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Ky vs. Johnny

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I'm going to post a few things i've learned from the Ky side, feel free to comment/correct!

I feel like Ky's strengths in neutral play well to Johnny's weaknesses, so like many matchups with Ky, it becomes a game of keep away, of course once he catches Ky he's in for a world of hurt so it's best to avoid those situations.

  • Stun Dipper is useful when being pressured by Johnny if he's not correctly structuring his pressure to account for it, since it low profiles most of his moves that he'll be commonly MC'ing into. It'll also catch him if he dashed in most of the time, a couple times it's been dodged by the feet invul on Johnny's dash but it's rare. Also goes right under a lot of coin tosses. Very useful with 50 meter to save yourself/confirm into a combo as always. If Johnny starts to incorporate 2HS into his pressure it will CH Stun Dipper. He can also just MC something and do nothing of course.
  • Don't mash 2K to interrupt throw attempts since the invul on his dash will avoid it, use 2P or 2D instead.
  • Aiming for CH f.S's can be really rewarding for meterless damage if he's pushing a lot of buttons trying to compete against Ky's.
  • Watch out for attempts to force his way in with Zweihander YRC and block/jump away/6P/airthrow
  • Watch for Zwei YRC from jump ins, either stand away from it or Vapor Thrust if they're close enough to the ground. If he's just going to use his normals from jump ins use 2HS and 6P like normal.
  • If you find it hard to Just block 6K (like I do lol), and he pushes buttons after it a lot, you can try Vapor Thrust after you block it to catch attempts to continue pressure off frame advantage
  • He can low profile Vapor Thrust with 2S or 2K pretty easily on your wakeup so it's usually not a good idea.
  • Ride The Lightning can beat unblockables if he's just going to Coin > 2S for every setup, if he's throwing two or more coins it'll be baited, and if he throws one coin and then stops it'll be baited as well. 

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Update for Rev 2

Johnny is still a top tier and now has an evolved meta as the game progressed and forced all Johnny players to find damage other than Bacchus set up. You are very likely to lose once Johnny corners you because his pressure strings not only have throws and lows but a button that propels him to the air and continue with multiple overheads. Johnny still has an unfavorable hurtbox and movement to Ky in the neutral game and will lose to J.D/well executed stun edges. Johnny's 6k is still one of the best buttons in his arsenal, and it looks as though 6P has been completely abandoned (its simply bad unless the player times it completely accurate). Johnny players now have a million new ways to level up mist finer other than having to score OTG anything, regular bnb or throw. Mist Finer provides a shut down to all ground projectiles and the best Johnny players will turn that into a Win in neutral game so grounded stun edges should be used less unless YRC. Johnny's hurtbox costs him alot in this match up. 

Pretty much Johnny's main goal is to corner Ky ASAP or lose to a controlled neutral, and his health does provide for many chances to do that. Ky does not have to worry about free damage in the corner for eating one corner confirm, and that makes this an even match up. 


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