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[P4AU] Akihiko vs Narukami

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Thread to discuss Akihiko vs Narukami
Please be respectful to everyone's opinions!
List Narukami's tools, and Akihiko's answers and possibilities to them. Also an answer from Narukami's tools to Akihiko's tools. Finally give your opinion on who you think has an advantage (ie. 5-5 no one's favor, or 6-4 Akihiko's favor, or whatever).
Have fun!

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In my opinion this is a pretty even match. Probably 5-5. Reasons are that, although narukami's range and pressure is far stronger than akihiko's, most of akihiko's combos work optimally on him - this means that at a high level match with precise combo making and quick right decisions, akihiko evens the field and he evens it FAST. 


It is massively important to understand that as an akihiko player you have to be as patient as you can get. Dont push buttons. On wake up, block, and be patient. Sooner or later he'll do a backdash from his pressure and thats your time to get out. If he doesn a command grab, DP it. But be patient. If you think about it, he doesn't have that many options, they just seem scary because of how fast, and wide his pressure is.


If he hits your with a random raging lion, do NOT dp. It's a bait. Wait it out. Sometimes even after getting raging lion'd, grab him since they'll often bait for the dp. Use fuzzy guard OS when he's close doing 2/5A pressure and you'll be fine. Well read persona attacks can also be parried to get out of his pressure.


In order to promote matchup discussions, I'm also looking for good and high level players, and requesting FT5s against them. I dont know if the footage will actually be all that good, but hopefully it'll promote discussion in these forums. Hopefully they'll help discuss tools with actual visual samples. With that being said,


FT5 vs narukami

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Damn. Your video illustrates your text box excellently. 

Did all of those matches go to three rounds? Seemed like it.

Both characters can make their opponent hold a mixup using their Zio supers, and that mixup goes into great damage usually-- with Akihiko winning on that side in damage, but Narukami making up the damage differential with range and a higher likelihood of picking up a hit in neutral. 

Akihiko gets better momentum going on knockdowns, though.

It's a great 5-5 between these white haired dudes.

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