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  4. If anything, most "tourney" players want their games to be unbalanced so they can maintain control. God forbid we have balance in fighting games. Apparently, people like seeing the same characters/players always win so those people keep racking in those earnings, no one challenges their throne and maintain those easy wins. Take away that advantage and people call foul. Most games on main EVO stage are pretty unbalanced overall (blazblue, marvel, smash bros, etc). If you don't have some dishonest/lockdown gimmick to keep your character ahead, you probably won't get far at all. Granted, yes anything goes that is in the game and it does come down to skill as well but broken characters pushes the win in that direction. When it comes to playing strictly to win, it's all about playing odds in your favor and nothing more. Please note that I'm all for character/game balance to keep the variety healthy and things interesting and not fall into the victim pit of the "meta" play where only select characters will always be used in tournaments which BlazBlue is definitely plagued with.
  5. What in the world does this even mean? Let me guess, you play with the top tier. That's the only explanation for such a statement (my character/s will get nerfed in the process and I don't look as good playing with that character/s afterwards). A more balanced game where more characters are viable in tournament play is a negative ("in the eyes of others.")? When has CF been patched for balance? This game has been out for over two years (late 2015). There's has been almost no news on this game since the beginning of last December. Show me where there's a patch that wasn't just bug fixes and it's date. TekkamanArk: Can't even be taken seriously. I've come to see how extremely selfish he is as a player (and he knows it). He only cares about the characters he likes being good/fun. He's posted many times how he actually wants certain characters to be bottom tier... That's all that needs to be said about him.
  6. yea or ask a mod to remove your spam post its really got very annoying and I'm sick of looking at them as well.
  7. Also yes it does work against faust's 100 ton weight but good luck tryin to time it
  8. Ultron Sigma. Capcom wants our money badly with that Limited Edition. (I want Chaos Legion in this game)
  9. Well in that case, I wish Tapatalk didn't do that then. Cause it is honestly annoying.
  10. This move is too good. T-T
  11. So I'm trying to do the following combos with Litchi: 2A > 5B[m] > 5C[1] > 3C > 214B[m] > 236A >236B > 63214A~B > 6C[1] > [D] > 6C[2] > j236B > ]D[ > j236C > Staff 2 > 6C[1] > Tsubame [2961 DMG] 6A > 4B > 6B (Feint) > 214B (m) > 6C (2 Hits) > 236B > 63214A~B > 6C (1 Hit) > [D] > 6C (2 Hits) > j. 236B > ]D[ > j. 236C > Staff 2 > Tsubame The problem I'm having with the 1st Combo is that everytime I try to land the 63214A ~ B, after the 2 Rekkas, it'll always miss Same problem I'm having with the 2nd Combo So if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it
  12. I'm using mobile man, I'm not the one spamming, it just does it on it's own
  13. Yesterday
  14. Sad they didnt say any special edition or NA again
  15. Well, Jinx, not to sound dull, but your last post for Battle Fantasia stuff was over a year ago, I doubt anyone would be willing to comment, besides myself, lol. And as much as I like it with its parrying system and its RPG-ish fighting setting, its still good, lol. Thanks for still putting up relevant stuff for it lately.
  16. Well, I hope we'll get a public demo in the latest before its release date soon. Cause at the moment, they're still bringing it over at specific venues again such as Wednesday Night Fights and stuff.
  17. Gametag- BC4F for tournaments . Wanted to start playing fighting games tournaments since 2004. My family wanted to have amazing grades in school. I use a Mayflash F300 Fight Stick. Octagonal gate  silent buttons and silent stick. I play 2D otaku fighting games. Find on me  evethubs. Profile tag BC4F

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  18. Could you do us all a favor. If you're gonna post, at least be kind enough to delete your extra posts. I'm sick of getting emails of your repeated posts.
  19. Kazuma Kval by Mori, with what seems to be scars from the fight with Tomonori
  20. X literally said on the stream that the demo would be out "sooner than you think". At this point, the game is a month out. I don't think that qualifies anymore...
  21. Oh shit, that's awesome. I'm really liking Haehyun, I just wish I was good enough with my main characters to play as her more.
  22. I would like Hakumen's CP, CT & his Pre-Battle Portrait to be colored as CF's Color #6
  23. Well my homie ran with that quick
  24. soooooo this is a thing! I'm workin to see if it works against faust's 10 ton weight.
  25. I remember few years ago people complained about ASW making balance updates too often. Now they complain that ASW does not make balance updates often enough. Also, balance in CF is not any worse than in other fighting games on EVO. In every place i bother to visit, people always complain about evil top tier characters who ruin their lovely game. The only difference is that they don't care how their game will look in eyes of the others. Deal with your own insecurities already.
  26. Going to sleep, not feeling well, but going to chime in here a little. I play Susanoo as my main, and Hibiki as a second. I don't recall Susanoo being considered good, and Hibiki's fine I guess? But the main take away is, fun =/= balance. Not saying just being balls out broken is the best either, but, CVS2 is an amazing fighting game everyone loves, and it's broke as shit. Same with Third Strike. You can be fun and also still have a messy balance. GG might have this diversity with a smaller roster, just saying that it's unusual with some games, like Marvel for instance. SF5 got hate for its change in gameplay, but that's also because most people found it boring. But the big rallying cry was that it was lacking arcade mode and other single player modes. All that was really done to remedy this was adding vs CPU, and a smartass response that you could just make your own arcade mode by playing vs CPU on random. Blazblue wasn't trying to reinvent every character, and that's fine too, not every game needs to just massively rework everyone every time.
  27. Olivia has an OS with her command grab!!! I'll explain... In the corner, I start off with a command grab (63214A) and from there, I land a free 2D. You have to make sure that you connect with 2D. While the opponent is floating, use Olivia's 5B>3D chain. The 5B resets the opponent, allowing you to land in the right position to use the command grab. Right before she lands, buffer the command grab, but hold back right before you hit A. If the opponent attacks early, you block. If they attack late, you command grab them. Normals, specials, and supers do not beat this out, with the exception of Donvalve's command grab super, and mashing out a normal throw. There is a chance to beat normal throws with this setup, but the frame window is really small. I've tested this with the entire cast. DPs can't even beat this. I'll record footage demonstrating this setup. Any thoughts???
  28. Hmm....from what I understand about game development (which admittedly isn't much), a high-end game-design PC and a high-end gaming PC are more or less the same thing, at least for folks that don't actually work at a major game developer. Knowing this does reinforce my notion that a Steam Console is not the way to go for you. A Steam Console is for people who are fine locking themselves into the Steam, and who want to know as little as possible about the underlying hardware and software. Since you're looking at going into game development, you're going to need to know about those things. If you wanted to do a little bit of exploration, you could take the $700-1200 dollars you would have spent on the Console, and build a lower-end, but still good quality PC. You could get some components that have some room to grow, (like a case and power supply larger than what you strictly need), and then try both the PC gaming thing and the game design thing out on the same machine. That would give you a better idea of how much of this you want to go into, without breaking the bank completely. You could then upgrade if you needed to, hopefully being able to reuse some of the components to save yourself some money.
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