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[CF] Ragna the Bloodedge 101

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The main protagonist of BlazBlue, Ragna the Bloodedge is a basic, easy to learn character with simple but effective bread and butter combos. As an aggressive, rush-down character, Ragna has a distinct lack of fast, long range projectiles or other zoning tools and needs to force his way up close to do any real damage. Because of this, he can often experience difficulty with characters that excel at zoning. He is certainly not without range, however. Utilizing his amazing 5B, 5C and j.C, Ragna has all the tools he needs to catch his opponent out and then immediately close the distance with Hell's Fang.

Once Ragna gets his opponent near the corner, his damage potential increases considerably. For this, Ragna looks upon his major combo parts. Mada owari ja nee zo, a special that picks up a downed foe and slides them across the ground, wall sticking in the corner, and Dead Spike, a ground-traveling projectile with a lot of untechable time on air hit. When it's time to finish things up, Ragna can force the opponent back down with Nightmare Edge, an airborne attack that sends the opponent down to the ground and serves as a combo ender, granting Ragna a positional advantage and allowing him to continue his offense back on the ground.

Ragna's vitality is one of the lowest of the cast at only 10000, but fortunately he also possesses the means to keep his opponents off him. His ranged normals help to shut out opponents attempting to get within closer quarters, and when an opponent is pressuring you, Ragna can lash out with his invincible Inferno Divider.

Even if all else fails and Ragna loses some of what little life he has, this is partly compensated for by his unique Drive ability, Soul Eater, which steals some of the opponent's life force during certain attacks. As such, a tenacious Ragna is awarded for his offense with precious vitality, while a Ragna without momentum is quick to fall at the hands of his opponent.



Numpad Direction Notation
7 - 8 - 9
4 - 5 - 6
1 - 2 - 3

Standard Direction Notation
:ub: - :u: - :uf:
:b: - :n: - :f:
:db: - :d: - :df:

General Notations Used

Whiff When an attack fails to connect.
Hitbox The area in which something can hit or be hit.
Launcher Makes the opponent airborne on hit.
Cross-up Hits as you pass the opponent, forcing them to block in the opposite direction.
Overhead Can only be blocked high.
Mid Can be blocked both high and low.
Low Can only be blocked low.
Proration A percentage-based damage reduction on the next hit.
Frame 1/60th of a second.
???*N Amount of hits is variable.
Move List
  • Please note: Moves listed are based on their Ver.1.30 versions, but changes made in Ver.2.00 will be marked with NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00. Changes to damage or lifesteal will be marked in bold.
  • Damage or lifesteal in parentheses represents damage or lifesteal during Over Drive.

5A or :n::abt: - A standing jab. Run-of-the-mill standing poke. Very fast. Self-cancelable even on whiff. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 300

5B or :n::bbt: - A roundhouse kick. Decent speed and good range. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Staple combo starter.
Damage: 660

5C or :n::cbt: - A forward leaning sword swipe. Very good range. Jump cancelable on hit only. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Combos into Hell's Fang at most ranges and combos into 6C on a crouching opponent or on Counter Hit.
Damage: 900

2A or :d: + :abt: - A crouching jab. Run-of-the-mill-crouching poke. Self-cancelable even on whiff. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 300

2B or :d: + :bbt: - A crouching kick. Hits low. Your go-to low attack. Cannot be regular blocked in the air.
Damage: 550

2C or :d: + :cbt: - A backwards leaning sword swipe. Combos off of 5B, 2B and 5C. Advantage on block. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Can combo into 6C on a crouching opponent or after a Counter Hit.
Damage: 800

6A or :f: + :abt: - An uppercut. Ragna's anti-air normal. Jump cancelable on hit. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Launches the opponent on hit, allowing for air combos. Also combos into 6D.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Starts up faster,
Damage: 700

6B or :f: + :bbt: - Ragna lifts his foot up high, then drops his heel down. A standing overhead. Slow to start-up. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Forces crouching state on hit. Combos into 6A. Knocks down on air hit, allowing for a possible relaunch. Triggers 110% bonus proration once per combo.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Hitstun time has been increased. Now combos into 6D,
Damage: 800

