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[FB] The EVO 2015 EXVSFB Side Tournament Thread (Note to Pad Players)

Pad Configuration  

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  1. 1. If you play on Pad, do you use a default configuration or do you require custom remapping?

    • Yes, I use the default configuration
    • No, I use my own custom layout

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It's very early, and everything is still quite up in the air, but might as well get this thread up for inevitable discussion / preparations etc.


As with every year, we will be running an EXVSFB tournament at Evolution 2015! Evo is the largest international fighting game tournament, and takes place in Las Vegas July 17 - July 19. More information / registration etc can be found @ http://evo.shoryuken.com/ Here is some initial information for those interested:


1) Pads are ALLOWED. We're considering trying to supply several sticks that have been rewired to work with the default Pad layout, however many pad players use their own custom bindings, meaning we'd still need to exit the lobby and rebind regardless. Please vote on the poll so we can see how many actually use a default layout.

2) Depending on number of entrants, we will run pools on Day 1.

3) We will be requiring you to specify whether you play pad or not when signing up / pre-registering, so that we can better plan the schedule.

4) We will be trying to run a full 8 setup again, like last year.

5) We are considering an alternative format for the tournament entirely, but it's very up in the air.



Entry: $10 per team Format: Double Elimination, Matches are 2/3. Winners, Losers, and Finals 3/5

Pot Split: 70/20/10 (per team)

Seeding: Yes.

Map: Side 7 lock

DLC: All free DLC unlocked, paid DLC suits playable on request in advance. (Norn will most likely be available w/o request)

Suit / Burst lock: On win only

Time Out: In the case of a time-out, a rematch occurs.

You are responsible for your own controller malfunctions mid-match (accidental home press, disconnected controller)



Day 1 - Casuals, Large Team Tournament (Red vs White), Possibly POOLS

8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals

3:00 PM - Red vs White start

11:00 PM - Shut Down


Day 2 - 2 on 2 Tournament

8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals

2:00 PM - Tournament Start

8:00 PM - End


Day 3 - Last year (2014) casuals were allowed on the third day, and assuming a similar setup, Day 3 will be all day casuals. However, the venue this year is the same as Evo 2013, where casuals were NOT open on Day 3, so Day 3 is still very much up in the air.

8:00 AM - Setup and Casuals

TBD - End

Preregistration and Equipment lists will be available soon.

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I kinda....refuse to vote while the options are yes no but I don't need a custom pad config.


I want to assume Yes is for "Yes I'm going to need a custom config" but I'm still not voting yet.


Default pad layout is a joke.

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I might be there, and I don't need a custom button config for my pad...Then again, I might be playing stick by then.

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