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Ragna vs. Bullet

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- In the air, Ragna's jC can beat her air D actions and if succesful on hitting her, can lead into either version of Inferno Divider or an air combo if she gets caught

-Don't rush in, her command grabs' startup frames will protect her from Ragna's neutrals, wait it out and go in with Hell's Fang or Blood Scythe or keep your distance using Dead Spike 

-If you're in the air and she's about to use an air D command grab, blocking is safe

-Some bullets tend to use her running command grab out of nowhere to get you, this can be punished with Hell's Fang or Carnage Scissors

-Be careful with what sorts of attacks and actions you take on her wakeup, as I said before, her grabs can protect her from your normals

-This is one of the matchups where Ragna's more distanced normals can win if used at the right time

-Bullet players tend to hit low so crouch blocking may not be a bad idea, however, she can shift between her overhead or another crouching attack so watch for the either and do what you can to not get cornered by her or near her if she's the one attacking, or else you'll be locked into burst safe combos (since they're mostly grabs)

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