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GGXrd RUS vs Sweden OverKilL (SO) vs Fogelstrom (SL) #FT10


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10.09.2015 - GGXrd RUS vs Sweden OverKilL (SO) vs Fogelstrom (SL) #FT10

Without any break, we continue our battles. This Thursday, you will see a fight between me and Fogelstrom.


Fogelstrom - 28 year old Sweden player that uses Slayer. He can be seen in a French lobby a lot and sometimes comes to our turf.
Fogelstorm has been playing fighting games since GGXX(old sweet PAL version) about 10 years ago.
His biggest achievement is a victory in a BlazBlue tournament at Red Fight District 2011. The tournament was held in Netherlands.
Now he mainly plays online and in search for worthy opponents, studying matchups and simply enjoying the game itself.

I think we have something for him, our Fafnir express is ready to go. The only thing we need is a signal for the start!

restream - youtube.com/overkill013


#ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru

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