6C or :f: + :cbt: - Ragna performs a low sword stab, and then with a rigid lifting of his arm, a rising sword slash. Special cancelable on block on second hit only. Jump cancelable on second hit only. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Second hit launches the opponent back towards Ragna. Leads into some very strong combos. Combos properly after a Counter Hit or on a crouching opponent.
Damage: 700*2

3C or :df: + :cbt: - Ragna sinks down and sticks his foot out at maximum length. Hits low. Jump cancelable. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Trips the opponent on hit, and knocks down on Counter Hit. Enables immediate use of Mada owari ja nee zo for the remainder of the combo on hit.
Damage: 900

j.A or :j::abt: - A jumping punch. Hits high. Run-of-the-mill jumping poke. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 300

j.B or :j::bbt: - A jumping straight kick. Hits high. Good for hitting quickly after a 5C that hits a high airborne opponent. Useful as a cross-up or an anti-sideways tech option. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 600

j.C or :j::cbt: - A jumping sword swipe. Hits high. Good offensive hitbox for air to ground, but will lose to good anti-airs. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 900

Universal Commands

Forward Throw
5B+C/6B+C or :n::bbt: + :cbt: / :f: + :bbt: + :cbt:
Ragna lifts the opponent above his head and stabs them with his sword. Special cancelable. Can combo into Gauntlet Hades mid-screen and Dead Spike near the corner.
Damage: 0, 1500
Minimum Damage: 100%

Back Throw
4B+C or :b: + :bbt: + :cbt:
Ragna throws the opponent down to the ground, then uppercuts them into the air. Special cancelable. Can combo into Gauntlet Hades mid-screen.
Damage: 0, 1500
Minimum Damage: 100%

Air Throw
j.B+C or :j::bbt: + :cbt:
Ragna grabs the opponent at arm's length and then knees them away. Special cancelable after the knee. Wall bounces.
Damage: 0, 1500
Minimum Damage: 100%

Counter Assault
6A+B or :f: + :abt: + :bbt: while blocking
Whilst in block stun, Ragna retaliates with the same animation as his 5B. Knocks the opponent away. Costs 50% Heat.
Damage: 0

Crush Trigger
5A+B or :n::abt: + :bbt:
Ragna's hand transforms into a claw, which Ragna then slams down in a fast, heavy motion. Causes Guard Crash on block and depletes a chunk of Barrier on Barrier Guard. Bounces slightly on air hit, allowing for a possible relaunch. Costs 25% Heat.
Damage: 1000
Lifesteal: 0 (200)


Drive: Soul Eater
Ragna steals some of the opponent's life on hit and block. All hits with the Soul Eater property steal a specific amount of life each; ignoring damage scaling, and that amount is increased during Over Drive. The amount of life you gain relative to the move's base lifesteal value is greatly altered as the combo continues. The modifier for lifesteal during combos is 100% for the first five hits, then +10% for each hit until 150%. 150% is the cap.

Over Drive: Blood Kain Idea
A+B+C+D or :abt: + :bbt: + :cbt: + :dbt: with a full Over Drive Gauge outside of hitstun
Ragna's Over Drive buffs the damage and lifesteal of all of his D normals and specials, as well as greatly increasing their untechable time, enabling combos and combo extensions not normally possible. Some D normals and specials are also augmented in other ways, such as 5D and 2D becoming dash cancelable, and Dead Spike gaining additional hits. As is typical with most Distortion Drives, Ragna's Distortion Drives are augmented during Over Drive as well, granting them additional hits for greater damage and lifesteal.

