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  2. Hello, does anyone have the tutorial posted by SolarMisae? It's been removed from deviantart (or the user simply deleted) and I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could reupload it. Thank you in advance!
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  4. [CF] Video Posting Thread

    BLAZBLUE CENTRAL FICTION - GATEWAY TO BLAZBLUE II info: Qualifiers Q1 - Taito Station Fukuoka Tenjin 03.06.2018 Q2 - MAXIM HERO 03.06.2018 Q3 - Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 10.06.2018 Q4 - Max Plaza Zentsuji 10.06.2018 Q5 - Taito Amusement City Koriyama 16.06.2018 Q6 - Amipara Castle 16.06.2018 Q7 - Playspot Big One 2nd 17.06.2018
  5. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    thanks a lot
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  7. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion
  8. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    any BBTAG discord link for individual characters ?
  9. [VS] Video Thread

    Okayama Fantasista 20.05.2018 Playland F1-R 20.05.2018 Playspot Big One 2nd 22.05.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 23.05.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 26.05.2018 Neyagawa ABC 27.05.2018 - 18th New Generation Cup Playspot Big One 2nd 29.05.2018 Yu Magical 31.05.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 30.05.2018 Mag Max Kawagoe 06.06.2018 Playspot Big One 2nd 05.06.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 10.06.2018 - newcomers tournament Bonus The Skillions x Super TSB
  10. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    As a PC player, I didn't have the month head start, so I kinda based my team off streams and vids. But now, starting to re-think my team. I'll probably stick w/ Chie+Hyde til 6/19. I was already really looking forward to Vatista and Naoto and will try them out. Both look really nice based off what little I've seen. But anyway, how are you guys feeling about your teams? Did you make any changes? Any disappointments? Pleasant surprises?
  11. [Xrd] Video Posting Thread

    Takadanobaba Mikado Weekly Tournaments 01.05 random team 03.05 singles 08.05 random team 10.05 singles 12.05 3on3 15.05 random team 17.05 singles 19.05 3on3 22.05 random team 24.05 singles 26.05 3on3 29.05 random team 31.05 singles 02.06 3on3 Mikado Mix Ver.2.10 5/1 Woshige(MI) Mikado Mix Volume 34 Ver.2.10 5/1 Mikado SOL Special Mikado Mix Volume 35 Ver.2.10 5/26 FAB(PO) Mikado Mix Volume 36 Ver.2.10 5/29 Daru(IN) Mikado Mix Volume 37 Ver.2.10 6/2 Tomo(LE) Mikado Mix Volume 38 Ver.2.10 6/3 Fumo(EL) Sanma(VE) En(SL) Mikado Mix Volume 39 Mikado casuals mix Ver.2.10 5/26 En(SL) Mocchi(SO) Kanitabe(EL) Mikado Casuals Mix Vol.18 Mdesilva highlights GGXrdR2.1 5/1/18 - Woshige (Millia) vs Karinchu (Johnny) GGXrdR2.1 5/1/18 - Mocchi (Sol) vs Woshige (Millia) GGXrdR2.1 5/17/18 - Teresa (Jam) vs Haaken (Sol)
  12. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

  13. [CF] Match Finder

    Real Talk SKD you ain't no Jin player, and now you think you're a Jin Player cause u was mashing on yo stick like a rugrat and found out a glitch, you tryna rap battle me bitch, fighting games are ez i'm Jin Kisaragi
  14. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    DLC packs 2 & 3 are coming June 19th, announced via Arc System Works USA's stream at Wednesday Night Fights. DLC Pack 2: Jubei, Aigis, Carmine DLC Pack 3: Hakumen, Naoto Shirogane, Vatista
  15. BBTag Sprites Rips

