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Elphelt vs Millia

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Millia POV


General Impression
This MU feels like its in Elphelt favor. Her buttons far surpass Millia's. I feel that Millia must outplay Elphelt in neutral with her speed and make her whiff something to get pressure and offense going. After that Millia can win easily untill reversal super comes into play. Solid oki choices are the way to go here. Her offense is tremendous and that is a problem for Millia. This MU is 5.5 in Elphelt favor. Its tough but if u can outplay the opponent in neutral, Millia can win fairly easily
LK vs Hotashi 3 matches

Round Start

  1. Crouch Block - defensive round start
  2. Back-dash - defensive round start, creates space
  3. Forward jump jp - offensive round start, challenges jump pull and jump back
  4. Run up 5p - IDK seems risky with no reward
  5. Jump back - Defensive round start, can pin if Elphelt pressed a button (2s)
  6. fs - Beats 2s, beats 5h
  7. Neutral jump pin - beats 2s and 5s
  8. 2d - beats 6h, seems really bad
  1. Iad Pine throw - Defensive round start, gets nade ready and creates space
  2. 2s - offensive start, throws out quick normal with good reward on hit
  3. Jump pull - Defensive round start, no Iad so no space but can air BE
  4. Bridal express - IDK seems like a bad idea
  5. Jump back - Defensive round start but can react quicker cause no nade pull
  6. fs - good poke offensive start 
  7. Back-Dash - Defensive start, can see what millia is doing and react
  8. 6h - really offensive round start, really good if hits or is blocked but bad on whiff, seems like big risk
  • Tends to play more passively due to major damage off any hit
  • 236h seems alright to control space and doesn't look like it can be punished by something
  • 214h may work full screen but she has rifle 
  • Back off if directly above her
  • Run after her if she does Iad back nade pull
  • After her burst you can FAD and throw pin to try to retain momentum. kills nade throw after pull
  • After you burst u can try to go for a SG setup
  • SG kills Nade
  • Jd is a good far air to ground poke but loses to 2s and early 5h. reward might not be good
  • Can setup SG in neutral with Rose activated
  • "Woshige" Tends to stay in the air a lot
  • come down with jp if they whiffed a button
  • Can run under her 5h
  • 2d dash ins
  • whiff punish with fs or 2d
  • can run under low pine throw
  • knock back nade with jp/5p/2p
  • 5p beats guessed iad
  • 6p most jump ins
  • blitz air bridal
  • 5p catches air bridal out of startup
  • 5p ground bridal
  • Air to Air you want to be just outside of her range to whiff punish anything
  • When running at her with her back to corner you could jump to get her to wiff a button and punish her
  • 5d beats her 5h?
  • Iad pin beats h5
  • Used to keep her in the corner
  • Use if it will make her block
  • Fire at her when she has nade to blow her up and try to get block string after it
  • Don't mash when nade is near you
  • Can you up-back after a spaced CS?
  • Don't burst after 2h
  • Can throw Bridal if blocked but if nade is about to blow up then u must block
  • No overhead or Low
  • Can Os her roll through cross-up with the nade by doing back S+H
  • Her throw is throw invulnerable so you must either back-dash it or jump
  • Her roll from frames 1-10 is full invulnerability but after that its only strike from 11-16 so throw this
  • Does lots of chip damage so FD and try to jump out when she is to far to use her -s-
  • SG-h reload is -1, -2 without reload
  • SG-h reload SG-h has 4 frame gap
  • Fuzzy jump out of normal shot - reload - normal shot with 1-7-fd
  • FD p stagger pressure
  • P combo starter is really bad
  • S
  • She can punish 214k-h with 5h
  • She can punish 2369p with sc 2h
  • 5d 6h 236h 5k 2s works
  • 214p 5k jk Iad jk delay jp delay jh 5k jksd Iad jsh works
  • throw 5k jk Iad jk delay jp delay jh 5k jksd Iad jsh works
  • most likely should end combos with jph cause hitbox
  • Iad in corner after 236h to bait reversal super
Face up - 27
Face Down - 27
Considered airborne if hit on frames 17-18

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This is a stressful matchup for both characters. The way I like to put it is that Elphelt has to be on point during neutral whereas Millia has to be on point during her okizeme game. Millia needs to weave in and out of Elphelt's range and get a whiff punish and run the knockdowns to victory. Elphelt has a late wakeup facedown which means cannot fuzzy jump out of a sweep knockdown. In addition, Secret Garden becomes a powerful tool off of most knockdowns and the pin 6H SG ender is reliable.

Concerning grenade pull --> IAD back --> grenade throw --> bridal express, this is easy to handle as Millia due to her ability to adjust space and kick away grenades with her normals or whiff punish by running in/spacing to punish bridal express.

Both characters can low-profile REALLY hard. This is important for Elphelt as this restricts Millia's angles of attack with the pin.

Sniper harass is a non-factor for Millia due to the threat of IAD pin and her speed. Just don't get too predictable.

Personally, the matchup feels like 5.5 - 4.5 for Millia however the matchup is easily 50 - 50 at lower skill levels as the Millia will need to have a greater grasp of fundamentals to make her gameplan work.

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