Exceed Accel: Seed of Tartarus
A+B+C+D or :abt: + :bbt: + :cbt: + :dbt: during Over Drive
Ragna swings his sword down hard with both hands. If he hits, Ragna then swings the sword forward, sending out a large wave of dark energy towards the opponent. If he hits during Active Flow, he opens the sword up to reveal Blood Scythe before swinging, creating a more devastating wave. Relatively short range. Causes low wall bounce on hit, and grants Active Flow if not already granted that round. If performed during Active Flow, damage is greatly increased. Automatically ends Over Drive on use.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Now has minimum damage on hit. Now punishable on block.
Damage: 600, 2450 (600, 700*4, 2450)
Minimum Damage: 10%

5D or :n::dbt: - Ragna lifts his sword above his head, then slams it back down again. First hit cannot be regular blocked in the air. Second hit knocks down on air hit. Over Drive version bounces. Soul Eater property on second hit only. Unsafe on block. Dash cancelable during Over Drive. Has Fatal Counter property on Counter Hit.
Damage: 500, 600 (500, 660)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)

2D or :d: + :dbt: - Ragna leans in and stabs his sword into the ground. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Knocks down on ground hit. Ground bounces on Counter Hit. Dash cancelable during Over Drive.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Changed to a low.
Damage: 800 (880)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)

6D or :f: + :dbt: - Ragna hops into the air and strikes with his sword over his shoulder. Ragna becomes airborne. Slow to start up. Cannot be regular blocked in the air. Staggers on ground hit. Combos into j.D. Has Fatal Counter property on Counter Hit. Triggers 110% bonus proration once per combo.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Regular version starts up faster, start-up matches the Over Drive version  Dash momentum has been reduced.
Damage: 1000 (1100)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)

j.D or :j::dbt: - Ragna thrusts the edge of his sword upwards. Hits high. Good for following up 6D and as an air combo part. Jump cancelable.
Damage: 740 (814)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)


Hell's Fang
214A or :d::db::b: + :abt:
Ragna dashes at the opponent with a straight punch. Negative on block, punishable on Instant Block. Massive hitstun on Counter Hit, allowing for dashing combo followups. Maximum range combo part.
Damage: 900

-> Tsuika Kougeki (Additional Attack or Follow-up)
214D or :d::db::b: + :dbt: after Hell's Fang
Ragna extends his other arm and strikes the opponent with dark energy. Awful recovery on block. Staple ground combo ender. Wall bounces on hit during Over Drive. Over Drive version is dash cancelable.
Damage: 1000 (1100)
Lifesteal: 200 (300)

Inferno Divider
623C/D or :f::d::df: + :cbt: / :dbt: (air OK)
Ragna launches himself into the air, striking the opponent with his sword. Basic anti-air special. Ground versions cannot be regular blocked in the air. C version has start-up invulnerability. D version launches Ragna higher into the air. Can hit twice. Easy to punish on block.
Damage: 600*2 :cbt:, 600*2 (660*2) :dbt:
Lifesteal: 50*2 (75*2) :dbt:

-> Upper
236C or :d::df::f: + :cbt: after Inferno Divider
Ragna follows up with an uppercut. Larger hitbox than the uppercut would imply.
Damage: 460

--> Yoko Fukitobashi (Straight Punch)
236C or :d::df::f: + :cbt: after Upper
Ragna follows up with a quick straight. Causes horizontal blowback with a gradual drop, wall sticks in the corner.
Damage: 500

--> Kakato Otoshi (Ax Kick)
214D or :d::db::b:+ :dbt: after Upper
Ragna follows up with a quick heel drop. Plummets on hit. Deceptively large hitbox. Staple air combo ender. Over Drive version ground bounces and allows Ragna to attack again on the way down, but he will still have landing recovery when he hits the ground.
Damage: 1400 (1540)
Lifesteal: 50 (75)

Gauntlet Hades

214B or :d::db::b: + :bbt: (air OK)
Ragna hops into the air and delivers a fierce, spinning hook to the opponent. Hits overhead. Ground version staggers on ground hit and bounces on air hit, aerial version forces airborne state on hit.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: Untechable time increased.
Damage: 800 (ground), 700 (aerial)

-> Keri Age (Spin Kick)
214D or :d::db::b: + :dbt: after Gauntlet Hades
Ragna follows up with a spinning kick. Launches the opponent into the air on hit, enabling a follow-up combo. Useful for corner carry. Awful recovery on block and can be crouched under to force a whiff. Over Drive version is jump cancelable.
Damage: 800 (880)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)

