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[P4AU2.0] Tohru Adachi Video Thread [Updated: 03/14/15]

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  • 2.0 Adachi matches only!
  • If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that CHARACTER appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it.
  • Listings are going old to new, and with the CHARACTER players name on the left side always.
  • Number of individual matches per vs character will be in (x) next the the Versus chara collapse.
  • Exclamations next to the character ball means new matches have been added as of thread updated time stamp in thread title.
  • Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only.
  • 2.0 Adachi Vids Cataloged: 127



Notable Japanese Players:

  • Damosu [10th Dan | 883 PSR]
    Twitter: @TajimaLoV
  • Pet [10th Dan | 851 PSR]
    Twitter: @Petkng
  • Noze [10th Dan | 804(?) PSR]
    Twitter: @Npittan

Misc Videos. Tutorials, CMV's, etc


[02/16/15] 2.0 Adachi Basic combos [1/2]

[02/22/15] 2.0 Adachi Basic combos [2/2]

[03/13/15] Adachi Tech and Combos by PET

To Update:



Vs. :ballAI:

Vs. :ballAK:

Vs. :ballCHIE:

Vs. :ballEL:

Vs. :ballJU:

Vs. :ballKA2:

Vs. :ballKE:

Vs. :ballLB:

Vs. :ballMG:

Vs. :ballMA:

Vs. :ballPSHO:

Vs. :ballMT:

Vs. :ballNA:

Vs. :ballRI:

Vs. :ballSLB:


Nothing yet.

Vs. :ballSHO:

Vs. :ballTD:

Vs. :ballAD:

Vs. :ballYO:

Vs. :ballYU:

Vs. :ballYUK:

Vs. :ballYK:


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[03/21/2015] Adachi vs Shadow Chie



[03/21/2015] Adachi vs YMST (Shadow Mitsuru)



[03/21/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Mitafu (Aigis)



[03/21/2015] Adachi vs Shadow Yosuke



[03/21/2015] Adachi vs Aigis



[03/21/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Yukari



[03/21/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Yukiko


[03/21/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Shadow Ken


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[03/20/2015] Adachi vs Margaret



[03/20/2015] Adachi vs Aigis



[03/20/2015] Adachi vs Adachi




[03/20/2015] Adachi vs Elizabeth




[03/01/2015] Adachi vs DIE-Chan (Rise)



[03/01/2015] Adachi vs Aigis



[03/01/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Teddie



[03/01/2015] Damosu (Adachi) vs Aigis


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The Aigis Damosu plays is Koichi and the Teddie is Hagiwara.

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6/26/2015 Sasashima Leisureland 
Ako vs Shu-chan (Elizabeth) https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=265
Ako vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=1228
Ako vs Aoi (Sho) https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=1945
Ako vs Aoi (Sho) https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=3969
Sujuran vs Migaki (Yukari) https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=5022
Ako vs Junpei https://youtu.be/wIl2pW8x0Dc?t=6450
6/27/2015 Jikamu Wajiro 
Adachi vs S. Junpei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy_vW3qId-M
Adachi vs S. Mitsuru https://youtu.be/dBPN_m42r1U?t=236
sugar vs Akihiko https://youtu.be/dBPN_m42r1U?t=2034
sugar vs Yamato873 (S. Yukiko) https://youtu.be/dBPN_m42r1U?t=2789
Adachi vs S. Junpei https://youtu.be/dBPN_m42r1U?t=3223
sugar vs S. Junpei https://youtu.be/dBPN_m42r1U?t=3841

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6/26/2015 a-cho
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3
del vs Rise x4 https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=191
del vs tefutefu (Teddie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=820
del vs S. Ken x6 https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=953
del vs Minazuki x2 https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=1918
del vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=2219
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=2347
del vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=2563
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=2676
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3078
del vs Rise https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3236
del vs Narukami https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3428
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3689
del vs CaO (Yosuke) x2 https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=3886
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=4146
del vs CaO (Yosuke) https://youtu.be/1M8-iwohy0E?t=4329
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/xFrhxy3iiPc?t=485
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/xFrhxy3iiPc?t=891
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/xFrhxy3iiPc?t=1307
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/xFrhxy3iiPc?t=1524
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/xFrhxy3iiPc?t=2243

7/15/2015 TRF
Adachi vs Mayuge (Marie) https://youtu.be/eNGmTerTFVA?t=512
Adachi vs Setora (Elizabeth) https://youtu.be/4c5SciuLw60?t=38
Adachi vs Narukami https://youtu.be/4c5SciuLw60?t=320
Adachi vs Minazuki https://youtu.be/4c5SciuLw60?t=704

7/18/2015 Jikamu Wajiro 
Adachi vs Narukami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlQs1Fl4giM
Adachi vs Shiero (S. Mitsuru) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32WeKeGvvBk
Adachi vs Takarin (S. Ken) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcGC-EfSiQk
Adachi vs Shiero (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=675
Adachi vs Shiero (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=1133
Adachi vs Margaret https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=2342
Adachi vs Masakichi (S. Junpei) https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=3594
Adachi vs Shiero (S. Mitsuru) https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=3805
Adachi vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/dvgcvjD1pfw?t=4544

7/10/2015 a-cho
del vs Labrys https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=3
del vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=165
del vs Narukami x5 https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=301
del vs Muffu (Marie) https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=1157
del vs Narukami x7 https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=1299
del vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=3467
del vs Aigis https://youtu.be/Ej_QlHlQvhc?t=3638

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All links have been fixed minus the last two posts Rurouni made. I can't recover those so if you have them it'd be of great help.

