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[Xrd] Axl Low - Video Critique Thread, Watch the chains fly

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This is the Axl Low Video Critique Thread. This thread is made for the purpose of getting better. Feel free to post your game play video's to have them critiqued.

Tips on posting.

Post Footage of more than one match. This I feel will give people the opportunity to see your habits.

Post footage with inputs showing. This will allow people to see where you are struggling.

Those critiquing people's game play stay respectful. Calling some one a noob and other such things is not a critique and is not helpful.


Please enjoy this thread. 

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Well I figure I would start off the thread with some gameplay I would really like critiqued.

This is usually what happens most of the day. I go up against a lot of players that just completely destroy me.

I also left the inputs in as I'm on pad and god I hate using a pad to play fighting games.



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Alright, I'm gonna make a loose assortment of notes. Good analysis takes a while, so I'm just gonna do one of those matches for now.


Match 1: I-No


You're not being nearly aggressive enough with your spacing game. She doesn't get to run around in the air like that in this matchup, you need to be calling her out for it. When she throws notes, either tag her for it or run under them, not standing there waiting to block it.


Bad bursts - Never burst if they're not in range of burst. If all they have to do to dodge your burst is to *not* run into it, they probably will succeed.


Against a character like I-No, doing OTG 2ks usually isn't good, since she wants to tech out and seldom is just waiting to reversal. OTG 2H is never good unless it's going to kill them, don't do it.


Backdashing against I-No is usually a bad idea. Your backdash kind of sucks as Axl, plus she can throw it, chase it, or just tag you with a projectile really easily. Stand your ground and wait to either block/AA her approach, or 2K/3P/6H/DP a stroke.


There are matchups where counter is useful, like Faust and Sol. I-No is not one of them. Any situation in which you can counter I-No is a better place for a DP or even a blitz.


You did a lot of not blocking and not throwing out moves around 1:50, were you giving up? 5K is a pretty good AA against I-No, since she has to get in and it puts a hitbox between you and her. Normally your other AAs are better, but she comes in faster and lower than most characters, so 5K is often your man. Consider that I-No is always either going to approach you with either a hover dash, air dash, or stroke. You have amazing AA reads you can kill her with in 5P, 6K, 2S, 5K, DP, and even 6P. There's no reason she should be getting to approach you so often uncontested.


1:55: When you get a knockdown, run in! You're not trying to make space here, you want oki! This I-No feels no pressure from you at all and it shows.


Stuff you should have done about notes by timestamp:


Rensen - 0:16, 1:56

5P - 1:04, 1:30

Run under - 0:41,  0:57, 1:05, 1:07, 1:10, 1:40, 1:43, 2:08, 2:10

IAD over: 1:20, 2:06

Basically, quit being so cautious! You win this matchup really hard, and you need to make I-No think twice about every time she jumps (And since she almost always jumps, you got this!)

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Match 2: Chipp

2:36: Don't jump at the start of the round unless you *know* what's going to happen. Usually your match start meta is:

Safest: Run FD

Fairly safe poke: f.S or microdash 2K or IAD back jS (Not just jump back)

If you're sure they're going to swing: Raeisageki or DP or counter or backdash

If you're sure they're going to jump: 6K or 5P

If you're sure they're going to approach: 5K or 3P

If you're sure they're going to airdash: 2S or DP

2:34: At the frames you have there, your options against alpha blade are DP, Counter, or block. If you really want to get fancy, you might be able to 2K under it. If you had the meter you could also have blitz'd it. Don't throw out 5P unless you know you can tag the startup really cleanly.


2:38: Burst is a bad panic button, don't do it!


2:43: In most matchups, 5P is not a ground poke at all. Throw out 2K or 5K here, maybe fS but I don't think you had enough time. And not to put too fine a point on it, but you can often just DP bullrushes like that pretty easily (Though high level players will bait it out with run FDC)

2:51: If you're getting an AA 5P that close in, that should be a confirm into knockdown. You need knockdown badly. Throwing out an AA against an approach instead of blocking is a risk, so if you're going to take that risk, be ready to capitalize on it.


2:56: Nice instinct to try to hit him out of command grab, but 6P is a weak hitbox to be throwing at it. Just DP if you recognize that situation.


3:05: Quit doing jump back j.S. It's a very weak position to put yourself in and gives them a lot of time to react and hit your chain. If you're doing jS, it should either be to punish them for something or to cover your escape, which should be an IAD back.


