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Arc System Works Acquires The Rights To River City Ransom And Double Dragon

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All I want is a Super Dodge Ball game!  That game was fun on the NES.

There was a spiritual sequel in 2009 on Xbox Live Indie Games & WiiWare from Miracle Kidz, a studio made up of ex-Technos devs. It lacks the fighting game flair and amazing graphics of the 1996 Neo-Geo SDB, but the mechanics are far more complex, perhaps absurdly so for a game that still requires a two-button combination for jumps.

Kunio-kun still attracts a nostalgic following in Japan, but I'm not sure if ASW has it in them to do anything more with the series than keep on rehashing the Famicom games with upscaled sprites. We'll probably never see a 3D revival of Kunio along the lines of Sega's Yakuza, for instance.

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