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GGXrd OverKilL (SO) vs Arsen Kamelot (PO) #FT10 Russia


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GGXrd 09-10-15 20:00

OverKilL (SO) vs Arsen Kamelot (PO) #FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru



Fight between me and Arsen Kamelot. He give me a challenge and i can't refuse.
Arsen quite a good player from Moscow that gives good challenge to them even through low tier of his character. The matchup in previous games of franchise was a little bit on Potemkin side. Now is all changed to sol side, but i still hate this matchup in memory of past years))

Will see what Arsen is prepared for this Match! )


#FT10 #ggxrd #overkill013 #fgc #fru

restream - twitch.tv/overkill013 or youtube.com/overkill013

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