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Yomi Gaming Presents: Capcom Anime Mondays - May 11, 2015 (Atlanta, GA) Results

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Not enough interest to run Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Guilty Gear Xrd ended up being a round robin in which Ben & NitroNoodles who were both 3-0 ended up playing to take the tournament in a 3/5 set. NitroNoodles won 3-1

1. NitroNoodlez ($70)
2. Ben ($20)
3. Young South HimeCut ($10)
4. Koku
5. Blackstar

Thanks to all that showed up and supported, here's to more endeavors in the future. Apparently there was an interview with the winner of the tournament so that should be up on YouTube pretty soon.

Guaranteed pot of $100 was ensured for Xrd

Challonge bracket

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