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Solid Faphands

I need some help finding good gliding setups after knockdown

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Since i'm too lazy to actual read through the archives, I decided to see if any fellow Yosuke players could help me out and give me some gliding setups for dealing with those annoying Margaret or Yu players. 

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If you're "too lazy" to read that...



After a knockdown, your options can include:

  • Quick 2 Steps backwards > IAD Glide jA

  • Meaty 2A with a possible tick grab

  • Run up throw.

  • IAD Glide that will cause you to land infront of the opponent that can lead into an empty jump / low / grab

  • The jB Fuzzy, Crossover jB > jAB. If the opponent blocks the jB high and then goes to crouch block, the jAB will hit which leads into yet another knockdown

  • The Bait, aka walk backwards and do nothing. Used to bait wake up DPs

  • Run up 5A or 5B, Good for catching upback

  • IA Backdash Glide > low jD.

  • Jump > Air turn > Backdash low jB, nothing special, just the standard non-glide mixup.

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