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Lambda vs Tager

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This matchup kicks my ass. At least I have a friend who plays Tager but its like you cannot make mistakes in this matchup or you're dead.

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- Round start 3C (to beat sledge), or instant air backdash to see what the Tager does first, whichever you feel safer doing.

- You don't want to press too many D's in this matchup because of sledge, it can especially be troublesome since we fire two automatically and can't stop the second one. Tager can block the first one, then sledge through the additional hit and score a CH.

- 6C, 3C and 2B are the main tools you should be using to punish any abusive use of sledge.

- If Tager is near fullscreen, 236D can be used to bait him into sledging through it in order to punish it. If the opponent chooses to block it, throw down a gravity well.

- 22D is a good punish tool for baiting any 360's or 720's that you feel coming, yet, 22D can also be called out by Atomic Collider so beware.

- 5D, 6D, 2D and 214D beat spark bolt, none of our air D's beat it though.

- Be wary when using 2D or 6D against Tager while he's in the air, some will OD in order to bait it, then punish the recovery animation when hit they hit the ground. If the opponent has OD, it may be safer to just run under them.

Overall, if played smart and patiently, this is definitely one of our easier matchups.

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