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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Minazuki

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Minazuki
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
List Minazuki's tools, and Akihiko's answers and possibilities to them. Also an answer from Minazuki's tools to Akihiko's tools. Finally give your opinion on who you think has an advantage (ie. 5-5 no one's favor, or 6-4 Akihiko's favor, or whatever).
Have fun!

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Defense really just ends up becoming an S Hold game for me (as in will I go through with it or do something else). Though I like to think IB> EX Parry is a legit option as well? 3f startup ain't so bad.. Though I never had the mind to actually try it mid-match. Another good option is backdash I guess? Will need to experiment more.
tl;dr I hate this character.

Offense is pretty standard, I'd say. Though we can get away with slightly dumber stuff with him being of the not-5f 5A club.


Neutral, just be wary of hist teleport and 2D/j.2D...duck/parry the knife for lols.... if you really feel like you have his rhythm, parry his 5A when he's trying to space you out. Be smart with Aki's j.C/5C and 5D... Other than that, just catch his mistakes.

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Yes, sadly we can not depend on S holds since they're going to be removed in versus play. Sadly we can't really go in very well because he's legit stronger than Aki.


However, he also will blow himself up sooner or later. See, he only has three main ways to opening you up afaik, which is with the SB move overhead into 2A (which is easy to see and block), his command grab, and his normal grab. Crouch block, wait, be patient. Sooner or later a grab will come up. This is your way out. Learn the pattern that particular Minazuki uses, and once you feel the grab coming, jump out or DP to turn the tables around.


As you mentioned, jC, 5C and 5D are usually bad. You also don't want to jump in on him because 2B is extremely strong., and in general if he's in the air you can't even anti air him. I've found, however, that most minazuki's are so used to their OP 2b that they'll do it fairly "soon" when you're above them. You can manipulate your own air time with assault dives and delayed jC's to force them to cut that out, and once that's done, its your turn in.


I'd say it's 6-4 on minazuki's advantage. Maybe 5-5. It's not too bad since he can die really fast.

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Yeah neutral game against him is really bad. You can use a few 5C if you play against one of those 5A spamming players, but that's still risky. JC usually gets beaten by 2B so there's no really use of the move. Since his moves have a huge hitbox and almost no revovery, most of the time you won't be able to punish him, but at least you can get close to him and pressure him until he makes a mistake.


Teleports can be beaten without much risk if you're not moving, but carefull of the SB version.


When he uses his rekka and ends with the Destructive Fang, he usually goes for 2A or command grab, so after blocking the move, do 1A+C. You will block if he does 2A, or hop cancel then punish if he does his command grab. It's not an universal option of course, you can get hit in your hop cancel if he just delays.

Also, Destructive Fang SB kinda works like a safe jump, so be carefull to not dp when he is starting his rekka moves.


Against his DP :


If you block it and he has meter, just run to go behind him so you don't get it if he super cancel. Also don't forget to bait burst when you 5B fatal counter him since you don't loose your combo when doing it.

Boomerang SB works, however the punish changes based on the timing. It can either clash and you end up behind him and go into 5B punish. If the Boomerang Hook SB hits, you can combo into Sonic B.

On okizime, you can use 5C (charged or not) max range, for example if you're running after him after an A cork. If he tries to DP, it will break your persona but you'll be in a good position to punish him.


Against Wings of Purgatory


D and SB version are fast, while C has more start up. Hold block position, and if the moves doen't come right away, just roll. If you time it right, you can punish with A killrush, unfortunately you won't do much damage without One More Bursting.


If your opponent uses it when you're close enough to roll behind him, just do it and 5D punish him. It's a mistake that only few players do (I guess they want to take advantage of the invul), it also can be usefull if he super cancels a DP and you didn't manage to go behind him.


Against Moon Smasher


When he has acces to this move, DO NOT use Boomerange SB. You'll end up being hit by the second move.

Also, baiting it with Ducking D or SB is risky, since he goes in a différent distance and his second move has more or less startup depending on the version he uses. You can then either 2B him (really risky) or DP (less risky but still).


Best thing to do if you have 25 Meter his to use Closeout Blow SB when you see the super, then instantly cancels into Ducking C and then JC. It will counter punish every version of the move, you just have to adapt your combo based on the distance. You can for exemple go for JC > Killrush A > OMB.

He still can OMC of course, so if he has 100 meter just block.

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