and takes a match loss for the first incident. Player forfeits the second match for a subsequent malfunction.

Players may not use any glitch or bug that prevents their game from being played, including but not limited to bugs causing the game to freeze or reset.

Programmable controllers and/or turbo functions are banned.

Wireless controllers are banned.**

Players who are not present when called for their match after 5 minutes. receive a full loss, and are disqualified after 10 minutes.

Pausing a game results in a match loss unless opposing player chooses to waive this penalty.

Registration for all games begin at 5:30PM.

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Will take place on the Xbox 360.

Winner must select the same character but can change Ultra BEFORE loser selects their character.

Tournament begins at 6:00PM

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN

Will take place on PS3.

Loser can change character, winner is character locked.

Tournament begins at 8:00PM

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Will take place on the Xbox 360.

After a game has concluded, winner must use the same team and same assists for the next game but may switch the order of assists.

Loser has option of switching team, order, and assists.

Galactus is banned.

Tournament begins at 10:00PM

Please be aware that at this tournament we are streaming live from the event, and as such you may end up on camera. All recordings and photos are property of James Games Arcade.

For more info please contact the following:




For hosting future tournaments not mentioned above:


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