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Lambda vs Hazama

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I played an hour or two of this matchup offline the other night. It still feels basically the same as 1.1, but the new air drive angles are nice to have. If you can prevent Hazama from getting in, he can run out of Ouroboros and feel the struggle to get in. The floor is still lava if he's grounded and has 50 meter, so don't throw out 236236D or something like that if he fulfills those conditions. I'm bad and still like using 236236D to hold people down if I'm just a hit or two from winning though, so I should probably stop that and hold on to the meter for other things.

From my short time with someone that's a really strong player but doesn't really play Blazblue, the matchup is basically still the same but we have a slightly easier time of sniping him now. Yay?

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After some Hazama experience, I have a few things to say:

- 2D is a great tool to use when Hazama is in the air, if he successfully blocks it, you can galting into 6D or 4D to continue locking him down.

- 214D controls a lot of vertical and horizontal space, which can affect how the Hazama throws out their chains. Still, use with caution, you don't want to be caught in the startup of it by a chain.

- As stated above, do watch your D's in this matchup. Whiffing one from almost any range can spell trouble for you, as chains can catch you in a CH. And if the chains don't you catch you, the fullscreen super will.

- Try to remain as mobile as possible in this matchup, for staying in one spot for too long will only allow Hazama to close in on you that much quicker.

- Hazama can change the position of where he appears after he launches a chain, this allows him to bait anti airs and 2D/6D, so make sure you know where he's going to be before you press a button.

Overall, I still feel this is one of Lambda's worst matchups, due to Hazama's superior zoning. Once he gets in, it's not easy to get out without meter, which makes winning neutral essential.

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