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Ky vs. Chipp

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That video makes me kind of mad lol

I played against a friend who doesn't play the game, but is curious about Chipp. I won about 60/3 but he only got anywhere because I wasn't sure how to handle the 'ports.

Other than that, catching him and his triple jump. Not sure what buttons are best in the common situations. 

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I'd been putting this off for a long time. Have a lot of information, but finally got around to fixing it up and distilling it into something usable. Copied and pasted for your enjoyment.


Here’s the quick and dirty version, because there’s a LOT of little things you have to learn about this matchup since Chipp fights on a completely different axis than the rest of the cast (yes, including Millia).  

-It only takes three solid hits to end the match.  However, it’s really easy to overextend yourself to get those hits.  Chipp has the toolset to punish you greatly for it.  

-Stay mobile.  Of course, you’ll never reach the level of Chipp mobility, but if you try to play traditional wall style, you’re a sitting duck.  The way I was told to handle this was to keep moving and fill the space where you just were with something.  Teleport YRC is a frustrating tool to deal with, but with backdashes, airdashes, and YRCs of your own, you can stay away from getting airthrown + oki setup.  

-Followup: if/when you jump, try not to commit to an option until you see Chipp do something, so no big buttons and no needless air dashes.  Once you lock yourself into whatever you do, it becomes extremely easy for Chipp to choose the proper reaction option and start his game immediately.  

-Chipp is very fast, but his mobility can be used against him.  Oftentimes some really wild stuff will come out of Chipp if you make him whiff or just aren’t in the spot he expects you to be when he makes his move.  If you’re ready, hilarity will ensue.

-Burst the upkick in the corner.  Safest place in the world to burst vs Chipp.

-j.HS (the falling 2-hit flippy thing) is tough to deal with.  With time (and lots of getting hit), you’ll be able to generally tell if he’s falling in front of you or going for the really ambiguous crossup.  The next thing to do is IB both hits and then backdash.  Backdash is safest because the “usual” throw attempt that follows IBing a falling attack can actually be baited or beaten by Chipp anyway.  

-f.S and 6P are good options to win the ground war. The thing about f.S, however, is that it can and will fall victim to Chipp 6P, which is a great "just do it button" for them. You can also do the typical Ky things of 2K/2S/2D for footsies and ground pokes and be fine, but be aware...

-...Chipp 2D is just like Millia 2D in that it’s low invul (though with a janky hurtbox that sometimes leads to clashes) and can blow up traditional footsies like 2K/2S/2D.  Treat it as such.  *cough cough Greed Sever cough cough*

-If Chipp gets underneath you for whatever reason (you jump, you get launched, etc), be very careful and fall with FD.  You don’t wanna eat that CH.

-Late neutral tech is best tech.  Prevents tech traps (Chipps eat early techs alive).

-Exception: OTG teching.  You can tech forward and j.S Chipp to catch him off guard and seize momentum.  

-FD is your friend against Rekka chains.  If you can FD the string and get Rekka 1 to whiff, you can Stun Dipper Rekka 2 (btw, if you’re like me and didn’t know he can do Rekka chains even on whiff, now you know).  The other Rekka 1 followup is usually 5S.  

-YRC Stun Edge is always good if you can get Chipp to engage in a ground battle.  

-Chipp 6P is the best.  It just is.  Remember this well.  It even squeezes through CSE if you’re on top of him in the corner starting oki.

-Try a frame trap.  See if Chipp knows 2P is 4f.  If you get mashed out, fuhgeddaboutit.  


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Chipp j.D leads to high damage on CH and has a great hitbox in air to air encounters when he's above Ky (which is common since teleports and triple jumps).

However, it doesn't actually ahve that much blockstun and has 5F landing recovery! Ky can also 6P. So it's not as scary as it seems, but still, gotta respect it imo.

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