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Ky vs. Venom

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Hi everyone, dumping information from my previous thread! Names are put before information that was said


If you knock ky down there are a bunch of safe jump setups you can use, to bait DP and his dp is rather poor to begin with. You are supposed to make the ky player frustrated, not the  other way around. Another way you can approach the matchup is use passive aggresive zoning for okizeme depending on how the ky player's style, like use two ball setups hit the first ball,  then when he throws a fire ball to nullify it, just teleport and punish.


as for stinger aim is should not be used without YRC, especially in a block string because Ky gets in for free, unless you are properly spaced, even then he can pretty much greed sever over it and it will trade or CH you so Carcass raid is recommended instead. Depeding on the where Ky is in the air, you wanna c.S or 6P or 2HS or air throw , force him to double jump in the air to bait your ground action, so you can reposition yourself by backdashing or forward dashing. just my 2 cents...


Just played against local Ky tonight, gonna put my opinions up here. We beat Ky at neutral. Our f.S ever so slightly outpokes his, we can put more projectiles on the screen at once, and QV will absorb normal stun edges if they're thrown out at random. Most of the time, Ky wants to come to us. His pressure game is a little more annoying than I thought tbh, since he has the new lightning gates, and our ways of getting out of pressure kind of blow, but dead angle is your friend, and his pressure isn't really all THAT great.


After f.S I would probably not bother with a stinger unless you hit with it. On block, it's safer to summon a ball. Ky j.H is actually really hard to anti-air, and if he's pretty deep/close to you when hitting you with it, you're probably just better straight up blocking. 2H > carcass is better than 6P at a longer range j.H, and leads into a nice combo.


I'd only try QV stuff against Stun Edge from near full screen though. If he happens to YRC that Stunedge, it your QV may not matter.

Yeah, Ky's DP has gone over low profiles since forever. One of the reasons why it's subpar.


Given 2D > Carcass > c.S > combo is a thing in this game. might be worth going for now (Carcass won't come out on the whiff, and is perfectly fine on block)


Try Again:
If he puts out one of those seals and does a stun edge, it goes through QV and hits you. It will destroy any projectile you do and still hit you. At max range he can do a seal low to the ground and avoid a lot of things with a TK stun edge. I played against Steve H Ky ( Not sure if you guys know him. ) and learned a lot about that matchup. Id say its even or very little in Ky's favor. Ky  can punish ball sets and stinger aims very easily. If you stay out of his Stun dipper range but not max distance..it gives you a lot of freedom and can force ky to make mistakes.


Full screen QVs in anticipation of a projectile are vulnerable to split ciel/j.D stun edge. Though, I don't know why you would do it that way instead of QVing in response to the zoning type.


So maybe I'm the only one that didn't know this, but Stun Dipper goes under Dark Angel completely. I was in a position where I was looking to chip out Steve H, and thought that even if he did Stun Dipper he would stand up into it. So yeah, don't do that.


Blacksnake via SnowMonkeyFunky:
Blacksnake gave Novril a bunch of good advice on this matchup on Twitter. Here's a rough transcript of what he said:


If he sits back, summon in the air to force him to approach. Venom zoning beats Ky, and he should be forced to move on Venom. Venom is looking to convert those risks into his own offense. QV beats SE but loses to ciel SE so there is that. You can out poke. Don't summon or SA in dipper range. Just get away, you have faster pokes. Full screen you can play your game. If he rushes relentlessly use your normals. Dipper RC on your block is a big win for you. 50 meter for Ky pressure is not worth it. CR, 2S, 5K, and jump beat stun dipper.

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