    if any want the sprites for the game here the link to them
  16. I'm not dead. Happy NA release of BBTAG everyone. I actually did this a few weeks ago, but now would be the most appropriate time to share, I figure. Like some other BB characters, Lambda never had a chance of getting in and never will with Nu already in, but one can dream of the Lambrys tag team. :')'s+Nu+BBTAG.psd Here's the .psd if anyone would like it. Admittedly, it's not as high-res as it could be, but perhaps when better quality rips of the character select art get released, I'll go back and redo the .psd.
  17. I'm not dead. Happy NA release of BBTAG everyone. I actually did this a few weeks ago, but now would be the most appropriate time to share, I figure. Like some other BB characters, Lambda never had a chance of getting in and never will with Nu already in, but one can dream of the Lambrys tag team. :')'s+Nu+BBTAG.psd Here's the .psd if anyone would like it. Admittedly, it's not as high-res as it could be, but perhaps when better quality rips of the character select art get released, I'll go back and redo the .psd.
  18. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    I second this
  19. NOTE: I will do my best to update this thread whenever a new Mobile Suit unlock or new information regarding Extreme Vs. 2 has been posted. Official Site Release Date: Late 2018 New Units (confirmed so far) Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans: Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex - Cost 3000 Gundam: Reconguista in G: Montero - Cost Unknown (Likely either 1500 or 2000) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Gundam AGE-1 Full Glansa - Cost Unknown (Likely 2500) Gundam Build Fighters Try: Try Burning Gundam - Cost 2500 Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Gundam Maxter - Cost 2000 Cost Changes None confirmed so far
  20. STL ArchSys Gaming

    We still are around! We no longer meet up at GameHaven. Instead, we meet every Thursday at Moonbase Market in Soulard. We even have a monthly tournament with stream and occasional pot bonuses. Most of the people are focused on Guilty Gear or UNIST. However, people still show up for DBFZ and I think Blazblue Tag might be a big deal. We're still looking for new players. Regardless of your fighting game experience, if you want to get your feet wet, we'd be happy to have you. We have a Discord server! If you want to check in and say hi, here's an open invite:
  21. [CF] Video Posting Thread