3:08: Fucking awesome. That 5H AA read was sick. You can capitalize on it more than you did but well done.


3:09: You got the knockdown and backed off again! Don't do that except *maybe* against potemkin. Even characters with DPs can't do them against safe jumps, and that's better oki than backdashing away.


3:29: You had frames to act and you did jump back slash again! Even staying on the ground and blocking would be a stronger position.


3:44: Stance is bad, don't use it. Ever.


3:51: Excellent gold burst


3:53: If you have full meter and haven't jumped yet, you can totally capitalize on hitting with j.S with an RC. This might have been enough momentum to win the match if you got a knockdown off of it (The confirm you want is RC, Airdash j.HD, c.S-2S-TKB)


3:58: I know I sound like a broken record but, you gave up oki again! I know confirming a counterhit 5H is hard, but you got the knockdown without a confirm, so there's really no reason to backdash there and give up your momentum.


4:00: I really thought that raw 2D into delay was gonna be a frametrap with a DP. If you're going to go rensen, do it as soon as possible. If not, that should be a DP or maybe a counter (Hint: DP is better, and you had the meter to RC it into huge damage and KD)


4:02: If you whiff a 2K and he's not in range to punish it, throw something else out. DP if you think he'll go in fast, f.S or 5K if you think he'll try to approach. Worst case, block low! Don't let whiffing put you in mental stun!


You need to stay on the ground or low in the air if you're playing defensively. Jumping back is giving them a lot of space to move in on you, and you're trying to run away when you should be aggressive a lot. Stand your ground and throw out something to stop them rather than trying to dodge their approach. Also, capitalize! Axl gets to play offense when he gets momentum, just like everyone else. In fact, Axl has some pretty good oki, because he can set up his positioning to keep the opponent in very dangerous spacing traps, all of which go into more knockdown. Trying to run away will not serve you well with this character.

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I'm fairly new so keep that in mind, but I'd like to try to help out anyways.




You're going to want to be pretty careful throwing out moves when she's got notes on screen as you will usually be the on getting hit unless both your move and your body will avoid the note.  I also think that trying to avoid notes is preferable to blocking them, but I've only played 1-2 I-no's who used them well so idk how doable that actuall is.  If you get cornered and have to block alot try using faultless defense to push her off of you and then try to poke her or jump out if possible.  Also you want to choose your burst oppurtunities very carefully as it's a very important resource (in this match and a few of the others you bursted when the combo looked it was already over, or maybe the other person just read a burst and blocked I can't really tell).



I read somewhere that c.S frequently will beat out a teleport>J.Attack and I've had some success using this my self, although the Chipp's I played weren't very good, usually I could get a CH with it which is probably possible to get a combo off of.  I don't think you want to use sparrowhawk stance in this match as it seems to easy for chipp to just avoid it and get a free punish using teleport or just his naturally fast mobility.  Again it looked like you bursted at a bad time.



You knocked him down a good amount but it never really seemd like you capitalized on it.  Most of the time it looked like you let him reset to neutral before throwing out a move.  You can try using 2H/6H to make him guess/react between high and low, and then sometimes throw in a 63214S (or whatever thunder shadow chain is) or a 2K>S>2D.  If you find yourself getting cornered try to use faultless defense to push him back so his next move will whiff and you can start some offense of your own.You can also try to DP to get yourself some space if you're sure he'll attack, or try using your parry which will give you corner pressure on him if you land it.  After you land the unblockable projectile move you can RC into sparrowhawk and do something like S>K>S>K>S>K and then RC into sparrowhawk again, or do something else.  This may not be the ideal use of meter but I noticed that you weren't really using the meter for much else and this is some decent free damage.  When you landed throw>6K>2S you dropped the JC>air combo part which I used to do all the time until I started super jump cancelling it - makes it a lot easier to do imo.  If he stays grounded don't let him use his advancing moves for free, 2P or 2H will stop most of his ground moves in their tracks (well timed dashses or dandy steps can dodge these however, so you still have to be sort of careful).



Again you got a knockdown alot but never really capitalized on it.  He also got a few free Jump>Airdash>Jump ins from almost fullscreen. You've got to anti-air that with P, 6K, 2S into combo depending on spacing.  If you get knoced down against Ky you're going to have to block low for awhile and try to push him off with faultless defense, and react to 5D/Greed Sever (harder to do online) as they are his only overheads I believe.



