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[CP] Jin vs Celica

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Match Start


Full Screen
Long-Mid Range
Point Blank

Offense and Defense

Your Offense vs Her Defense
Her Offense vs Your Defense

Gimmicks and Miscellaneous Info

Misc. Info

Frame Advantage, Disadvantage, and Punishes

Frame Advantage
Frame Disadvantage


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I'll fill out the OP later but there are some things you must know about this character:


Her 6A hits both high and low but it's punishable on block and can't be followed up without meter. The 1st his is an overhead and the 2nd hit is a low. However, if she spaces it correctly she can whiff the 1st part and hit you with the 2nd part, meaning that if you were expecting the OH you'll be hit with the low. 


Her 214B hits high but it's punishable on block with 5B if she used it close enough to you. 


Her 214C is punishable with 5A/5B on IB only.


Her 236C has head invulnerability on the normal version and full-body I-frames on the charged version. You can punish the normal version with a 5C CH if you were a bit close to the ground after you barrier blocked it. You can bait and punish the charged version with the same OS you would use against Jin's 623C. If you don't know it, that OS is 2A~4B; if she uses 236[C], your 2A will whiff through the start-up and you'll recover in time to block and punish it. If she doesn't use it, then your 2A simply gets canceled into 5B, which also helps with catching forward rolls. If your confident in your ability to hit-confirm, then you can simply just do 1A and do whatever you want afterwards. 


Her beam super can be countered with Yukikaze.


Her reversal super can't be punished but you can at least get some Heat for IB'ing. Just make sure to block the other way after you block the first hit in order to IB the other hits since she crosses you up.


Highly doubt this will ever happen but her healling super can be punished with 214D or Ice Wave full screen. 

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Just wanna note that her 6A can be followed up with 2A in the corner and on top of that, if spaced right, will make Jin's 623C along with some other reversals outright miss. It'll lead to a free punish for Celica and has happened to me a few times. (I was using Bullet and her 623B whiffed against Celica's 6A but I saw it make Jin's 623C whiff for a punish during a Chariot set of Kaqn vs Miya.)

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