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Izayoi vs. Taokaka

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Because no one else has made it yet.

Stuff to start out with:

- Iza 5B seems to be pretty inconsistent vs. Tao 2B. Sometimes it hits, sometimes Tao can low-profile it. Most likely spacing and timing specific as to whether Tao can get low enough to get under specific parts of 5B's hitbox.

- Iza j.C (both versions) will blow up Tao low profile attempts since it hits so deep. 6A is active for days though so it's a pain to try to space out. Just bait it with air saber I guess since recovery is long.

- Tao seems to have a hard time vs. GA backdash. She seems to have to call it out specifically and if she does you can just DP or jump out for free. And if she tries to bait your DP so you can't RC it you can usually just Phorizer instead and it'll hit, so she has to guess on that too.

- Her pokes are really fast (especially 2A) so unless you're really plus (i.e. after 2C) she can mash out of a lot of pressure resets pretty easily. She can mash out of stance cancel, 6C, saber resets etc. pretty easily since the fastest thing that hits Tao 2A's low hurtbox is Iza's slow 8f 2A.

- She can crawl under Phorizer if she's in neutral (she doesn't seem to be able to cancel a dash into crawl though). If you Phorizer predictably you will get rekt pretty hard since she gets like infinity damage off FC 2C.

- Iza can 5A in corner on Tao to relaunch after a high Strike Fall. Strike Fall loop usually isn't optimal off most ground starters but it's nice if you need extra damage off a not-quite-to-corner carry or an A2A confirm.

- Apparently Tao jumploop is hard on Izayoi for whatever reason. If you just hold downback while she's doing it and mash 2A the instant it drops, you can get a free punish against bad execution.

That's about all I've got I guess. Seems pretty even? Hard to say.

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