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Potemkin vs Millia

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So if played correctly this MU isn't terrible but it isn't fun either.


In Neutral: 

Pot's pokes far outrange Millia's so if she's trying to contest on the ground, it's very easy to beat her.

However, there's very little Pot can do when she's in the air especially with hairpin. If your opponent is using hairpin predictably then flicking is a risky but rewarding response as she's already in flight towards you and will get hit by the missile. Otherwise, be careful and try not to get hit. The safest option is to just block when she's trying to jump in with hairpin as 6P will get beat by it and incorrectly predicting a flick will also get you hit.


Another option against airdash or jump-in hairpin or if she's approaching with j.D is to hammerfall > YRC through the hit and then punish her immediately when she lands.


Without the hairpin it's still a little difficult to predict her approach but you can now safely anti-air if she commits to a jump in.


Remember, since she has to crouch to pick up the pin, you can slidehead when you see her hanging around where it landed to prevent her from getting it for free.


In Defense:

If you're stuck trying to block Millia, 9 times out of 10 you're going to die. Pot has very few options against the mixup oki outside of hoping to guess the first hit right and then FD'ing her away so she's out of range for an overhead or too far for to run up for a quick grab.


Your best bet to winning this MU is to never get knocked down by Millia otherwise your chance of winning drops significantly.


One big thing I recommend is to learn her gatling chart so you know which moves are jump cancellable on block and what goes into what. Learning Millia's mixup is the best way to know what she can do so you're not completely in the dark when guessing her mixups. Having this information gives you the ability to ANTICIPATE what she's going to do next rather than trying to blindly guess and "react" to mixup. She has tons of options and variants so the best way to learn this information is via the dustloop frame data wiki and by watching match videos.


Things to Remember:

Keep in the mind that the HS disc is not meaty. How Millia mixup works is she'll do a meaty normal/special on your wakeup and then the disc will either combo you or force you to block the next incoming mixup. Doing so forces you to respect her so she can eventually start doing really gimmicky and silly mixup that you're too scared to try to contest.


She has to be very close to do mixup into knockdowns so FD her away if you didn't get hit by her oki setup. She can only use 2D after HS so if she's too far she can't convert to a knockdown without rolling or committing to an unsafe approach


If she doesn't have a disc on you, her wakeup options are very limited so expect very basic stuff such as meaty 2K or one of her special overheads or lows. Mashing is not recommended especially if she has meter as S disc YRC will beat anything you do.


Her 6H is 2 hits and the first hit is special cancellable and jump cancellable. Most of the time they'll either let the 2nd overhead hit or cancel into the command low to throw you off. Block high while looking for the low, it's easier to react to the low than it is the 2nd overhead hit.



HS disc will catch your backdash during it's 1f of recovery because it hits twice and is so delayed. If she places it too far away and you're midscreen, then it's possible but keep in mind she can chase down your backdash with an IAD or by running up to you.



Response List


Keep in mind your safest options are to just block and either FD or immediately dead angle or fuzzy jump out if she's not doing meaty lows. If she's not doing a meaty normal, you can always jump out of the setup and FD, don't be afraid of the disc. Remember, there is no high-low guessing game in the air.

  • If she tries to badmoon or iron savior (hair car), mashing 5P or a reversal heavenly will beat it as both moves count as her being in the air and have a decent startup.
  • Recognizing her distance and if she timed her disc correctly is very important. A late disc without using YRC leads to a free reversal pot buster or jump out.
  • Gigantor beats all her specials and gives you momentum if she gets hit. Otherwise, you'll get hit by disc but she's forced to block it breaking her momentum and preventing disc oki on your wakeup
  • If Millia is opting to do meaty normals to keep you from jumping, blitz is an option to force her to be more wary next time giving you more opportunities to simply jump out scot free. However, this is still extremely risky
  • If you block her 6K, the only way she can convert is by special cancelling it. Most Millia's will 6K > S disc > etc. If you block her 6K and then IB the S disc, you can potemkin buster for free. Same applies to IB'ing a close bad moon and iron savior.

On Offense

She has no reversal options outside of blitz or winger super, the latter of which is very slow and easily safe jumpable.

She's also very fragile so 3 full damage Pot busters or 2 damaging corner combos leads to a quick win.

Her backdash and jump are both fairly quick so she can reset to neutral fairly easily. So once you have momentum, try to keep her in it as having the game resetting to neutral gives her a chance to gain momentum instead.

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Good summary. Some corrections from me:

On Tue Nov 17 2015 04:56:40 GMT+0100, dot_Nova said:

If you block her 6K, the only way she can convert is by special cancelling it.

This isn't true. Potemkin suffers from some specific combos. Millia 6K is + on block and she can confirm off it without sdisc on crouching Pot. Midscreen: 6K, 5K 2S iad j.K j.S, land c.S 2H etc. 5K link and iad j.K link are tight but it's very doable in a match. In the corner: 6K, 5K 5S sdisc, 5K j.KSD etc.

On Tue Nov 17 2015 04:56:40 GMT+0100, dot_Nova said:

If she tries to badmoon or iron savior (hair car), mashing 5P or a reversal heavenly will beat it as both moves count as her being in the air and have a decent startup.

If the disc setup is done correctly, 5P will lose every single time. Heavenly works against TKBM but not against Haircar due to distance. I'd rather go for Giganter if I were the Potemkin player because it carries less risk.




I'm not a great enough player to give a lot of pointers in the neutral game from a Millia POV (other than what dot_Nova already mentioned), I know some "Single Player" stuff though. :v:

Throw combo on Potemkin: You can carry him fullscreen from anywhere with a throw: throw, 5K j.K iad j.K j.S j.H, land 5K j.P j.K j.S j.D, iad j.P j.H(1) turbofall, 2366H disc oki. If you don't have meter for disc YRC make sure to stay safe against potbuster because this disc setup is very delayed (eg instant j.K).


Secret Garden oki: Secret Garden is amazing against Potemkin because he doesn't have any mobility, it's especially great if he has 50 tension to take away the option of Giganter which would normally always turn the tides in one way or another (as written above). The orb will stay out until it's gone once it had become active, thus removing a lot of options from the enemy. There's some stuff to note though.

There's 2 common ways to setup sg:

(normal bnb) j.H, pin land 6H sg


(normal bnb) j.H, pin land sg immediately. The second one is better in every way against Potemkin.

Problems with 6H sg: It is actually - on hit. If you did a short combo before it, Potemkin gets a free buster on you. If you did a longer combo before it (eg a relaunch), you will be out of range, but it is still suboptimal. Potemkin can ALWAYS flick the first hit of the orb, which will force you to superjump over the missile and give you less possibilities for mixups. If he has 25 tension, he can YRC the flick and sj out to avoid the orb completely (you could still pursue him in the air though but it's still not optimal).

pin into immediate sg: If done correctly Potemkin cannot flick the orb and is forced to block. He could theoretically BS but the orb will stay out forcing him to still play around it. If he does Giganter, the orb will hit him anyway, so you can block the mirror and continue afterwards. If he does Heavenly, the orb will hit him. You will be very close to Potemkin so reversal throw is still an option to beat your mixup if it's not throw invincible. Make sure to play around that.

2 cookie cutter setups:

1) 1646, backdash (to avoid reversal throw), crouch (to pick up pin), then do 5K into either 2D or 6K.

2) 1828, then either TKBM or haircar. Crouch to pickup pin before you continue.

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Thanks for updating info. I made that post a long time ago. Just copy-pasted archives. Never got around to editing since the DL change.

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