I'll work on formatting the first post later. Might even remove the thread and create it from scratch, just not at the moment.


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8/7/2015 a-cho
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) x11 https://youtu.be/DpUPrX5FIBw?t=13
del vs S. Akihiko x6 https://youtu.be/DpUPrX5FIBw?t=1526

8/21/2015 a-cho 
del vs Rori (S. Aigis) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=44
del vs Rori (S. Aigis) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=1167
del vs Rori (S. Aigis) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=1645
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=1854
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=2256
del vs Rori (S .Aigis) x2 https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=2453
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=2884
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=4165
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=5120
del vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/Imbl4zevhgs?t=7685

8/7/2015 a-cho singles
del vs S. Chie https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=1587
del vs Ji (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=1858
del vs Narukami https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=2944
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=3088
del vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/N-MzJen0jAg?t=3196

8/21/2015 a-cho
del vs Ji (S. Chie) x11 https://youtu.be/jrWy6A4ZQ1o?t=10

8/21/2015 a-cho singles
del vs Rise https://youtu.be/D27Ab9DZX6Q?t=382
del vs S. Yukari https://youtu.be/D27Ab9DZX6Q?t=609
del vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/D27Ab9DZX6Q?t=847

9/18/2015 Sasashima Leisureland 
Ako vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=1959
Ako vs ssk (S. Naoto) https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=2167
Ako vs Narukami https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=2464
Ako vs S. Mitsuru https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=2701
Ako vs ssk (S. Naoto) https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=2964
Suzuran vs Kubo (S. Ken) https://youtu.be/TBXOy8OuJHU?t=4047

9/18/2015 a-cho
del vs Hiro (S. Yukiko) x11 https://youtu.be/dVF8sgEmX5c?t=13

9/20/2015 Urban Square 3on3
Adachi vs S. Yosuke https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=2647
Adachi vs Teddie https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=2973
Shinju vs Mitsuru https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=5234
Shinju vs S. Naoto https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=5458
Adachi vs S. Junpei https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=6440
Adachi vs S. Junpei https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=6615
Nekoze vs Mikoto (S. Yukari) https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=7723
Adachi vs Aigis https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=7968
Adachi vs S. Mitsuru https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=8188
Adachi vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=12728
iki vs Adachi https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=12859
Adachi vs Elizabeth https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=13025
Adachi vs S. Aigis https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=15607
Adachi vs Mikoto (S. Yukari) https://youtu.be/df55uddL4fg?t=15870

9/4/2015 a-cho singles
Adachi vs Mokke (S. Yosuke) https://youtu.be/Rgld4b2eCK4?t=12
Adachi vs S. Naoto https://youtu.be/Rgld4b2eCK4?t=597
del vs gurupo (S. Aigis) https://youtu.be/Rgld4b2eCK4?t=1892
del vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/Rgld4b2eCK4?t=2133
del vs Mikoto (S. Yukari) https://youtu.be/Rgld4b2eCK4?t=3549

10/3/2015 Urban Square
Ako vs S. Ken https://youtu.be/SRXwkX15ppw?t=1040
Ako vs Tsujikawa (S. Chie) https://youtu.be/SRXwkX15ppw?t=2117

9/18/2015 a-cho singles
del vs S. Chie x2 https://youtu.be/rdz14UK23Pk?t=354
del vs Hiro (S. Yukiko) x3 https://youtu.be/rdz14UK23Pk?t=607
del vs S. Akihiko https://youtu.be/rdz14UK23Pk?t=3077
del vs Hiro (S. Yukiko) x2 https://youtu.be/rdz14UK23Pk?t=3478

10/2/2015 a-cho singles
Adachi vs Kanji https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=278
Adachi vs S. Rise https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=696
Adachi vs tefutefu (Teddie) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=820
del vs 11 dan Narukami https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=1059
del vs Shiita (Minazuki) https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=1218
del vs 11 dan Narukami https://youtu.be/Tu985d5jtk4?t=1466

10/10/2015 a-cho
Adachi vs futaba (Rise) https://youtu.be/CZFQ4fL3CJQ?t=1
Adachi vs CaO (S. Yosuke) https://youtu.be/zTOq_zTTWds?t=1978

9/27/2015 Game Chariot
Adachi vs Nanashi (Elizabeth) https://youtu.be/CsQnA5rlemg?t=275

9/27/2015 Game Chariot - Tetsu! (S. Chie) vs Nakiri (Adachi) youtube.com/watch?v=A-FJWXJ4ORI

10/16/2015 KaOTV!
Nekoze vs Tahichi (Margaret) https://youtu.be/A9CJrJoLgqk?t=856
Damosu vs Tahichi (Margaret) https://youtu.be/A9CJrJoLgqk?t=3683
Damosu vs Souji (Teddie) https://youtu.be/A9CJrJoLgqk?t=7236

Arc Revo 2015
https://youtu.be/Anxk9Cxnd4Y?t=11 - Nekoze (Adachi) vs. Shikki (Narukami)

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