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Top 75 hardest Bosses in fighting games in history(1980-2014) (English version)

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Hello,  I'm new to this forum and I wanted to introduce myself by sharing one of my best youtube video. I'm a French-Canadian Youtuber who does videos in French and in English . Last year, Me and my friends  did a movie about the Top 75 hardest booses in the history of fighting games between 1980-2014 ( I have over 500 games). It's a 4 hour  movie divided in 24 chapters where I (Hardmancanada) will face many enemies. I'm sharing this movie in this forum because this forum talks about fightings games and my friend recommended me to share My video in this community just in case people are interested in seeing this movie.In my videos I make a lot of mustache Jokes.


This is the english version:




This is the French version:


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