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Monster Mash - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax PSN Tournament


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WELCOME FOOLISH MORTALS ah...I MEAN MY WONDERFUL GUESTS TO THE MONSTER MASH!! This tourney is executive to halloween and will take place throughout the horrors of the night. The guests will complete in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on the PS3. This horrific event is going be carried out by the one and only bloo. That's not all my guests I have prizes for all of you if you survive of course till the end. I gladly await your presense.








Best 2 out of 3 unless in Winners,Losers or Grand where it will Best 3 out of 5
Double Elimation
Winner is character locked while Loser can switch
Preferably School at Night (no goo) or The Music Room to keep lag to a minimumĀ 
No Boss Characters

1st place - $10 though paypal
2nd place $5 though paypal
3rd place - $1 though paypal (at least you can buy some candy :) )

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