Couple of poorly spaced J.S that could have been punished I think, gotta be careful not to miss that when the other guy is in a position to punish you for it.  I think invite hell will hit you if you try to 2P through it so be careful of that (I don't think you did this, just something I personally have done before).  Maybe try playing semi-aggressively from fullscreen and harass him so he can't invite hell or summon eddie for free.  I've played exactly 1 Zato-1 so I don't really know what to look for in this match.


Overall I think you could be a little more agressive, Axl's got some decent pressure that you could try applying, especially on knockdown.  I have also read that 6P is pretty good, it gatlings into 2H and you can get a combo offf it on counter hit (plus its a standing low which is always nice) so maybe try to use that more as well.  If anything I've mentioned is incorrect feel free to correct me, I'm trying to learn as well.

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Your safest Oki is always going to be falling j.H. It's a safe jump, and you have a lot of options from it. If they block you have a blockstring, if they DP you block it, if they backdash you punish it, and if you hit you get knockdown. If you're too far away, jS will work in a pinch, but make sure it's a safe jump! Stuff like 2H, Raei, or 6H are higher risk if they have a reversal, but worth trying sometimes. 2K is solid as fuck against a lot of characters. I wouldn't suggest always throwing a 6H on top of them, as you get almost nothing for them blocking it, and it's a lot less safe against reversals than safe jumps.

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Match 3: Slayer


I have played this matchup more than any other match in GG in general, and have played a long set with a slayer pretty recently, so this might get a little in-depth and technical, hopefully that's not annoying:

4:23: If you're going to guess a jump, throw out 6K or 2S right away. Slayer has no approach angle from where you can hit him with 5P but not 6K at match start, and if both are going to whiff he's in 2S range. For all these options, don't walk back. It gives him too much time.


4:26: Don't poke unless you have a plan. 2K is easy to confirm into something, even if you're too late and he gets to block, it's better than just backing off.


4:27: Don't mash buttons when you're staggering out, it doesn't help. Try to get low block if you can, but it's better to mash and get hit at neutral than to eat a counterhit.


4:28: Again, don't throw out a poke if you don't have a plan for it hitting. You want a confirm into at least fS or rensen, and at that range DP would have worked too.


4:29: If you're going 2H into 6H, do it right away. If you delay, you're giving them a lot of time to react, and a free anti-air counterhit, which means big damage for a lot of characters, Slayer being one of the more dangerous ones. 2H delay should go into a frame trap or a callout of what they're going to do to punish you, so I'd suggest 2K, 5K, 3P, fS, or DP. If you're not confident, just block.


4:34: Good instincts on finally getting some oki from a knockdown. The safe jS was a strong choice, but you need something to connect from that into 2H: You don't get enough blockstun for that to be safe, as you surely noticed when he stuffed you. Landing 5K or 2K is safe, and I think you were high enough that you could have gone for j6P for the overhead mixup with 2K, or even just j.P for the tick throw. (Not completely sure you weren't too low though.

4:38: What did you try to do there instead of blocking the mappa? Any answer that's not DP or throw is wrong.

4:39: 6P is not a good poke for getting out of slayer pressure. You can roll a fS for approximately the same frames, and that would have tagged the P-dandy he threw out to bait you. Consider that your go-to poke in this matchup.


4:40: Under pressure (Dandy-->S followup) is always a frame trap, it's in the name! Don't swing at it with anything not invincible (or throw), and even invincible stuff is likely to get baited here.


4:42: Good breakout, but you've got to recognize the situation: Jumping can get you out of the corner if you airdash, but you're at frame advantage here (Counterhit fS means they're going to have to stagger out, and anything fast enough to trade with it is usually going to be less stun), so you should be standing your ground and getting slayer into your pressure. Jumping forward into jS is not a strong option at that distance anyway.


4:46: VERY good chicken block. I respect the shit out of that choice.


4:49: Gotta assume that 5P is a missed input, since you're in an oki situation there. Work on capitalizing on your knockdowns, it seems to be your biggest weakness (Though I suspect you wanted 3P? That's definitely a solid choice in that situation, though you're too close to bait the super without a YRC)


4:50: 2P isn't a poke you want to throw out at that close range almost ever. He jumps over it, but even if he hadn't, he could have beaten it with a lot of other things, and it puts you in a lot of recovery for not a lot of reward. 5K or fS if you wanted to swing there, but the correct guess was obviously 2S (I don't expect you to be psychic though, so just work on choosing more solid options.)


