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GGXrd Russia - Kler (RA) vs Fidoskin (LE) [FT10]


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By tradition Tuesday and a new battles in the Guilty Gear Xrd! Welcome Kler - the best Russian Ramlethal player and Fidoskin - furious multifighter TOP 2 of MFA 2015 with his Leo Whitefang

GGXrd - Kler (RA) vs Fidoskin (LE) [FT10]

We giving away the game to 10 wins, the first scored 10 victories wins the battle.


Kler and Fidoskin are not new to the fighting game scene. Kler was once get out of reload online (GGXXR) with his Jam and played pretty well in the tournaments, although the first serious results came to him in GGXrd then he choose Ramlethal awaiting for his character, the output of Jam is already planned in GGXrd Revalator.

Fidoskin is multiple winner of various tournaments even of unknown to anyone fighting games and He has fame as the strongest multifighter of Russia for long time, who takes prizes at the newly emerged fighting disciplines.

Both players know each other and live in Moscow, but in a serious battle, they will meet right here! Let us see who will win!

stream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013

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