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  2. I'm curious if 1HS for Bedman also lost its launching properties like the 2/3 variations did. If so some of his swagnificent air juggles midscreen will be changed. Air Deja Vu is reaaaaaally interesting, though... I just can't think of any crazy potential right now. Ooh maybe using it after a knockdown you could do the j.D instant overhead and if it is blocked you can use Deja vu but if it hits you can RC air dash downward for combo like usual or something.
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  4. Hopefully it's only for Loketest reactions, otherwise that's awful. I hope more Bedman players voice their thoughts on this to ARCSys. He needs those mixups, otherwise he's like a gimped Axl Low or something.
  5. J.s cant combo with air deja vu b. It seems bedman mixups got weaker, and i feel the new tools helps him only in zoning and pressure,
  6. So 6H crossup move is gone. Too scary for most players? Are we now limited to Task A' for Crossups now?
  7. New 6hs is special cancelable only in 1st and 2nd hit. Can only gatling from 2/5p, 2/3hs: airborne hit will launch, i managed to do 6hs (4hits) RC 2hs.
  8. Yeah but we lost 6H crossup and a 2K 5H Gatling route in exchange. Any Bedman players have observations? Ky had no 6H in Missing Link. His old 6H was 5H in Missing Link. New move looks like Zwei Voltage the way he swings it.
  9. 5k is 5f? jesus that's really bad ; ; i would've expected 4f at worse
  10. It's so pretty... o.o When you say old, you mean Missing Link?
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  12. Where are Baiken and Answer on character select?
  13. Seems to be actually better than the old 6HS, unless it doesn't leave Ky that much in positive is actually faster so it should be more easy to use it as a meaty and the opponent will have to react more quickly if it wants to BS it without having to guess, the trick of FD the first hit and IB the second hit should be a little more difficult as well with that animation.
  14. Looks like Ky got his old 6HS back.
  15. BBCF Bloodline (Ragna, Saya and Jin) with Normal hair and eyes also my custom color Mai portrait
  16. Your the phucken man
  17. Can't help with that, but on the Baiken loktest doc we have a few gifs (click on move names with links) of moves now ' 3'
  18. Let's freaking go! I hope this sticks.
  19. i think its the same gatlings as the old 6hs which is from 2/5p and 2k, i tried corner throw into new 6hs but its too slow. but feels a bit faster than the old 6hs. i tried 2hs -> deja vu task c in the corner but didnt combo, 2hs -> tack b also didnt combo. 2/3hs still launch on counterhit, but its not a knockdown anymore well at least not the mortal counterhit.
  20. Fuck... something is telling me this is bad... Indeed, my excitement has turned to fear. Any further news on this?
  21. A freaking huge meteor, I guess that's what means "jackpot" in Faust's changes.
  22. How's the startup and comboability of the new 6H? Are there any new gatlings into it? With the forward momentum from it, it sounds possible that we could confirm a combo from longer ranges, like off max range f.S. Does 2H combo into any specials on normal grounded hit, e.g. 236A or 236S? Does 2/3H launch on counterhit?
  23. Air Deja Vu baby!! I wonder If Jack-o's explosion does better chip damage than before. Was hoping for using tension to create different goons.
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