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Adachi vs Marie

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This is a rather strange MU since both of you want to do similar things. As my experience with it is fairly limited all insight is welcome and appreciated.

Some notes before editing the post with more detail. It's pretty basic but again, I've not played the MU that much.

  • Marie's 2B has almost no head invuln, so j.C is really strong in this MU (what a shock) If she does hit you that's a lot of damage so watch out.
  • Don't try to react 2B to her J.C if she's upclose, you're just gonna get counterhit.
  • In a J.C war, she wins (from my experience) and you get persona broken unless you were above her when you did J.C. j.B might be better here.
  • Marie's Card Super deals a lot of damage that you shouldn't underestimate.
  • If Marie does J.C randomly, CH 2B is around 4K damage meterless. You shouldn't get greedy with it because of her J2.D if you're upclose though.
  • Attempts at sending presents from fullscreen can get caught with 2D, or just 5D and run towards her while watching for the presents that came out.
  • If you have 75 meter she shouldn't try to send presents. SB Atom Smasher is stupid.
  • I think SB Smasher punishes her Awakening Super. Not sure about it.
  • If you IB the first hit of her Run Amok move (bag slam) you can DP the second hit. You can't upback from it, you'll get hit.
  • If you block her J.C before it starts moving towards you it's actually minus and you can mash her (?)

She also has good stagger pressure, and her throw leads to good damage in the corner. If you have more insight on it please share!

I'll edit sometime later with punishes and other things. Should have more time next week to do so.


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