4:52: I'm not sure you could have gotten this throw, because slayer has a bigger throw range than Axl and I think he spaced it right. Try to recognize that situation against him and also Zato.


4:59: 2S is a HUGE guess at match start, so if you're going to throw it out, don't delay it even at all. In this case you turned out to be wrong, but if he had jumped forward and done jH (Which is what you're trying to beat with 2S if you throw it out), he would have still beaten you because you did it too slowly.


5:02: A better burst than you've been doing, but probably not worth it. That jS isn't getting him anything off that little meter, and all you got off of it was stance setup, but I guess that worked out in this case (Still not worth a burst). Remember, bursts are a precious resource that can save your ass or give you full meter.


5:09: Excellent job getting some oki. I like your choices through this whole section, and you're actually picking up on one of the few places where Rashousen is a good move.


5:15: Backdash on oki again! Being fullscreen away is a good position against slayer, but oki->pressure is a better position.


5:16: Rashousen is *usually* a bad option. Use 2K if you want to low profile things. I would have actually tried a 3P or 5H there, but that might have lost. 2K would have won.


5:20: lol, good thing this slayer doesn't know his combos.


5:22: Very strong blocking, I'd work some IB in there against the special moves, but you kept him at bay very well.


5:27: Good instincts with your pokes, but try not to OTG him. The sweep is a knockdown, and you want knockdown (I realize that was probably supposed to be an earlier rensen, but then again, rensen doesn't knock down anymore, so I'm not completely convinced that's always good to get)


5:29: Very good mixup, but no capitalization! Just throw out the close slash afterward no matter what when you're going for 2K. If he makes it whiff, you don't get anything, and if he blocks it he's in a blockstring. Gotta work on your confirms, man.


5:33: The counter was a sick read! And then you had knockdown in the corner! Why did you jump back?


5:36: If you're going to try to swing at mappa that late, it should be DP or nothing.


5:39: Okay, you're just missing inputs when you're getting OTG rensen I gotta assume. Grind that out if you're missing it so consistently, or better yet just take the sweep. It's knockdown and rensen isn't.


5:42: Portland punish! You took a throw when you could have had anything you wanted. A combo into DP RC there would have been the round. Also, grind out 2S-TKB, it's your main source of knockdown and you're missing it a ton.


5:50: Very good poking, I'm glad you're not letting those dashes bully you. 2K will beat slashes pretty consistently, so it's a solid choice.


5:52: Way too late a jump to be a safe jump, and did you try to throw out jS? Bad. This is oki again, you need to get better at it. Run up 2K would have lost to the super (And I get tagged by it a lot), but an earlier jump that you could make safe wouldn't have (Tag him with jK or jH though, not jS at that range). 3P is a pretty valid bait from that distance too, if you're not confident in your safe jump timing yet. Slayer is a character that can and will reversal you, either with super or BDCing, so be aware that you'll want to make your oki very safe.

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Match 4: Ky (Fuck Ky)


This matchup is pretty hard for Axl. It requires a lot of patience and you might need my secret tech for it to be doable against a good Ky. Still, let's look at some specifics:

6:18: Capitalize! You guessed 5P, and if it was gonna whiff you already dropped the soap, so don't wait until you see it hit to go for a meterless confirm. The confirm you want here is 5P-6K-TKB for the instant knockdown. I think you can get 5P-6K-2S-TKB, but Ky is iffy for that confirm at certain ranges.


6:19: Don't throw out 5P if it's not gonna hit. You can beat stun edge with rensen, jump over it, or 2K under it, or block it. 5P might tag ky out of the startup, but not that late and not that far away.


6:21: Jump is almost never the right answer against someone rushing in, and this is particularly true against Ky. His 2H and jK are both options he can do to punish you for jumping basically on reaction. Stand your ground and stop his approach, or block.


6:24: That stun dipper was a free punish for you, but at least you got the knockdown from counter.


6:27: Backdash! On oki! Stop!


6:28: 2P is a very situational move that's very beatable and very slow. It's not your go-to poke. Either throw something solid on top of him or guess the jump, but don't throw out 2P at that range.


6:30: Once he jumps your 2K, you should be looking for overheads. Might have been a good place to throw a DP once you saw the airdash.


6:32: You can punish stun dipper, don't stop blocking!


6:33: What are you swinging with on wakeup here? The inputs don't look like DP, but maybe it's just misexecuted? Either way it's not bad to block on wakeup, or at least try to throw.


