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[CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

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Ah sorry. Pardon my flubbing GG names. I'll change it >_>;

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2 hours ago, narga21 said:

Right so since this character is brand new, there's a lot to learn about him. If anyone wants to do some serious lab time with him, things we need to know first are:

. What each specific Magatama  move is

. The differences between each level for each Magatama

. Which moveshould to prioritize unlocking first to optimize the efficiency of play.

. What moves have properties ( high, low, invulnerable, etc. )

I'd do this myself but I'm at work. Ifor he already has a sub forum, I'll move my post over there


I'll see what I can give you.


5A: Standard poke. Angle is kinda like Tsubakis, littler farther reaching it seems

5B: Tail swipe. Good range, doesn't hit terribly high.

5C. An upward facing Kick. Slow as hell

5D: Palm Thrust. Special cancelable, unlocks current move (all his D's do this)

2A: Good range poke, but is NOT a low.

2B: See above, scaled to a B move. Also not a low.

2C: Very high reaching kick with two hits. Upper Body Invuln. Not a low.

2D: One of his only Lows. Goes very far. Special Cancelable.

3C: Insanely Long range two hit sweep. Special Cancelable.

6A: Full Screen instant projectile. Punishable up close, not cancelable it seems.

6B: Two hit thrust palm and punch. Fatal Counters. Comboable off of his 5B on air hit in some situations.

6C: Dropkick Overhead.

6D: Really quick Overhead stomp, long range. Special Cancelable.

j.A: Quick air poke. Okay.

j.B:  Horizontal Air claw. Hits lower than it looks, with decent range.

j.C: Gigantic two hit aerial roundhouse. Very solid.

j.D: Hits in a circle around him, poor range compared to everything else.


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33 minutes ago, Myoro said:

Icons are in order:

1: "Dash" a dashing attack, has three levels, level one is just a hit that knocks down and away, level three does an additional attack that allows for a follow-up

2: "Spikes" Susanoo punches the ground and spikes come up. it's a DP. only has one level.

3: "Splash" it's a kick has more than one level (2 or 3 I don't remember) it's + and guardbreaks when it levels up.

4: "Wheel" he jumps and then does a few hits knocking downward. It bounces allowing for follow-up. only special with an air okay version. Levels up but I don't know what the different levels do or how many times it levels up (2 or 3) I believe it overheads. Seems to be the most reliable combo extender.

5: "Grand Viper" it's literally Grand Viper. attacks low along the ground and then launches. it jump cancels for an air follow-up and it cannot level up.

6: "Spark" he zaps in front of him as long as you hold the input down up to a certain point. it can push opponents out and chip, don't really know how useful this one is. doesn't level up

7: "The Waldstein" a charging command grab that takes the opponent to the wall and does roughly 2K. Can rapid to continue. doesn't level up.

8: "Sword" hits (nearly?) fullscreen along the ground sends opponent bounding toward the wall. does a lot of damage quite fast and wallbounces into a follow-up on CH. Can be followed up near the corner. doesn't level up.

how his drive works: Each time he lands a hit he cycles to the next Icon in numerical. he starts on none of them so if you did 5A>5B>5C(1) you'd be highlighting icon 3. When a drive move hits or is blocked that icon becomes unlocked or it levels up if it's already unlocked and the highlighted icon is set to the beginning state so it is no longer highlighting any icons. it's known that one of his supers adds one level to all icons ether leveling them up or unlocking them, and another super uses all currently unlocked specials in order to deal more damage the more icons you have unlocked/leveled up. It seems like gameplay will revolve around getting the tools you need and balancing that with damage and your current highlighted icon. You have to constantly be aware of which icon you're going to unlock until you have what you need. His icons reset every round.

Nearly forgot:

4D: Roar. Cycles through specials each time its used. If its used on a move that is locked or has levels that are not unlocked, it will unlock them. Otherwise, it will continue cycling.

I'll try to expand on a few things, though it looks like you got most of the points across.

1. At level two, it becomes comboable by linking a 2A or 5A, but only vs Air hit (achievable by comboing off of sweep)

2. Yeah, its just a DP. Amazingly punishable on block or whiff.

3. LVL1 seems to be 0, LVL2 has startup but is, as you say, plus. LVL3 has huge startup, but guardbreaks for a free combo.

4. THe Aerial version drags the opponent to the ground for Oki.

5. Unlike Ground Viper, it low profiles virtually nothing. Its huge and fast, though, so beats alot. It cannot be jump cancelled on block, so you will be punished for it.

6. Not very, at first glance. I thought you mashed it? On air hit it combos into itself 3 times, so maybe a bit of light timer scam. 3rd loop deals 0 damage. Destroys your combos damage at any point.

7. Nothing to add. If it whiffs Susanoo goes into a stumble animation.

8. Amazing move. Unlocking this move also unlocks his Sword Super. Think Michael Blade from +R Justice.


236236D: Sword super, Invuln, full screen. Huge damage. Punishable at close range.

632146D: Auto combo super. Uses every move you have unlocked in the super for more damage. Ends with a beam.

OVERDRIVE ONLY: Charge 2-6D: Only useable in Overdrive, No invuln at all, but unlocks ALL of your specials for 50 meter at base level. Does not level them up to max though.


His overdrive unlocks the aforementioned super, but also allows all of his specials to be used, at max level, for the duration.

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Don't have the game myself just watched some streams, so I don't know if spark can be held or no ^_^;

Isn't it [2]8D for that distortion?

j.D has a cross-up hitbox which is useful I think.

5B+C is a two hit attack that leaves a lot of time to follow up with a special. 4B+C wallbounces midscreen and wallsplats in the corner. haven't seen j.B+C.

I haven't seen CA ether

EA is a close gut punch knocks down close if it's non AF and further away if it is AF.

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Yeah, It is. My mistake. messed up my notations.

His CA is a gigantic forward moving stomp. Very big.

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Just now, JustaMaskedFreak said:

Does his Distortion that uses the Sword needs the Sword Magatama unlocked?


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20 minutes ago, TheEssWord said:

Does anyone know if the Japanese / Hongkong releases of the game have English menu options?

No, they do not.

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Does anyone else feel like Susanoo's placement on the character select screen is really awkward? That aside, he looks very cool and fun to play, kinda regretting I didn't just import.

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11 hours ago, JustaMaskedFreak said:

Hakumen vs Susanoo theme is called God of War


Therefore, we can assume Hakumen vs Susano'o is most likely canon in some way. So then whats the deal? Is there more than one Susano'o unit? I was under the assumption that Terumi took the Susano'o unit back from Hakumen, but making a vs theme between these two kinda botched that theory. More space time shenanigans?

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