    Central Hachiouji 12.04.2018 Intrasquad Battle Central Hachiouji 13.04.2018 singles Central Hachiouji 14.04.2018 2on2 Central Hachiouji 16.04.2018 HWB + さとけー(RE) vs 千尋(HZ) + まぶかぷ(RE) vs ベンゾー(HZ) + さとけー(RE) vs マリリン(RG) さとけー(RE) vs 朱獅(AZ) たも(TK) vs さとけー(RE) Central Hachiouji 19.04.2018 23th rank limited tournament Intrasquad Battle Pino Mai matches Central Hachiouji 21.04.2018 HWB + あると(MA) vs 服部(SU) + ゴンザレス(NA) vs あさは(HZ) + えま(TS) vs 千尋(HZ) + ざな(ES) vs 杉山(VL) + カザト(AR) vs コレル(IZ) + みずき(CR) vs コレル(SU) 服部(SU) vs 杉山(VL) Central Hachiouji 23.04.2018 HWB + KENZAKI(NA) vs ゴンザレス(NA) + ころね(CE) vs ソリッド(RG) + コレル(IZ) vs カザト(AR) + ゴンザレス(NA) vs まぶかぷ(RE) KENZAKI(NA) vs マリリン(RG) ベンゾー(HZ) vs 千尋(HZ) マリリン(RG) vs ベンゾー(HZ) Gamechariot 25.04.2018 まち(色々) VS よーし(JU) Gamechariot 28.04.2018 GWB233 あっとvsマイスター あっと(LI) VS マイスター(Λ) あっと(LI) VS かきゅん(RG) まち(MA) VS かきゅん(RG) ジュノがんばる!!リターンズ Game Chao Matsutaka 29.04.2018 Nakano TRF 03.05.2018 Nakano TRF 05.05.2018 Gamechariot 05.05.2018 GWB234 よーし vs まち GWB235 しばけん vs あぼん しばけん(HZ) VS KAIDO(HZ) しばけん(HZ) VS まち(HZ) Taito Station Ikebukuro Nishiguchi 05.05.2018 a-Cho 05.05.2018 preKSB info: casuals A-Cho 08.05.2018 Athena Nipponbashi 10.05.2018 casuals Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 10.05.2018 Nakano TRF 10.05.2018 Amipara Castle 12.05.2018 A-Cho 12.05.2018 20段以下限定 1on1大会 第180回関西ランキングバトル 1on1大会 Gamechariot 12.05.2018 GWB236 かきゅん(ラグナ) VS ゼクソ(アズラエル) GWB237 鳥飼 vs マイスター 鳥飼(バング) VS マイスター(Λ) でんぽ(ラグナ) VS マイスター(Λ) でんぽ(ラグナ) VS ワタッコウ(スサノオ) ワタッコウ(スサノオ) VS あっと(ライチ) まち(マイ) VS マイスター(Λ) 鳥飼(バング) でんぽ(ラグナ) Nakano TRF 12.05.2018 Gamechariot 13.05.2018 カミ風(ナオト) VS かきゅん(ラグナ) スズラン(スサノオ) VS かきゅん(ラグナ) カミ風(ナオト) VS スズラン(スサノオ) Athena Nipponbashi 15.05.2018 2on2 Athena Nipponbashi 17.05.2018 casuals Nakano TRF 17.05.2018 Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 17.05.2018 Taito Station Mizonokuchi Megarage 17.05.2018 Nakano TRF 19.05.2018 Game Dino Hikone 19.05.2018 Athena Nipponbashi 19.05.2018 Beginner and Intermediate Casuals Shimokitazawa MM Land 19.05.2018 Amipara Castle 19.05.2018 Max Plaza Zentsuji 20.05.2018 Game Aivis 20.05.2018 MAXIM HERO 20.05.2018 FPWAR モタ(ジン) VS ねぎし(ハクメン) FPWAR DQNちゃん(ジン) VS 皮の盾(イザヨイ) MAXIM HERO 21.05.2018 Imaken Es matches Ikebukuro GIGO 21.05.2018 Amusement Ace 22.05.2018 Konan Tsubaki matches Athena Nipponbashi 22.05.2018 casuals Athena Nipponbashi 24.05.2018 casuals Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 24.05.2018 Nakano TRF 24.05.2018 Nakano TRF 26.05.2018 TS Ayase 26.05.2018 Game Chao Matsutaka 26.05.2018 Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 27.05.2018 Athena Nipponbashi 29.05.2018 casuals Athena Nipponbashi 31.05.2018 casuals Taito Station Sendai Clisroad 31.05.2018 ?????? Tager player matches Athena Nipponbashi 01.06.2018 2on2 Athena Nipponbashi 02.06.2018 Beginner and Intermediate Casuals Console Kao! TV 20.04.2018 Cyclops Athlete Gaming 16.04.2018 Cyclops Athlete Gaming 23.04.2018 Cyclops Athlete Gaming 30.04.2018 Cyclops Athlete Gaming 07.05.2018 Cyclops Athlete Gaming 14.05.2018 uncut Cyclops Athlete Gaming 21.05.2018 uncut Geroshabu stream 18.04.2018 ぽむお(ミュー)VSえぐち(イザナミ) Geroshabu stream 25.04.2018 EGO(タオカカ)VSうぃんぐ(獣兵衛) Geroshabu stream 02.05.2018 うた(イザナミ)VSだんご(ラムダ) Geroshabu stream 08.05.2018 ぽむお(ミュー)VSナカシマ(ライチ)
  22. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I was mad excited when the game was announced, then super skeptical when playing it, No Tao, and the Blazblue cast were like someone rearranged my entire house, but Ruby/Weiss cured my skepticism, then Chie's HERCULEAN, sold the game to me. For anyone interested in the Persona 4 cast, I just finished tips and trick videos for Chie and Yukiko for BB Cross Tag. I wasn't sure where else to put this so if theres a better place or a thread shows up in the future feel free to move this or remove it: I may do more if I can find the time, next would be Ruby/Weiss Critique is welcome Id like to up my video editing game. Hope you guys enjoy the game during official release.
  23. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Yea I saw those, but they're from the site. Not hi-res enough.
  24. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    no but SegGel2009 two of his friends on twitter did recolors of BBtag Ragna ask them if they have PSD files of the art
  25. BBCTB System Voice: Sachiko Hara
  26. BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

    Any news regarding BBTAG rips, to be more specific, artwork rips? I want to do recolors again and the site images just arent good enough for my work. Appreciated!
  27. [CF] Hakumen General Discussion

    u all suck btw
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