6:37: Not a bad situation-burst. Getting better. But then you jumped against Ky again! Stop jumping so much.


6:38: Be holding back when you land, you could have blocked that.


6:49: Again, if you're going to throw a poke, be ready for it to hit.


6:52: OTG 2H, don't do it! A jS that gets him in the air so low to the ground is always going to knock down, just oki him. And remember, jS into 2H isn't even a string if he blocks it, so there's no point in doing that.

6:56: Huge drop. Again, have a plan when you throw out a poke. Assume it's going to hit. The confirm you want here is c.S-2S-TKB

7:04: You got crossed up, right? If you wanted an AA, you wanted 2S, but if that was an attempted K (While holding back) then fair enough, that's pretty reasonable.


7:10: You hit him then give him a full 2 seconds to set up any positioning he wants here. You're at advantage when you get a hit, don't let him breathe afterward.


7:11: If you're going to try to AA him, you either need to be throwing it out way earlier or just going for a DP. 6P might have worked there too, but not against Ky's other air normals.


7:13: If you tag him with something low-stun like 5P, your next move should be about either keeping the pressure on or stopping his next approach. 2P does neither. Like I said, it's not your go-to poke.


7:16: Try to work on IBing the second hit of stun dipper, and go for 5K as your punish until you're sure you'll hit with something else.


7:19: 2S is an anti-air, and he was too busy being in split ciel recovery to jump at you. f.S here to try to force him to block instead (I don't think you could have hit with 5K, but either might have even been a punish, since he didn't hit you with the split ciel)


7:20: If you want to contest fireballs with jS, you want to airdash.


7:22: Stop jumping when he runs in! Stay on the ground.


7:23: If they're in the air and you're in the air, your main pokes are jK and j6P. jS is janky and takes forever to recover.


7:26: Say it with me: 2P is not your poke. 


7:34: God I wish stance weren't so bad. Like, it should be a projectile at the very least. Oh well. That knockdown that traded with the fireball was a good chance to get in and start pressuring him. Don't just throw out normals from fullscreen where they won't hit.

7:37: The jK was an excellent choice, but I don't understand 2H after it. He's gonna be in the air, whether he's teching or not.


7:38: Don't stop blocking until you know he's out of moves to cancel into. You could have DP'd there, but nothing else was a valid choice.

7:41: Good DP. Never let him get away with such an obvious meaty (A throw might have worked too). The oki capitalization was a little hesitant, but you got the job done with an EXCELLENT safe jump into confirm into another knockdown. Next step is getting real oki off that second knockdown.


7:45: This worked out, but it was still the wrong move. Jumping up could have gone very badly for you, and staying on the ground could have been a much better confirm. And again, if you must air-to-air (Which you're going to lose against Ky, consistently), use jK, it's a much better poke. Still, you got your bomber into knockdown, so kudos on that, but you probably gave up good oki by going for the OTG 2H.


7:49: Even if it was going to connect, going into bomber is almost never a good blockstring. Landing would have been way better. Maybe you were trying to bait dead angle or something? Oh well, you didn't get punished, but you did put yourself at frame disadvantage in the corner...


7:51: I don't understand these inputs. Are you trying to RC from block? Either way, probably should just keep blocking instead. Or DP the greed sever if you called it out.


Uh... the match just gets silly after that point. I don't think I need to tell you that X.x

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Match 5: Zato-1


Okay so unlike your other opponents, this guy seems to somewhat know what he's doing, so you made less wrong choices in the match... because those wrong choices got you killed way faster.


8:21: Seriously quit doing that. Jump back jS is not your jam. fS is a really solid opener in this matchup.


8:23: You love jump back jS. Why? What are you getting from it? The Axl bomber might have been a solid way out if you had the meter to YRC it, but you didn't, so you wanted to land.


8:28: fS was a good poke, but it's gonna push him out of DP range for sure. Either rensen or just capitalize on the frame advantage from hitting.


8:30: Very solid 2P. That's exactly the kind of situation you want to use it in. But again, what you get out of it is NOT jump.


8:44: If you're going to tech, you're either looking for an airdash out or a falling poke, probably jK. You can also delay your tech to go through his next hit. Don't tech just to tech.

