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[P4AU] Kanji Tatsumi 2.0 Changelist

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*Needs a better image*


Remember that these changes may or may not be final. The 2.0 patch hits Arcades on January 15th. This topic is meant to follow said changes as close as possible.


Thanks to Sourenga for translating all of the following:
Confirmed Changes by Arcsys
SB Added Cruel Attack can be both OMC'd & Super Canceled
j.C has faster start-up, landing recovery decreased
5C has now longer reach, its hitbox is horizontally longer.
The following are (yet) Unconfirmed changes/Speculation/Impressions of Japanese players as of November's loketest:
Collapsed: Changes to Kanji's Normals:
Auto Combo is more difficult to combo into Bet Ya Cant Take This (j.214AB), but SB version still works
5B  and charged 5B connect to 2B on hit
J.C changes: 
  •           Rising j.C works
  •           Both Fatal Counter & Fatal Recovery removed
  •           Causes crumbling on counter hit.
Collapsed: System Changes:
Increased range and slower startup on his Throw (C+D)
All-out Attack:
  •               Whether it's Kanji-only or just a bug is unclear, but he's able to cancel All-out Attack with Skills.
  •               -4 or less on block (Akihiko's 5A couldn't punish it) (System Change, AOA's are more safe)

Collapsed: Special Moves:

Collapsed: This'll Hurt (214A/B):
SB version damage nerfed. 

Overall damage nerf. SB now deals same damage as C version used to. Order is C < SB < D (Current order is C<D<SB)

D version no longer has fatal recovery

Collapsed: Primal Force:
  •              A lot faster start-up
  •              No bounce even on counter hit
  •              Can pass through the opponent if used close by
  •              Takemikazuchi disappears faster on hit and on block


  •             A lot more slower start-up
  •             Takemikazuchi appears, waits a moment then starts to attack. Kanji becomes able to move when Takemikazuchi starts to move. Vid shows that, literally, Kanji gets to move right when Take can.
  •             Bounce on counter hit

Collapsed: Bet ya Can't take this! (J.214A/B):

Harder to combo into Mandive from 5AAA in both A and B versions. SB is fine.

Collapsed: Gotcha! (236C/D):

Collapsed: Cruel Attack (236A/B) (Air Ok):

SB Version of Added Cruel Attack is now both OMC and Super Cancelable

Collapsed: Super Moves:

Collapsed: Ass Whooping (236236A/B):

Collapsed: Burn to a Crisp! (214214A/B):


Other Stuff:


Video Changes:

Primal Force C is slower

Primal Force can be OMC'd (no clue if universal or C/D specific)

Primal Force D has more startup, Kanji can move when Take can.

SB is fast. It shows that you can set Take back with 5D but I don't know if it's just to show that you can do so so fast that you avoid punishes or if it's that you can only move Take-Mikazuchi with the SB one

SB Cruel Attack allows for good combos. 5B>2B seems to be back as well.

SB Chair Follow up can be super canceled.

Grab Damage nerfed.

Sweep now has chest invuln.

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From the 2.0 change log:



5AA (common)

  • Now comes out even when holding a backwards direction during auto-combo.

5AAA (normal)

  • Untechable time now affected by proration.

  • Decreased untechable time.

5AAA (shadow)

  • Can chain into sweep.


  • Can chain into 5C and 2C.

  • Can chain into 2B on hit only.


  • Persona’s frontward attack hitbox is bigger

  • Just-frame 5[C] forces fatal counter.


  • Faster startup.

  • Increased untechable time.


  • Faster startup.

  • Reduced landing recovery.

  • Removed fatal counter property.

  • Removed fatal recovery.


  • Chest attribute invincibility added.


  • Invincibility/armor starts earlier.

  • Recovery increased on 6A+B

Ground Throw

  • Slower startup.

  • Increased movement distance.

  • Can be chained from B and C normals.


  • Changed to projectile attribute.

  • Can no longer clash.

  • Decreased untechable time on counterhit.

Various Cruel Attack

  • Second hit of air versions changed to Head attribute.

  • Worsened recovery of air A and B versions on block.

  • (Bounce?) untechable time increased for air B and SB versions.

  • Holding a backwards direction during auto-combo prevents super from activating.

A Cruel Attack

  • Increased hitstun.

  • Increased recovery, static difference on block unchanged.

SB Cruel Attack

  • Faster startup.

  • Doesn’t jump over crouching opponents.

B Added Cruel Attack

  • Can cancel pre-active frames into Bet Ya Can’t Take This!.

SB Added Cruel Attack

  • OMC and OMB possible.

  • Super cancel possible.

Various Gotcha!

  • Cannot OMC D and SB versions.

Various This’ll Hurt!

  • Decreased dash inertia on pre-active frames.

  • Strike invincibility takes effect later.

D This’ll Hurt

  • Removed fatal recovery.

Various Primal Force

  • Attack doesn’t come out on diagonal upward(?) input. (i.e. [4]9?)

  • Reduced rear hurtbox on persona during its recovery.

  • Faster startup on C and SB versions, slower startup on D version.

  • Persona “pierces” through opponent on contact for C and SB versions.

  • Decreased recovery for Kanji on D and SB versions.

  • (Something about invincibility of D and SB versions and persona not stopping movement?) D&SB版の無敵成立時にペルソナを止まらないようにしました。

C Primal Force

  • Increased recovery on Kanji.

  • Decreased recovery on persona.

  • Increased movement distance, active attack duration on persona.

  • Increased hitstop and untechable time.

  • (On hit, persona cannot take additional commands while it is disappearing?) ヒット時にペルソナが出せない状態を解除されるようにしました。

  • OMC possible.

  • Removed wallbounce on counterhit.

D Primal Force

  • Only wallbounces on counterhit in the corner.

SB Primal Force

  • Can use persona attacks after making contact with the opponent.

B Ass Whoopin’ Tatsumi Style

  • Increased time until chair falls on close distance hit.

  • Increased chair bounce on long distance hit.

Various Persona Attacks

  • Persona invincible until attack is active for 5C, 2C, j.C

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Persona’s frontward attack hitbox is bigger

Just-frame 5[C] forces fatal counter.

Can somebody explain this for me? Thanks

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Can somebody explain this for me? Thanks




To put it briefly, Kanji can charge/delay 5C by holding the button down, and releasing it after a particular number of frames gives him a more-damaging version. The change enables this timed version of the attack to force the opponent into a fatal counter state even when the opponent wasn't counterhit by the attack, which allows for longer / more-damaging combos afterwards.

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the only fatal counter attack now is the charged version of 5C ? rip kanji


Actually, I do believe 2C still fatals on counter hit and JC can still crumple so Kanji players may still get something off that. I just hope that with all these changes more Kanji players will actually learn his combos and resets rather that being overly dependent on command grabs, furious action, and random YOLO dives.

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