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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Ken

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Ken
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
List Ken's tools, and Akihiko's answers and possibilities to them. Also an answer from Ken's tools to Akihiko's tools. Finally give your opinion on who you think has an advantage (ie. 5-5 no one's favor, or 6-4 Akihiko's favor, or whatever).
Have fun!

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The combo roure 5AAAAA > 8A > 4B > 8B works on him.


Don't forget you can special cancel / jump cancel when you hit Koromaru (only moves that are cancelable on block of course)

Use it to mess with Ken's game or approach, but do not forget that Ken can hit you while you're taking care of the dog.


His 2B is pretty slow. Air to ground, you can use J214A or J214 SB to punish his 2B. if you time it right, you get counter hit and can go into 4A > 8A > 4A > 4C > 6A. ground to ground, if he whiffs it, you can counter punish him with A Killrush.


Against his DP, if he has meter and you fear he'll super cancel, you can do that : block > slight delay > Jump air turn > JC > 2AAAAA > 8A > 4B > 8B etc... if you time it right, he'll be hit by the JC the moment he reappears on the screen, or at least close enough so he doesn't have time to super cancel.



Against Thunder Reign


You can DP the A version and SB version of thunder Reign, but not the B version. If you have meter however, you can use Closeoutblow SB (yes I love this move, it works with a lot of super reversals, just abuse it my Aki brothers), then immediatly :



1) DP. Your opponent won't be able to OMC if you do it right, and since Thunder Reign has fatal recovery, you guessed it, you can :

DP counter hit > 2A > 5AAAA > 214C > 8B > 4C > 6C > 8A > 4B > 6C > 4A > F.... Cork in da face.


2) Boomerange SB. No need to tell you how much it will hurt. However be aware of one thing : if you gou into Boomerang SB counter hit > 6C > B+D route, your DP can hit Koromaru instead of Ken. Your combo will drop and you will obvisously be in a bad position.

So if Koro is close by, just use the Boomerang SB > Sonic B route, it deals a little less damage but will work even if the dog is near.


That will work on every version of Thunder Reign, since the Closeout blow add a bit of delay which will allow your DP to work even if your opponent uses the B version.


Also :


- The move has enough recovery so you can B fatal punish if blocked

- Mazyodine beats all versions

- B Version of Cyclone Upper beats all versions.

- Midscreen, you can just roll to prevent him from OMC.



Againts Ultimate Cross


- If blocked, you can 5B counter punish hit.

- You can roll to make it wiff and prevents the OMC even in corner.

- Closeoutblow SB works on every version. You can then special cancel with 4C or 6C and then punsh 5B. Roll is still the best option I think.

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