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RX-0 Banshee

[FB] MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame - Red Dragon: "Cuz I'm a pro!"

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MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame - Red Dragon

Pilot: Lowe Guele

HP: 650

NOTE: "Caletvwlch" is the Welsh pronunciation of the sword "Excalibur".  "Ddraig" is Welsh for "dragon" and comes from the mythical red dragon "Y Ddraig Goch".

NOTE: "Gerbera" is a genus of the Daisy, named after German botanist Dr. Traugott Gerber.

Move List

[A] "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Gun Mode

Standard beam rifle shot.  6 shots before reload.

[CSa] "Gerbera/Daisy" Straight throw

Just like standard Red Frame.  Stuns opponent for 3 seconds.

"Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Sword Mode melee

[AB] "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Sword Mode (welding torch cross slash)

Red Frame shoots two green beams straight from its flight unit that slash outward.  The slash has a slight delay from start-up.

[AC] "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Sword Mode (Mirage Colloid system activation)

Red Frame activates the Mirage Colloid on its flight pack, which causes the "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" swords to glow.  Similar to NT-D or Trans-Am state, which increases movement speed and supposedly de-cloaks other mobile suits that have Mirage Colloid active (Blitz Gundam and the Gundam Astray Gold Frames) if they are in range.

[AC] Boost Dash

[BC] "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Sword Mode (dash & slash)

Red Frame dashes with "Caletvwlch/Excalibur", leaps and comes down with a large vertical slash.  If the opponent is hit with the slash, Red Frame will pose and activate the Mirage Colloid system.

[ABC] Limiter System Deactivation Attack  (Ranbu-style attack)

Red Frame deactivates the limiter in the "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" flight unit, which results in being destroyed.  However, it is only for the EX Burst attack!

2 [ABC] "Caletvwlch/Excalibur" Gun Mode (Mega Particle Cannon)

Red Frame fires three huge simultaneous beams.

Feel Free to add stuff!

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