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[P4AU] 2.0 Yukiko's final changes

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Copied from this pastebin and the translation work done by doobylovah





  1. Yukiko Amagi
  2. 5A - recovery decreased (possibly comes out faster now)
  3. 5AA - more recovery for normal-type
  4. 5AAA - most likely won't get that big SP boost usually given when this attack landed. (it was an substantial amount, trust me)
  5. 2A - hitbox widened
  6. 214B - comes out faster, can now combo in C attacks
  7. 2B - Yukiko throws it quicker, but the fan's speed slows down should you input 1B/3B. While 1B/3B will have the same recovery/startup, 2B will have more recovery (for some odd reason Atlus won't tell us--)
  8. 5D - more untechable frames
  9. 1D/2D/3D - Persona now only strikes once. No longer fatal counters.
  10. j.5B - doesn't count as a low if Yukiko throws it from a short hop. I also suspect that it will also not count as a low from a regular jump. recovery decreased and also comes out faster now. fan travels faster as well.
  11. j.5C - Persona attacks slightly higher above Yukiko
  12. j.5D - *see 1D/2D/3D*
  13. sweep - reduced recovery
  14. AOA - comes out faster, more recovery, invincible frames kick in earlier now
  15. Agi - decreased recovery. grounded A Agi and SB Agi are the only moves that do not float the opponent on hit, so keep this in mind.
  16. (A Agi) - does float the opponent on aerial hit if used from a grounded position, but only for a shorter time than usual. On counter hit, the float will launch higher than usual.
  17. (SB Agi) - comes out really fast now, and the agis are closer to Yukiko now for a more convenient approach during combos and such.
  18. Agi (Explosion) - more untechable frames, and SB Agi version explodes faster than the standard ones.
  19. Maragi - No longer fatal counters whatsoever
  20. Flame Dance - more untechable frames when by second part of A Flame Dance, B Flame Dance comes out fast enough to now combo into 5C, and it is "more easier to hit the opponent with now"
  21. Fire Boost - All recovery from this move is now omitted. Lv.3, Phoenix Flame Swirl is available. Of course, the damage increases with more level boosts but now a little more damaging! Konohana-Sakuya disappears faster once Yukiko goes for a Fire Boost, making it harder to punish. Also apparently the higher the level boost, the quicker recovery Yukiko gets?
  22. Fire Break - Fatal Counter removed, but the rechargeable time until next use has been lengthened.
  23. Phoenix Flame Swirl - Can now OMC this move. Comes out faster. Cancel it from fire attacks such as Agi and Maragi. If used in the air she doesn't have to wait to land to recover. A and B versions comes out faster now, all other moves are same length.
  24. Agidyne - Now Fatal Counters.
  25. SB Maragidyne - changed pattern of the flame super, resembling a literal "flame dance." Impossible to straight-up dodge, at the cost of low damage.
  26. Persona Invincibility - C Moves, Agi, Maragi, Flame Dance,


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Xie did another translation of Yukiko's and everyone else's changes and a few things are different here





Standing A (Both Versions)

Reduced recovery time

Standing AA (Both Versions)

Decreased startup time

Decreased recovery for normal type

Standing AAA (Both Versions)

Can be normal canceled into sweep

Crouching A

Increased hitbox size for upper area

B Attacks

When touching a Persona attack, can be normal canceled

Crouching B (All Versions)

When inputted with a down back input, fan speed is slowed down

Increased recovery time for all versions aside from down forward input

Standing D (All Versions)

Increased untechable time

Crouching D (All Versions)

Only the first hit is an overhead attack

Removed Fatal Recovery state from Crouching D and down forward version

Jumping B (All Versions)

When low to the ground, does not hit as a low attack

Reduced landing recovery time

Increased movement speed of Yukiko

Jumping 4B

Increased projectile speed

Jumping C

Persona now appears slightly farther forward and slightly higher

Jumping D Attacks

Only the first hit is an overhead attack


Reduced attack active frames

All Out Attack

Decreased startup time

Increased recovery time

Now becomes invincible sooner

Agi (All Versions)

Decreased recovery time

Ground A and SB versions do not float on hit

A Agi

Ground versions on air hit do not float as high

Ground version floats on counter hit, floats higher

SB Agi

Decreased startup time

Does not push back as far on ground hit

Agi (Flame Portion)

Increased untechable time

Decreased startup time

Maragi (All Versions)

Removed Fatal Recovery state

Flame Dance (All Versions)

Increased untechable time of the second hit of the A version

Adjusted collision box, can now be hit easier by opponents

B Flame Dance

Decreased startup time

Fire Boost / Fire Amp

Decreased total recovery

The timing of the gauge level increasing is now earlier

Persona now disappears sooner for Fire Amp

Changed the damage increase rate for each level

Can perform Phoenix Flame Swirl at level 3 and up

Fire Break

Removed Fatal Recovery state

Cooldown between uses is now longer

Phoenix Flame Swirl

Can now be one More Canceled

Decreased startup time

Can be canceled into various skills

Air versions can no longer land before the attack comes out

Adjusted recovery time, Grounded A and B versions are shorter, but all other versions are longer

Agidyne (All Versions)

Added Fatal Recovery state

SB Maragidyne

Changed the flame appearance patterns

Certain Persona Attacks

Persona is now invincible when appearing until active frames (All C Attacks, All versions of Agi, All versions of Maragi, All versions of Flame Dance)


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