Dead Spike
236D or :d::df::f: + :dbt:
Ragna releases dark energy from his sword in the shape of the head of a beast, which then travels forward across the ground. Slow to start-up, but covers a lot of ground and causes a large amount of blockstun and hitstun. Dash cancelable even on whiff. Causes blowback on hit. Especially useful in corner combos. Hits up to three times during Over Drive.
Damage: 900 (900, 300*2)
Lifesteal: (50*3)

Mada owari ja nee zo (Not Over Yet)

22C or :d::d: + :cbt: on downed opponent
Ragna picks his opponent up off the ground and punches them in the gut. Slides on hit and wall sticks if the opponent hits the corner. Dash cancelable. Very useful combo part near the corner, as it can combo into Dead Spike. Dash canceling and then performing a regular dash once you recover enables you to land 5C mid-screen.
Damage: 0, 1110

Blood Scythe
214D or :d::db::b: + :dbt: (air OK)
Ragna's sword turns into a scythe as Ragna leaps into the air and performs a wide circular slash. The slash has a large hitbox and can easily cross the opponent up if performed too close. Ground version is very slow to start-up, but is plus on block, aerial version is faster but has more noticable recovery. Regular versions cause slide on hit, Over Drive versions cause a spinning state with a high ground bounce on hit. Ground version has Fatal Counter property on Counter Hit, causing stagger on a grounded Fatal Counter hit.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: During movement, body, foot and projectile attribute invulnerability have been added. Slide duration increased.
Damage: 1250 (1375) (ground), 1000 (1100) (aerial)
Lifesteal: 100 (150)

Nightmare Edge
j.214C or :j::d::db::b: + :cbt:
Ragna dives straight down to the ground, pulling a now blood-edged sword alongside him. Sends the opponent down to the ground on air hit, causing hard knockdown. Combos off j.C and j.D. Staple mid-screen air combo ender. Fully untechable until knockdown, so being too far away to land intermediate hits is not a problem. Last hit ground bounces and downs on Counter Hit.
NEW TO CENTRALFICTION Ver.2.00: P2 decreased from 89% to 79% (once). First hit has reduced active frames. All hits now ground bounce on air hit, no longer downs. Last hit can no longer be emergency teched on ground hit. Counter Hit cannot be emergency teched regardless of ground or air hit.
Damage: 560*N 480*N

-> Tsuika Kougeki (Additional Attack or Follow-up)
214D or :d::db::b: + :dbt: after Nightmare Edge
Ragna swings his sword suddenly and violently with one hand, forming a large stream of dark energy overhead that sends the opponent flying backwards. Awful recovery on block. Causes heavy blowback on hit. Staple corner air combo ender. Over Drive version causes wall bounces on hit and is dash cancelable.
Damage: 1200 (1320)
Lifesteal: 200 (300)

Distortion Drives

Carnage Scissors
632146D or :f::df::d::db::b::f: + :dbt:, hold :dbt: to cancel second hit
Ragna performs a very fast, dashing sword strike, then releases a huge amount of dark energy from his sword. Covers a lot of ground very quickly, but the invincibility is very short. Deceptively large hitbox. Very unsafe on block. First hit staggers on ground hit. Soul Eater property on second hit only. Second hit is followed up by four additional hits during Over Drive, all with the Soul Eater property. Hitting the Over Drive version at maximum height allows you to link into :dbt: Inferno Divider in the corner.
Damage: 1250, 3200 (1250, 3200, 320*4)
Minimum Damage: 20%
Lifesteal: 300 (200, 100*4)

Yami ni Kuwarero (Devoured by Darkness)
214214D or :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :dbt:
Ragna's hand turns into a claw as he snatches the opponent, lifts them up over his head and bombards them with dark tendrils, dealing many hits in the process. The start-up for this Distortion Drive is slow and easy to counter-poke, but Ragna steals a large amount of life on hit. Unblockable during Over Drive. Typically used to end Over Drive combos, as the regular version is incredibly lackluster.
Damage: 0, 4000 (0, 5000)
Minimum Damage: 25%
Lifesteal: 500 (1000)

