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[Xrd] Chipp vs Zato-1

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some stuff that traditionally was always important in this matchup (haven't played it in xrd yet):


- since you will be in the air a lot in this matchup, watch out for nobiru (mini-eddies "uppercut") and try to pay close attention to where mini eddie is and if it can reach you

- shuriken and gamma blade are useful to disrupt mini-eddie neutral approaches (however, this is much harder now, now that zato can hide the shadow for a while)

- Chipp 5K used to beat Zato's 2S, not sure if it still works (probably does)

- teleports can help escape the otherwise inescapable wall of death that zato and eddie usually form when they are slowly approaching you

- be super careful when a drill is active right next to you and you are crouch blocking, if you stand up, the drill will suddenly hit you since your hittable box will be slightly enlarged.

- chipp wakes up very slowly when knocked down, which essentially means all of zato's okizeme is even worse on us than it already is to begin with.

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Everything here is correct. Just in addition, you must remember that Nobiru IS Air Unblock-able so you NEED to FD it now. Shuriken and Gamma blade are still useful in this Match-up. avoid throwing out Gamma when Eddie is hidden. Kunai off the wall helps keep Eddie in check as well and if Zato tries jumping at you, the Kunai causes hard knockdown which can help you get things started, however you don't want to be on the wall forever.


Find me helps a ton especially when you move within the patter of when you disappear. moving around in Find Me makes it really hard for Zato to get started. Moving around with double/triple jump and coming down with a j.H makes things harder for him. You want to work around Eddie to make sure Nobiru doesn't hit you but with your movement options in the air, it can help out.


Keep this matchup midscreen and push Zato in the corner, you want to avoid having your back to the corner for too long because it's a really bad spot for Chipp to be in against him. If you're cornered, Zato can keep you there fairly well and check you for trying to escape. So be very careful about how you move around in this matchup and avoid putting yourself in a bad spot.

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