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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Yukari

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Yukari
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
List Yukari's tools, and Akihiko's answers and possibilities to them. Also an answer from Yukari's tools to Akihiko's tools. Finally give your opinion on who you think has an advantage (ie. 5-5 no one's favor, or 6-4 Akihiko's favor, or whatever).
Have fun!

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Very hard and annoying matchup for akihiko, everytime yukari places her persona, be careful of her next arrow shot, even if it misses you at first odds are the arrow will fly right back at you, so if you were thinking of doing 5A pressure or something you'll get counter hit, and yukari's damage is no joke.


If you can break her persona do it, but dont take unnecessary risks, and advance slowly.


Remember she will never truly be backed against a wall since she can yosuke-style jump out while still shooting arrows at you. Your best bet is to properly space her in such a way that you can establish pressure, while still being able to react to her get-away jump. Dont just go in, be smart about it. 


If you can, finish her off before awakening, otherwise try to keep 50~ meter for her awakening since she'll definitely do magarula. Odds are that they'll be able to hit you even if you guard roll cancel, but sometimes it'll get you out of that tight spot.


Overall i'd say its 6-4 on yukaris favor, or 5-5 in best conditions because akihiko can REALLY make it hurt for her, but sadly I dont have enough MU experience to give a good grade.


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