8:49: Just don't use counter in this matchup. He can fuck with you too many ways and he doesn't have stuff that DP isn't better against (Though DP is pretty bad too, since you can't RC it if it hits little mans)

8:59: Solid blocking but the 3Ps are iffy. That's not where he's going after that drill, so either try to hit him (5P), or cover somewhere he can approach (5P, fS, or 2S) It's not wrong to keep blocking though, and 3P was a reasonable thing to throw out since he couldn't really punish it.


9:06: You're swinging at frame disadvantage. Don't do that!


9:10: A little janky timing for a burst, but it worked... and then you didn't capitalize once you hit him with it. Recognize when you're at advantage and stop backing off.


9:14: Solid guess with the 2K, you just got outplayed, that happens.


9:16: That tech into jS is going to get you in trouble one day. He could have had littlemans uppercut you!


9:26: Woah, did you block that unblockable or did he just fuck up? Either way good job.


9:29: Very solid confirm into knockdown. I don't agree with OTG 6H though, just fucks up your entire oki.


9:32: You made him block 5K and then backed off! You can't afford that in this matchup. Either you stay on top of him or he stays on top of you. You do not want distance in this matchup, you want to be at frame advantage on top of Zato


9:35: The jS to punish the drill was nice, but you could have airdashed to make it more of a momentum grab, or even RC'd it after hitting to get some damage and even more momentum. Don't let your good reads go to waste.


9:36: Don't jump to anti-air, and don't use jS for air to air! You wanted 2S, but jK would have been a better choice once you had jumped. Airthrow would be good too.


9:45: 6K isn't a good guess at that range. He doesn't want to jump, he wants to summon on you. A good Zato's not gonna jump at that range when he's at frame disadvantage and has a drill set up already.

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To be honest I feel your problems aren't really Axl specific. Most of the time you don't go on offense when you could, and when you get a hit, most often you don't capitalize. 

You should watch good Axl players' matches on youtube (I recommend Japanese players), and analyze those second by second. Not just the combos, but everything. Especially, when they get on the offensive and how. How they get their hits.. That's how I got better.

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Sking you have a have pretty good idea what to do most of the time. You seemed a little a lost against May at first, then improved in the later matches, and well, you beat that Faust pretty handily. Work a little on your combos. 

I think you got used to anti-airing people from half a screen away with 2S/6K but you don't really anti-air when they are on top of you, in the deadzone of 2S. Don't let them just keep jumping on you for free, use 6P or even close S into some aircombo.

Also, I think you should use 5K a bit more to start ground strings, especially when punishing things. For example, when you blocked May's wake-up super, you tried to punish with far S. That only works when you do it almost frame perfect, (May -13 after that, far S start-up is 11). You could have done 5K, which has only 6 frame of startup, into a combo.

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Thanks man it's just the +R habits which I'm working on them.. when you see me do nothing its my brain loading the 6K but my hands doing nothing LOL... that was my first match vs MAY which I got barely no idea what to do but stick to play the +R MAY...thanks again for your inputs ;)

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Yeah, 3P is 11. No worries, just make sure you know your frame data before you say numbers. Anyway, I looked at sking's vid and he's looking pretty good. I have general advice, but I'll do a timestamp-by-timestamp later:

1. You're giving faust too much space. This isn't a matchup where you want him out, you want him in.
2. Don't jump so much.
3. Don't use stance. Even in the combo you got it in, confirm into TKB is about the same damage and knockdown, but puts you closer for oki

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Thanks DW, That video was from my friend secretly recording a few matches.... that was before I got the game and started working my Axl

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I guess it's time for my own critique platform. I haven't been playing Xrd for days straight, so feeling rusty is all too common. Nevertheless, you don't have to go point-by-point in my matches unless you really want to, just bear in mind that:


1. Chipps and Millias are my worst enemies. Hell, even Slayers and Mays to some extent, but I can learn more about how to deal with them.

2. I just can't into the habit of using my counters unless I'm in the mood.

3. That said, I AM trying to get into the habit of using 2K as my supposed anti-air.







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@Tsuki Garyuu

First I want to say it's great seeing more Axl's :D. Now I'm no expert by any means but I've been leveling up a lot and here are the things I noticed in your videos. 

Video 1.

2H is not a match starter. Never use it as a Match start. Your match start moves are 3P,5H,6H(If you know they are going to dash back), Micro Dash 5K

Use your Meter. In this video's you never use meter. This is a great resource to extend combo's, YRC mistakes, FD, and Blitz Shield.

Only use 6K and 2S as AA not pokes when they are on the ground.

