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Lambda vs Amane

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Any ideas about how to approach this match up? As a Lambda player I struggle against Amane. These are the biggest problems I can identify:

* His level 3 projectiles beat Lambda's level 2 projectiles.

* His projectiles have pretty much the same range as Lambda's meaning she struggles to out range him.

* He can greatly alter his jump arc which makes catching him with swords difficult.

The biggest issue seems to be his corner pressure. I've played against a decent Amane player a lot,  and even though I can read when he plans to jump cancel to reset pressure, none of Lambda's options work as a counter. Her 6A and 2C anti airs lose based on range, her 2D and 6D lose due her projectiles naturally losing to his, and her 236A teleport starts up too slow to work.  

This leads to what feels like an infinite loop, until I've insta blocked long enough to build 50 heat for a counter assault. Surely if I can read a jump cancel Lambda should have a tool she can use to get out of the corner? I can do it with many characters, without using a DP, but with Lambda I can't find a way out. 


Any help would be appreciated

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A few things:

  • Re: "level 3 projectiles" - Amane's C (long-range scarf) attacks actually aren't projectile-attribute - they're just disjoint hitboxes and have a blindspot when you're closer than the knot in the extended scarf. I don't think they actually nullify or plow through projectiles.
  • Lambda seems to outrange Amane's 5C and 2C by one character width with 5D, though the spacing is pretty tight, She can also tag his j.C from full screen with 6D. 236D can also be used to help you get in if he's planning to play the longer-range game from the ground.
  • If he's the type that prefers to zone you out with C normals, you can 236A or 236B in when you're at the max range of his C attacks and have a read on when he throws them out. By the time they become active, you'll already be within its blind spot. It's not recommended to do this on reaction since you'll be likely be counterhit out.
  • In terms of air options, he can only use his hop once when in the air in addition to the usual double jump or air dash. Be sure not to count a hop starting from the ground as an air one.
  • Can you provide more detail as to how he's resetting pressure? Specifically, is it with his hop (236x/214x) or is it actual jump cancels? Forwards or backwards? High or low hop arc? What attack is he doing out of it to beat your anti-airs? Forward hopping in to reset pressure is actually considered to be a fairly risky move against opponents who know the matchup since it can be disrespected with quick anti-airs, DPs, and supers. At an initial go, I've found that 6A would beat out common attacks out of 3C > 236A, such as j.B and j.D. 

Definitely hit up the training room to get a feel for his ranges and blindspots.

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