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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Rise

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Rise
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
List Rise's tools, and Akihiko's answers and possibilities to them. Also an answer from Rise's tools to Akihiko's tools. Finally give your opinion on who you think has an advantage (ie. 5-5 no one's favor, or 6-4 Akihiko's favor, or whatever).
Have fun!

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This is an interesting matchup, I think it's a solid 5-5. Rise has some good tools to keep akihiko out, and in particular her dp is pretty annoying for akihiko since it's really fast and it counters almost all of his pressure options. 


Not only that, but Rise's jC is pretty strong against akihiko, and in general once she's in, just like everyone else, its pretty annoying to block all of her shenanigans. She can pretty much lock you down with all of the stuff she throws, which is really annoying.


With that being said, Akihiko has some really strong options against her. In the current version, jb>autocombo>sonic>b hook>b sonic>weave>2C works perfectly against her, which mutes her, and deprives her of her DP, and pretty much anything useful, she has to block or yolo super slap at you which is not the best of options of course...  There's also the fact that her dp is actually kind of easy to avoid and well, with proper reaction you can even 5C/jC fatal it which afaik will straight up murder her (i think from a jC fatal my NORMAL combo deals about 7.5k with 50 meter?) 


If you pay close attention during her pressure, she's also fairly easy to DP out of. For example sooner or later they'll do 22A or 22AB or something - that's a key moment to DP out since its both counter hit (allows you to switch sides) and actually really easy to see. Moreover you have to keep in mind that most of her pressure is a blockstring - that means that whenever something feels "left out" (aka they didnt do ALL of their shenanigan attacks), a grab is coming (easy to get out of with fuzzy, or if you feel ballsy just dp it), and her entire blockstring is mostly lows, her overheads are her jB, jA, and AoA, which dont get me wrong, they can be pretty hard to see (specially if she has tetrakarn, jeez).


All in all, Rise is pretty squishy, so she's actually pretty easy to beat up with the proper momentum and knowing when to go nuts and when not to go nuts. I'd say its 6-4 on akihiko's advantage, but she's REALLY annoying to deal with and with proper spacing you'll end up getting tired and going nuts more often than you should... so I'll say its more of a 5-5 MU (at least for people like me with a short fuse in matches)

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