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I-No Hitbox Input Tricks / Layout optimization

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So I'm a long time Marvel Hitbox player and have started messing around with I-No.

I'm pretty big on optimization and was wondering if anyone else here used hitbox with Xrd or had any thoughts on changing the button layout to work better with her more complicated inputs.

Just starting out, there's a lot of nice SOCD tricks that seem to mesh well with GG and I-No, specifically her 66956 on hitbox has some interesting input methods.  

For a quick rundown of how hitbox handles hitting opposite directions at the same time (using a PS360+ board, specifically), left + right = neutral and up + down = up.

This means rather than having to manually press the forward button 4 times to get the hover > iad, you can actually do:

6(Press and Hold) 4 (delay to dash height) 8 4.

the game will register this as a 656956.

On the same note, you can get very easy IAD's using a similar input.  Eg. Forward IAD:
[6] 8 4

Along the same lines as thing, I would really like to tweak my layout to cater to I-No's input tricks specifically.  Along the lines of the j.D FD float tricks, are there any other weird inputs that you find yourself using often that don't lend themselves well to the standard layout?

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I spent a decent amount of time on this while I still played on hitbox and personally did not find much success with SOCD tricks.


66956 and IAD are the candidates. There isn't really all that much else to do.


Superjump are very easy if you hold down and tap 7, 8 or 9. Very easy to do after s.dive c.s corner pickup.

For IAD j.k link, I ended up doing a 28 superjump followed up with 66. There's potential here for SOCD tricks if they make it easier for you. This is the timing that worked for me consistently.


I ended up doing 66956 cleanly.

6 6(hold) tap 9 release 6~9 and tap 6.

For my muscle memory, this ended up making more sense than using 4 to dash.

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