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Lambda vs Jin

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- Jin's ice swords are a tool to look out for, they move fast and can hit you out of the animation of your D attacks, though our D's do beat the swords.

- If possible, do not approach Jin air-to-air, he outclasses us with his j.A and j.C. It's best to either anti air him with 6A or snipe him with 2D.

- When zoning mid to fullscreen, watch out for his fullscreen super Touga Hyojin (632146C), it's a quick punish that can restart neutral and put you in a dangerous position.

- Within Jin's 5C range, try to move around the normal and punish the whiff animation. 2B or 3C can be used to challenge it, albeit a risk, but it's there.

Overall, the Jin matchup, much like Ragna, is a matter of keeping him at fullscreen while stopping his attempts at getting in. The main difference is, Jin is a bit tougher. His ice swords cover his approach well, and his pressure is stronger than Ragna's making it harder to escape. This matchup can be quite difficult, if you can't keep him out.

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Notes for Jin:

  • Unlike Nu-13, her 5D can't hit you full screen.  Don't discount her zoning options with her other drives.  Your main issue for this match will be getting in without losing too much life.  With gravity seeds, she can dish out 4k off of certain starters midscreen.
  • As you approach you need to keep yourself blocking as much as possible except during very specific moves like Spike Chaser (the sword wave on the ground), which you can usually superjump > double jump over to get close to her from a far distance.  Keep in mind her drive swords whiff if you are next to her.
  • Be sure to Barrier whenever you approach from the air, she can AA very easily with correct use of her drives.  You have a brief window of safety if she whiffs a drive, but don't be too slow with Barrier.  Be careful of her teleport while in the air.  You don't want to lose track of her position.
  • Mix up your movement with jump cancels and Barrier stops to make your approach less predictable and keep you safer.
  • Exiga Nail can evade most of your attempts to catch her right after she finishes a close-range blockstring.  Seems to only go into a combo off of a CH or with a RC.
  • While her mixup is fairly obvious in most cases, usually you will have a very brief window to react, especially if you are in the middle of blocking all of the swords coming from her Legacy Edge DD .  Her 236A teleport into a throw can be especially frustrating if you aren't good at teching green throws.  Also watch for her 6B overhead and her 4D ranged overhead, which can spawn off-screen if you are in the corner.
  • 236B is a teleport into a low.  236C is a teleport that forms a tall shockwave to attack and is a very damaging move that has FC and sets up a very strong combo.  Don't let it hit you if you can help it.
  • Her AA directly above isn't very strong, but timed well, her 6A will beat a jump in.  Your best and safest jump in tool is probably well-spaced j.B.
  • Lambda's Sickle Storm, unlike Nu's, hits multiple times and travels slower.  Can come from behind you if you are too close to her, but don't get confused with how to block it.  Block relative to Lambda's position.
  • Her Crescent Saber has less horizontal reach than Nu's and is mainly used as a combo ender, but don't discount its use as an overhead.
  • Unlike Nu, Lambda's Gravity Seed can hit you, making you float slowly.  It also has FC.  Usually used either to extend combos or aid in zoning in neutral.
  • Legacy Edge DD fires off a rapid barrage of swords that wallbounce.  Does less damage than Nu's and still has the weakness of whiffing if you are too close to her.  Safest way to block it is Barrier in the air, but failing that, you may have to react to a high/low/throw mixup with her teleports and 4D.
  • Calamity Sword DD is an overhead.  It acts opposite of Nu's out of OD, with the ground version coming out next to her instead of farther out and the air version coming out a bit farther out instead of next to her.  OD version only summons one sword instead of Nu's multiple sword wave, but it tracks your location.
  • In OD, Spike Chaser travels full screen, Sickle Storm summons two saws, Crescent Saber bounds, Exiga Nail has its recovery reduced, and can be cancelled into an attack or dash after the animation, Legacy Edge fires more swords and does more damage, and Calamity Sword does more damage and tracks the opponent.
  • Her defensive options while under pressure are not very strong.  She can backdash or teleport to try and escape after your block string.  I wouldn't expect it very often, but don't discount Exiga Nail either.
  • When comboing her, you may want to use unorthodox enders and resets just to minimize her ability to escape your pressure.  You'll need some experience and good judgement to do this effectively though.
  • Be careful with using ice swords not to get tagged by her drive swords.  You may wish to consider using it toward the end of a non-OD spike chaser, but keep in mind 214D no longer travels full screen in CPEX.
  • Jump cancelable ground normals on block include 5A/2A, 5B, (6A and 6B?), 2C, 2D, 6D, and 4D (in OD).

To sum up, approach carefully and methodically to avoid getting tagged by her drive swords, watch your Barrier gauge but don't skimp out on using it, and don't let go when you get in.  Her health isn't very high and she'll go down quickly if you maintain your momentum.  You'll probably use every mobility option you've got in this matchup.  With skilled players, I would put this matchup at either 6/4 or 5.5/4.5 in Lambda's favor, mostly due to the difficulty of getting in against a skilled Lambda player.  It isn't impossible though and things shift heavily in your favor once you get in.

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