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    •   Does anyone have some advice for a student on making time in order to get to major tournaments (3 day events)    
    • Baiken's words to Asuka when confronting him (she asks "Why did you kill them? Why did you burn them?"): Baiken's Childhood Recollection (1:33 mark of GGX Anime Video): Please note that this cutscene has parts that were retconned from actual GGX dialogue, but so far it's the only "evidence" depicting Baiken's Childhood according to her bio information. When Baiken's memory actually occurred during events is vague and unclear, but Daisuke Ishiwatari deliberately placed this information alongside the events that Destroyed Japan, so the two are connected, primarily because rampaging Gears were involved, but also their connection to "That Man". Another piece of "vague evidence" is the Conclave who were supposedly the Overseers of the Japanese Colonies.  The Conclave Members Chronus and Axus supposedly have been "alive" since 1999.  Libraria was the youngest member supposedly, but their recollections on Magic and lifespans date back at least 100 years according to Axus and Chronus.  Chronus was an old colleague of Asuka's and even managed to live as long as he has! That is not direct evidence that Japanese live long lives, but it IS evidence that the Conclave have lived an exceptionally long time as Humans.  How they did so is unknown. Baiken's memory may be vague, but it's the only vivid  evidence we have that suggests she recalled the destruction of her people as a survivor. If future GGXrd Episodes reveal more about Baiken's past, we'll be able to paint a clearer picture of events. So far, however, because of the DNA transfer from Justice to Japan, it's implied most Japanese are Gears, and Gears are CONFIRMED to have long lifespans.  The Japanese who turned in to Antimatter Gears are further proof of this, as is testimony surrounding them. Gears like Justice and Sol have lived 100 to 200 years, Dizzy's GGXPlus ending implies she'll live 200 years or more as well.  Izuna, as a Youkai, is implied to have lived since Japan's antiquity if the "Killing Stone Legend" is connected to Izuna as implied by his GG2 story. Tyr from GGXtra is also a mystery, as he remained a child in appearance from 2162 to 2170 or so to get sealed away.  He hasn't aged at all when Ky meets him again in 2181.
    • So it does. didn't know it could do that.
    • ahh so TK youzansen frc IAD mixups and maximized dustloops are easy for you then? I guess Sharon was just some scrub taking advantage of an easy character in the old days lol came to this forum hoping for some more answer videos or tech and all i find is this guy...