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  4. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    February 28 for the artbook.
  5. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    oh i hope so man. i hope so
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  7. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    Probably. Maybe one during her time joining Sector Seven.
  8. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    I see two dates on the Blazblue side . Any way to clarify which date is for the artbook? And perhaps what the other is?
  9. Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Having made the switch to a arcade stick (AT LAST) I found my largest issue has been stick handling. Button inputs are fine for me, a sharp improvement over using a pad where my thumb handled all of it, but I found my movements with the stick is noticeably slower. I almost want to say its a matter of distance required to travel in order to make one input or the other, the pad's stick range of movement being much tighter than a arcade stick's, err... stick. This messes up my combo timing at times and much worse it increases my reaction time when responding to my opponent's actions.
  10. Arcade Stick vs Controller

    I disagree with some of the comments here. Certain things are subjective; Others not. I spent over ten years with pad, I developed far enough to be more than competitive but it became patently clear that the ceiling for character command is lower than that of a stick. By its very design it allows all buttons to be equally accessible, whereas pad requires one to wrap their hand around its frame. Granted, it initially feels better to hold and grip a controller and needing to move one's thumbs and index fingers feels stronger and more assured, but for dexterous movements requiring precision? It's definitely inferior. Wrapping of the hands around a pad leaves these precise movements feeling less assured as there are various pressure points to account for that change with every position. For every button press there has to be a contrary application of pressure to maintain control of the pad. Try doing FADCs in Street Fighter 4 on pad. For stick there is one surface and one can rest that surface comfortably on one's lap or floor or table etc. One setup will be perfectly applicable for all characters and the skills are transferable across all fighting games. Precision movements are much better catered to. Now, if you want to play pad, that's fine. If you can achieve adequate functionality, that is the main thing, but to argue pad is overall the better option in terms of usability? No, I disagree entirely. The greatest obstacle to those seeking to transfer their skills from pad to stick is that of muscle memory and brain to muscle connection. It will take some time to ingrain those movements and feel comfortable with the button layout. The effort however is well worth it as you will be rewarded with a level of command of your character that pad cannot replicate. What did I do? I downloaded a PSP emulator and got Street Fighter Alpha 3 and practiced doing shoryukens and other special movements until they were perfect. I did ten minutes a day on each side of the screen. Then I learned my favourite combos and tried to learn some from different character types that I normally wouldn't use. After that I'd fight the CPU and try to get a feel for executing in a live fight. It didn't take long before I was at a point where pad was no longer comfortable enough for me to use.
  11. Umineko Fighter [Ougon Musou Kyoku]

    anyone knows whre i can download cross sprites??? its already ripped???
  12. BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory Release date for CF artbook set.
  13. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    So does anyone think we will get another manga?
  14. Umineko Fighter [Ougon Musou Kyoku]

    Small request but can anyone post a save unlock file for the Steam version of Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross? Just wondering.
  15. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion I was expecting the manga to end soon but I still feel sad that it's over. It was nice to see that Mai dealt with Meifang herself instead of it being left to someone else such as Jin. I was also glad that Mai reunited with her other friends. I had wondered if they planned to retcon the comment Makoto made in Chronophantasma that she last saw Mai during their graduation, but it looks like it still stands since Mai returned to the academy. Mai said at the start of Variable Heart that she didn't feel like she'd belong to the army, so presumably she exploited her connection with Kajun and meeing with Kokonoe to get into Sector Seven after her graduation instead.
  16. Samurai Shodown 5 Special

    SamSho2 gets a lot of love and it's a good game but imo 5sp is the crown Jewel of the series, at least from a competitive standpoint. I've been playing this one a lot this year and now that the PS4/Vita version is out, it's getting a bit more attention than it has which is nice. If anyone is up for playing on fightcade or anything, let me know. Other than GG this is probably my favorite fighting game. I'm happy to train beginners too!
  17. BlazBlue: Remix Heart & Variable Heart Discussion

