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Lambda vs Hakumen

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- Because of the speed and range of Hakumen's 4C, round start backdash or instant air backdash is recommended.

- Due to Hakumen's ability to cut a projectile and turn it into an obstacle, being cautious with how you attack him with Drives is probably the most important part of this matchup.

- As a result of what I said above, 214D will serve almost no use in neutral here, while 236D will be your best friend. If you can lock him down with 236D, you'll be able to either restrict his movement with gravity well and attempt to chip him out with drives and 236D, or go in to bait a drive.

- 2D will be key in order to stop him from approaching with an IAD, but he can also cut 2D in order to shield his next approach.

- Going air to air against Hakumen isn't recommended, due to his range control with j.C. When he attempts this, you can just dash under and have a projectile waiting for him when he hits the ground.

- Pay special attention when Hakumen has 4 stars and above, he could either try to 236236D counter a projectile, or Shippu through it. Beware that now he can counter a projectile and still use the 236236D super without activating its initial super flash. Either way, you don't want to be caught in a Drive animation in either of those two scenarios.

This matchup is one that cannot afford any mistakes when it comes to using D's. Being able to keep Hakumen on the other side of the screen, or at least locked down, is key to winning.

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I would imagine that this is a matchup where being locked into both swords of a drive attack makes us cry. Eat a yukikaze once and then despair over the loss of 5DD. Old 5D and then nor committing to anything was helpful from time to time against Hakumen.

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