Astral Heat

Black Onslaught
2141236C or :d::db::b::db::d::df::f: + :cbt:
Utilizing the power of the Azure Grimoire, Ragna strikes the opponent, then turns his sword into a scythe and slashes the opponent repeatedly, draining their soul almost entirely before disintegrating them with a final stab. Completely invincible start-up, but takes a while to become active. Unsafe on block. Hits 2 to 15 have Soul Eater properties, but due to the nature of Astral Heats, they're there purely for aesthetic reasons.
Damage: 0, 6*2100, 8*300, 15000
Minimum Damage: 100%
Lifesteal: Unknown

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    Now featuring... "My Ragna's First Combo"

    5B > 5C > 214A -> 214D
    (aka 5B > 5C > Hell's Fang -> Tsuika Kougeki)
    (aka s.B > s.C > QCB+A -> QCB+D)
    (aka B>C>ヘルズファング>追加)
    (aka 立ちB→立ちC→ヘルズファング→追加攻撃)
    (aka :n::bbt: > :n::cbt: > :d::db::b: + :abt: -> :d::db::b: + :dbt:)

    Damage: 2032
    Heat Gain: 15%

    No matter what the language.... learn it, love it.
    "My Ragna's First Combo: Part 2 - My Ragna's First Reasonably Practical Combos"

    Please consult the [CF] Ragna Combo Thread.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why don't more people use Gauntlet Hades (214B) as an overhead if they have the meter to spare? Isn't it pretty fast? Especially the aerial version?

    A: Gauntlet Hades' start-up times for both the grounded and aerial versions are actually rather deceptive. Yes, they become active in 20 and 12 frames respectively, but the hitbox for the move starts at the top, and it takes until a certain point in the animation before it will reach a standing opponent. It's really more like 24 and 23 frames respectively.

    Q: Everyone tells me that Ragna's most damaging mid-screen combo involves dashing after Mada owari ja nee zo (22C) and landing a dashing 5C, but it seems really inconsistent. Is there any way to make it easier?

    A: Unfortunately, there is no real trick to it. You have to Dash Cancel as soon as 22C hits, and then start dashing again as soon as you recover from the Dash Cancel. Doing 5C immediately after dashing will not work mid-screen, you have to be dashing for some time before throwing out the 5C. It's a bit difficult to gauge visibly just because it's hard to determine whilst in motion when the momentum of the dash will bring you close enough for 5C's hitbox to connect, plus there is some variation between characters. I recommend that you try it out on a multitude of characters until you get a feel for it. Please note that this combo route does not work against Arakune or Kokonoe.

    Infrequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Mada owari ja nee zo (22C) an anti-air?

    A: No. You are the only person to have ever thought this.

    Q: Is air hit 5D > Blood Scythe (214D) a good reset to use against Tager?

    A: No. Stop it right now.

    Q: Who is the last hope of the USA?

    A: Just play the goddamn game.

    Q: Is it just me or did everyone forget about the 22A~C option select after CONTINUUM SHIFT?

    A: It's just you.

    Q: Is Ragna weak/bottom tier/the worst character in the game/to ever exist in CENTRALFICTION?

    A: He took a hit, sure, but he lost Belial Edge, not 5B. He's still Ragna.

    Q: B-But in Fenritti's tier list...

    A: Don't just latch onto top players. They are not beyond scrutiny.

    Questions That Don't Pertain To Gameplay, But I Get All The Time Anyway

    Q: I saw some matches with Tetsu recently. Is that the same Tetsu who made all those combo movies during CALAMITY TRIGGER and CONTINUUM SHIFT? You know, the ones with the weird MS Paint art at the end?

    A: No, they're different people. The Guilty Gear/BlazBlue combo movie maker is "てつ", the BlazBlue player is "tetsu". The combo movie maker Tetsu hasn't played the game in a long time.

    Q: Then what about the more recent combo compilations? Which Tetsu is that?

    A: Those are by the player, tetsu. He uploads a fair amount of Sparring Mode footage of practical and semi-practical combos using simple cuts and no audio editing... a far cry from the type of combo movies that Tetsu (てつ) made. For clarity, I always refer to the player tetsu in all lowercase, as that's how he writes his name anyway.

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