    I officially heard that this month's new chapter is the last one.
  18. [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    Arcade vers. Game Chao Matsutaka 23.09.2017 Game Chao Matsutaka 28.10.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 02.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 02.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 03.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 03.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 07.11.2017 Maxim HERO 10.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 10.11.2017 G-Com Wajiro 10.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 10.11.2017 G-Stage 11.11.2017 Apollo Okinosu 11.11.2017 TACkitagata 13.11.2017 G-Com Wajiro 14.11.2017 G-Com Wajiro 17.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 16.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 17.11.2017 Game Chao Matsutaka 18.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 21.11.2017 G-Com Wajiro 24.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 24.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 25.11.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 25.11.2017 Amusement Jam Jam 25.11.2017 A-Cho 350ranbat 25.11.2017 info: tournament: casuals: G-Com Wajiro 28.11.2017 Mat Mouse FTG 30.11.2017 G-Com Wajiro 01.12.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 01.12.2017 MAXIM HERO 02.12.2017 GGXrd SAPPORO MEETING 9 TACkitagata 02.12.2017 TACkitagata 04.12.2017 HLS Nishinakajima 05.12.2017 Console vers. PSN 10/30/17 - Skybandi (Johnny) vs Rozari (Jam) PSN 11/6/17 - Rozari (Jam) vs Saryu (Ramlethal) + PSN 11/25/17 - ASW FGA Online Qualifier PSN 11/15/17 - Rozari (Jam) vs Mad (Venom) PSN 11/18/17 - Kedako's Singles Tournament Daru(IN) vs Rhaxysm(DI) 20171128 Daru(IN) vs ismylawn(BA) 20171128 Korea Playmatch 20171202 Korea Playmatch 20171203
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  20. [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    At least it isn't like Noel's specials, and she's been weak in almost every installment from the beginning. Most of her specials require you be in drive to use them, and they typically cannot be combo'd out of with the exception of 214A, 22B/C and 236C, 236A/B, which despite not being drive specials, all of which still need a special requirement to either land or use effectively, such as also only being combo fodder. And you figure, both Jubei and Susano'o are brand new. I'd rather new characters start weak and very slowly and steadily work up to being balanced, rather than pulling a Izanami or Nine and being oppressive top tier at launch. (Never forget BBCP launch Kokonoe)
  21. [LM] Online Matchmaking

    Hi there all! I know this forum seems a bit dead, but if anyone wants to play matches against an opponent, I play this game pretty regularly. I've played it for about a year but am not the most versed in fighting games generally. I went ahead and entered my information in the online player spreadsheet. I'm up for play between 5:00 PM and 2:00 AM, US central mountain time. I'm happy to play against all skill levels, but others who are still learning would probably find it most rewarding. I generally play Maori but I like giving other characters a try for casual fun.
  22. Excuse me. I am new to this forum and i was in learning how to recoloring character's portrait and this is first time for me. Please Nice to meet you. Until now, i'm still able to recoloring Ragna cp and Jin cp from your first page's forum but still not able how with the others like Noel cp and Izayoi cp...mind if you repost their .psd files?
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  24. [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    GGXrdREV2 YOUTUBE CHANNEL - updated until 08/12/2017 Mdesilva -> Goldenrody -> RoBoBOBR BoOZy -> Godsgarden (feat. Machaboo, Kazunoko, Souji, etc.) -> yumegiwahatake (console) -> 松本シコ (console) -> Koichi channel -> Nakamura channel -> Dry Ace channel -> Daru I-No -> 2DJazz channel -> Takadanobaba Mikado -> Takadanobaba Mikado - Megalodon (compilation) -> GComWajiro -> Sasashima Leisure Land -> Jam Jam Amusement -> Mat Mouse FTG -> MAXIM HERO -> Game Chao Matsusaka -> Apollo Okinosu -> G-Station -> Shimokitazawa MM Land -> TAC North -> Gamechariot -> Game Center Tecnopolis -> KS Minokamo -> Okayama Fantasista -> L Loft Ibaraki -> Step Houfu -> Funabashi Fan Fan -> Oita Toraisen Hagiwara shop Gen -> Gifu Leisureland Hozumi -> MGMgame Jinnoharu -> G-Stage Hamamachi -> A-cho -> A-Cho (freeplay) -> High-Tech Land SEGA Tateishi -> High-tech Land Nishinakajima Sega (dukegg) -> High-tech Land Nishinakajima Sega -> High-tech Land Nishinakajima Sega -> High-tech Land Nishinakajima Sega -> GGXrdREV2 TWITCH CHANNELS Arc System Works -> Takadanobaba Mikado Sasashima Leisureland Game Daytona Shiki Game Center Pytagoras Mdesilva -> Roi -> Dry Ace -> Daru (KOR) -> Majin Obama ->
  25. Speaking of Jubei, could I also request a PSD of him with a Baiken color? Here's a preview of what I'm looking for.
  26. I'll do Jubei eventually, will try to get it done by this week but no promises!
  27. Jubei's STILL garbage. All of his main flaws are still there. who needs Jubei when Izanami exist? His drive is functionally weak in whatever they think it should be. He's in crouch-position and he's WEAK. What sense does that make? Him and Susanoo still have all of their special moves as nothing but combo fodder (weak neutral use). Susanoo's Calamity still has the worse input for it. Who in the hell is going to tap C in anticipation/reaction of a projectile, especially when the move does nothing besides block the projectile. It's NOT a deterrent for the opponent's projectile use in the slightest. What they should've done was tone down overdrive use and balanced out each character's use of it. Those characters that still benefit just from activating OD (Izayoi, Arakune, Hakumen, Amane, etc.) need some fixing.
  28. Site Feedback/Suggestions

    The likes and reactions were way too big anyway. I'm guessing the admins are working on new ones?
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