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AniClash 44 - Final BBCPE Event (Online)


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The end has come! Join AniClash as it bids a great, grand farewell to BlazBlue: Chronophantasma! AniClash 44 marks the final event that netplay's premier tournament series will be using BBCPE and is sure to be an incredible send-off before welcoming Central Fiction to the AniClash fold!


Shortly before the event will be the announcement of the victor of our BlazBlue: Central Fiction raffle, as well as numerous other announcements pertaining to the forthcoming changes to the AniClash tournament formula as we move on to the new game. Registration both on our Challonge Page and on the Aniclash.com thread for the tournament are perfectly viable methods of entry, but extra rewards will be allotted to those who sign up through the latter method.


The stream--found here--will go live at approximately 6:00 PM EST for friendlies with the tournament beginning proper at 8:10 PM EST. Don't miss out on CPE's last big hurrah! We hope to see you there!





- Double Elimination. Bracket Matches are best of 3, Finals best of 5.

- Stage Selection is Coliseum SIlent or Old Gate only. If you select the wrong stage, you will be given a warning once, than an automatic loss of one game.

- Player DQ/Match loss due to inadequate network connection is up to the discretion of the individual TO on hand.

- Only the loser of the previous game in a set is allowed to switch characters before the next game in that set.




Additional Information

- Bracket is not final until after 8:10 PM EST.

- Winner's Bracket will be played out until we're a few rounds deep depending on the size of the tournament, and then we will proceed to the Loser's Bracket. Depending on entrants, all matches in loser's may not be streamed.

- Attendance and punctuality is a necessity. You have exactly two minutes to be present for your match, or you will be sent to loser's or DQ'ed, as listed above.

- Dualboxing on the same PSN account and PS3/4 is not tolerated. One player per console. DQ will be issued if not adhering to this rule.

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