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Venom vs Potemkin

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Discuss the matchup here. 

Dumped info from the prior thread, person's name shows their contribution.

Matchup is in Venom's favor. However, if you're not careful, you could die quickly!

Watchout for Hammerfall YRC. It lets him approach with the one hit of armor and either Pot Buster or AA you. Venom deals with Hammerfall fairly well between gatlings, ball hits, and YRC.

Use Venom's dash, backdash, and air summon to get around slidehead

Flick is a thing so be sure to change ball speeds, poke him prematurely when you send balls slowly, and be careful when doing Carcass/Stinger pressure

He takes all 3 hits crouching from Venom's c.S. Helpful for pressure, confirms, and combos!


FS > 2S is a useful chain in neutral to keep reckless hamerfalls in check.

(on Slidehead) He draws his arms back slightly and stands up straighter. It's kind of a weird looking move, just a matter of getting familiar with the animation. Obviously the answer is jump to avoid it, but in some ways if you're full screen vs Potemkin I like jumping a lot and setting a ball up high. Then if he slide heads on my way down, summon another ball. If he doesn't, summon one on the ground and repeat.

TK summons and backdash are also quite useful for avoiding Slidehead.

Note that QV cannot absorb the FDB projectile (and you'd probably eat a slidehead for your efforts anyway...)

If Potemkin flicks a projectile, his recovery becomes invincible.

Pot can't flick supers. So no flicking bishop runout or dark angel.

If he's flicking everything despite changing speeds/angles, it may be best to use the ball's existence as a threat and react to Potemkin. Don't forget of course about your poking and anti-air game, although 6P will not touch Megafist and j.D. (watch where Potemkin is relative to you). You can use Blitz or Goldburst to beat these.


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Have majors upcoming this week and i'm still dying like a dog against our local venom which i will meet eventually in the brackets like the past 3 events. I wish fab-sama would 6K through my office door and tell me it will be daijobu.


Btw, I'm being an unproductive piece of shit typing this right now while at work.


Personal reminders for pot vs venom


Scenario 1: venom random gatling into carcass ride

I guess the best solution for this is to flick the ball then 2D. Megafisting is the desperate option because it doesnt guarantee anything on hit unless i magically have 50 tension in this matchup. I guess what I'll be doing later is set venom to do carcass then 6P at different timings. With that, I'll try different ways jumping over the ball then land with a j.H. Either double jumping to avoid 6H or doing whiff j.D, yrc, j.H which fab did once in a vid against sanma.

Scenario 2: best way to oki if you have 25 tension?

I just recently learned to use yrc to confirm the opponent's wakeup option. Since venom doesn't have defensive options other than backdash and blitz, I figure I should just go ham with yrc and raise my chances of getting damage done for every knockdown I score. What I'm figuring out now is what's the best option if you caught sight of a backdash. I guess i should keep a mindset of doing yrc, 5K into whatever and only react with 2C if i spotted a blitz. Though I wonder if there's practicality in trying to pot bust the short recovery of venom's backdash.


will rant more later

Scenario 3: 

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In Neutral:

Venom's neutral is fairly strong. In addition to being suppressive, the constant threat of ball launches stifle movement and lets him set up for free.


Neutral is pretty rough. It's hard to react to when he'll shoot a ball but when he sets up, so instead try to anticipate when he fires off especially if he's in the air. This in itself is difficult because he has free reign to tag you with a normal while hitting a ball preventing you from flicking.

However, one well-timed flick and you'll almost have a free approach as the missile will eat every other ball he launches.


If he still has a ball set after a successful flick, as you approach the ball, be wary of a teleport. Punish it with an air normal or a throw or heavenly pot buster as he teleports away. In other words, if you believe he will teleport, jump towards the set ball in an attempt to punish it.


Fish for slidehead, if timed right, it will go under stinger or at least trade or force him into the air allowed you to slowly approach and make his ball shots easier to anticipate.


A situational yet important tidbit:

You cannot flick Dark Angel or Bishop Runout. You can't hammerfall through Bishop Runout


On Defense:


Forward megafist over his Carcass Raid and his f.S and his stingers. He can change the trajectory on carcass raid to punish your megafist so if your opponent starts doing this, start using megafist more sparingly or attempt to trade with 2D/hammerfall.


Venom oki is very difficult to defend against. His options vary on where his balls are set but almost all of them lead into a jump-in, an empty jump low, a late air dash, or a throw after forcing you to block the ball.


Do not attempt dead angle the ball, instead try to dead angle his normal. A lot of venom oki is dead angle safe during the ball hits.

If he doesn't do a solid jump in, heavenly pot buster is valid. If he is too close during the ball hit, reversal blitz the ball for a proximity reject or if he lands in an attempt to do an empty jump low: throw him.


Fish for a 2D or megafist during prolonged pressure. Trading 2D for a hit is very much worth it as you'll knock him down and at least set the game back to neutral. 


On Offense:

He has no reversal options. Even if he has a ball set, teleport has a long startup and is not throw invulnerable. Instead, look for dead angles and blitz attempts. The only normal venom has that he can mash is 2D to trade for a knockdown.

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