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[Xrd] Chipp vs Venom

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- our 6P is horrible in this matchup. It loses to Venom's j.HS outright, and trades with j.P and mad struggle (or even outright loses). Try 2HS or even 5HS instead. 5HS worked exceptionally well against mad struggle in older guilty gears, but now that it is slower, it's very risky. The counter hit we get with it though is really good for us.


- Venom's 6P on the other hand works very well against j.HS and often j.D as well. Be careful with your approach.


- use alpha blade to go under stinger aim, both empty and in blockstrings. be very, very careful though - alpha will lose to carcass raid and you will eat a counter hit into a knockdown combo.


- as a match starter, Venom's 2S is tricky to beat - you can use 5K, but it doesn't lead into much, and will lose to stinger aim. I suggest jumping back more often than usual at match start.

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