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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Akihiko

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Akihiko
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
Yeah this one's a bit awkward. Just discuss?
Have fun!

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5-5, out-protein your fellow protein brother.


In all seriousness, respect Akihiko's pressure, don't just dp because EX hook damage is real. Dont just roll out either. I've found a good way to deal with akihikos is to instant block their rekkas, then as soon as they stop doing A hooks and sonics and change it up to whatever else, 2AAA will often either break their pressure, or if they use EX hook it'll slow it down enough that you can react to it and DP counter it.


Be wary of jC's since it seems to be a favorite for most online Akihiko's, block it, punish it with ex rush since its mad unsafe. Stay mobile, but remember to always keep an eye on the enemy so as to not jump face first into their jB's or other moves.  

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