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Axl vs Ky

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My main training partner is an Axl, so we've been learning together and bouncing ideas back and forth off each other.  Here's what I've got:

Green chain (Sickle Flash?  Rensen?  Whatever you want to call it) is one of the few moves that efficiently deals with Stun Edge.  Incidentally, it even eats enhanced Stun Edges if timed correctly.  It also blows up ground Ciels even at full screen.  Proceed with caution.  The up followup to it also discourages jump-ins and IAD attempts, so there's that as well.  

Axl 6H blows up Stun Dipper.  Period.  Speaking of crossups, the big one (63214S?) can be thrown or air IB punished, but even if you ground IB it, you get nothing unless they come down mashing and Ky picks up a CH (which does happen).  

Axl grounded normals don't have hitboxes.  Air normals are a different story.  6P is hot here, as is j.D, surprisingly.    

Axl DP is a special case with a special case: Axl not jumping (causing more pushback so you can't get stupid close) + his skinny hitbox = Ky can't consistently get a full punish, even on IB.  Usually a DP punish looks like 5HS > 6K > 236D > (optional f.S or 5HS) > DC Sacred Edge > 6P > 2HS > HSVT > c.S > 236D.  Problem is, even if you IB, DC Sacred Edge uncombos at max mash.  So, I mean, I guess you could go for the full punish and continue it on black beat, but be aware that problems can arise.

Blitz Shield is your friend.  If you enjoy massive damage, so is S Vapor Thrust.

One more thing--at a certain range (think round start), Ky f.S, 5HS, and Greed Sever all grant a massive CH against Axl 2HS.  

Okay, I lied: two more pieces of food for thought: Ky's 3HS can be used to call out certain moves and get CH.  And if you can ever convince Axl to do round start 6P, half of his life can go away if you call it out with 6HS.  Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AGxWiacWLc Actually, there's a lot of good stuff from both sides to learn here.

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