Stance: Never use stance in a match unless it's a combo ender

Tone down your use of j.S

Never give back off when you get the knock down. Run into 3P or fS range

If your not going to RC combo off Rensen 8 in the corner then use Rensen 2.

Mix up your combo ender's with Thunder Shadow and command grab more.


Video 2

Better use of Meter. However you need to use more of it. Practice RC combo's and YRC'ing mistakes

Oki pressure is better, Keep practicing frame traps 

Mixup your combo enders. Your still relying to much on Rensen 8 and it's very predictable. Mix it up.

Use Command Grab. Your grab does have it's uses and its good to remind your enemy that you have it.

Use Dead Angle, Blitz Shield and FD when your getting stuck in the corner.


Video 3

Due to the gameplay being similar to Video 2 see video 2 notes for Video 3.


Here's a heads up on your use of Stance. In every match where you used it. The other player could have countered it and either won the round or at the very least had a huge chance to turn it around. Never ever use Stance raw.


Make sure to use your meter more. You never want to end a round with 100% meter.

Practice those combo's, spacing, and frame traps.

The most important thing is to have fun. I hope these notes help you out :D

I'm sure some one way better than me will go threw the MU's in your vid.

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2H is not a match starter. Never use it as a Match start. Your match start moves are 3P,5H,6H(If you know they are going to dash back), Micro Dash 5K


I gamble a bit at the start of a match. I WOULD use a far-5S, but then I have to consider everything else the opponent might do. I stopped using 2H though and use 6K as an alternative if he jumps. I don't have good input precision so micro-dashes are out of the question, especially online.


Only use 6K and 2S as AA not pokes when they are on the ground.


This is the "tagging" and "catching" strategy I was referring to. I'm not using these moves to poke my opponent while he/she's on the ground, but to punish jumping. Hell, even air recovery, as you've also seen. It's gamble, but sometimes a hesitant opponent will stay guarded while I recover.


Tone down your use of j.S


It's either that or a j.K. I can't help but want to keep some distance away from me all the time.


Never give back off when you get the knock down. Run into 3P or fS range


Working on that.


Mixup your combo enders. Your still relying to much on Rensen 8 and it's very predictable. Mix it up.


Well, yeah. I only use Rensen 2 when the opponent's on the corner, obviously. Otherwise, it's either a Resen 5 or an RRC to continue the pressure.


Use Dead Angle, Blitz Shield and FD when your getting stuck in the corner.


I'm almost always using FD. I'm trying to get into the habit of using Dead Angle.


Here's a heads up on your use of Stance. In every match where you used it. The other player could have countered it and either won the round or at the very least had a huge chance to turn it around. Never ever use Stance raw.


I would like to use SS as a combo ender, but then I'll have to use meter too much on RRC's to do that and I don't say I like that. Plus, if it's only use is a combo ender, this skill needs a tweak fast, cuz it's f***ing pointless.


Make sure to use your meter more. You never want to end a round with 100% meter.




The most important thing is to have fun. I hope these notes help you out :D


I'm sure some of it will, but don't expect me to be in EVO anytime soon. lol Thanks.

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You hit the nail on the head with Stance. It is a completely worthless move, unless you RC into it after a combo. Here is why it is worthless.

1. Every projectile will hit you out of it.

2. Every input you use to make it go into "x" position can be countered by the same input. Example if you hit low and he/she uses 2K it will knock you out of it.


Until they make this move stronger I highly advice you to never use it unless it for a combo. I've seen a lot of Axl players lose a round they were winning because they got knocked down and full combo'd to death as a punish. 

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Like I said, the fact that it also has a hurtbox is contradictory to its full potential. Normals, I'd probably understand why a hurtbox is needed, but this is supposed to be a new and powerful skill, the epitome of dangerous Axl is as a long-mid ranged fighter. And it can be countered with a 2K. Oops.

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Hello people, I need a little help with the Ky on this set of videos. We have a 2vs2 yesterday and it was fun as hell, but ultimately my team lost 20 - 11. Zato was a problem yesterday too, but I think I knoew where I screwed with him (anyways, tips against him are welcome).

I'm alternating between Axl and I-No, and my friend is playing Sol.


Any tips are welcome. Sometimes I feel like playing Axl is an uphill battle, but I really want to learn and get better.


Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C46OO8iLSHE

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBigZf5piZE

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Well I think my game its up a bit since last time... but I need some guidance on what I'm doing wrong a need to improve....


Btw: my TKB was off that day :(









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