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RX-0 Banshee

[FB] GN-011 Gundam Harute: Three's Company

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GN-011 Gundam Harute

Pilots: Allelujah Haptism, Marie Parfacy, and Hallelujah Haptism

HP: 600


Move List


[A] GN Sword Rifle

Standard beam rifle shot with 10 rounds before reload.


[CSa] GN Sword Rifle (condensed beam shot)

After charging the GN Sword Rifle fully, the rifles will glow pink and course with electricity.  Two shots before reload (and they have poor tracking).


GN Sword Rifle melee


[CSb] GN Scissor Bits

Harute fires about 10 scissor bits that home in on the nearest opponent and attack simultaneously.


[AB] GN Cannon

Harute fires two medium-sized blasts from its back.


2/5/8 [AC] 00 Gundam Assist

A quantized 00 Gundam appears, launches at a locked-on opponent, slashes through them with its GN Sword, and then once more in a delayed 2-hit attack.


4/6 [AC] 00 Gundam Assist

00 Raiser in Trans-Am appears and performs a sweeping Trans-Am Raiser, stunning anyone hit for 3 seconds.


[bC] GN Vernier Unit

A boost-dash with a slight delay.  No follow-up attacks.


Extreme Boost: Trans-Am Mode


[ABC] Harute Ranbu-style combo


NOTE: When Harute's health turns yellow (below 250) the Marute Mode will activate.  The player camera will zoom in on Harute's face and two extra sets of eyes will appear and glow red.  A pinkish cursor will appear around the bottom of Hatue's GN Boosters, and Harute's name will change to Harute "MARUTE MODE".


[AB] GN Cannon Spread

Harute will fire a a large beam that is split into three.  One beam goes straight forward while the other two go off diagonally.


Mobile Armor/Flight Mode Move List


[A] GN Sword Rifle

Standard beam rifle shot.


Dash Attack

Harute will perform a quick dash-like attack.


[CSb] GN Scissor Bits

Just like in Gundam mode.


[AB] GN Cannons

Harute fires two large beams, but can only be used once before needing to reload.


[AC] GN Missile Salvo

Harute fires about 10 GN Missiles that will track a locked-on opponent.


[bC] Barrel Roll Attack

Harute will perform a short-range barrel roll attack.



Feel free to add more!

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