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[Xrd] Millia - Chroming Rose thread

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Hm. The pinky and ring finger grip does sound pretty good. I'm gonna try that today, along with the index-and-middle one.


I was watching Woshige play and I noticed that he uses a very loose overhand grip, which is basically the style I've been using. It seems like he just barely touches the stick when he's not actively doing a motion. I imagine there are advantages and disadvantages to this style...


You can see what I mean here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqa1wX8u1js#t=1207

Yeah, my style is similar, but with the shaft between the fingers I can roll the stick very fast. My hand is relaxed so it's not committed to any position and it gives a lot of free movement.


I can also put pressure or restm y hand weight on my pinky, which gives a foundation or anchor to put pressure off of with the other fingers.

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Don't forget that a rose will come out if you backdash. 

Edit: was mentioned already just not by itself. derp.

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